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How The CPS Works

When it comes to editing and photo retouching service, The CPS is a stand-alone icon that has been dominating the marketplace and boosting its clients’ business for years. CPS, unlike anything, focuses on quality to create a long-lasting impression.

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Why Choose The CPS?

Our clients choose us not because we talk big, but we also believe in MAKING IT BIG. Why will you choose us? Well, here are some good reasons.

16 Years of Experience​​

With over 16 years of experience, we’ll guide you through whatever it takes to dominate the image editing market and make more revenue like never. Holding our hands means you’ll see the big picture through our long experience.

Discount on Bulk Volume

Making money is not an easy job. You got to work all day long to fill your pockets and we understand it. If you order more than 1000 files from us, we’ll make you an alluring discount offer you can’t resist.

3 Step Quality Control​​

Our experienced professional quality controllers check every file multiple time to avoid any issues. With our client oriented 3 step QC process for any image editing solution allow us to provide guaranteed quality assurance for every image.

100% Data Safety

Not just quality, we ensure your security as well. With us around you, all of your information will be safe and sound. We guard your data 24/7, making sure it doesn’t get leaked.

Fastest Turnaround​

In a rush? Being too fast can ruin your quality but we’re here to turn the tables. With our experts, we’ll give you the fastest delivery on your demand, maintaining the quality to the max.

Check Out Our Services

Make your photographs and product images attention grabbing in any shape or form. We will present you with a clear and sharp image.As a photo editing company we bound to provide premium quality service at a competitive price for all categories. 

So, you want background removal or color separation from your image, but you don’t know how? Clipping path technique is the key. No matter what big of an object you’re dealing with. It also gives your image a natural look as if nothing has been removed in the first place.This technique comes handy when you’re advertising your business or creating an e-commerce product catalog.


‘Ghost Mannequin’ is basically the digital version of mannequins that you use for displaying clothes. The only difference is you don’t need a real-life mannequin over here. In fact, we can show a well-organized display of your clothes to your customers without even the mannequin itself. 

Got a low-end, bad-quality photo? Let us deal with all the headaches. With our photo enhancing tools, we’ll bring life to your picture. Image clipping, image masking, portrait retouching services, high-end photo retouching services, image manipulation service, you name it, we’ll churn out everything your picture needs to get replenished.


Tired of all that blurred background? You don’t want all those soft and sharp edges on your photo, do you? Wave off all the worries as we’ve got you covered with our advanced Image Masking Services. With the layer masking, we’ll cut the image backgrounds in such a way that you’ll never know it was there before in the first place. If you need to replace a photo background containing furry edges with another one, we’ll provide smooth fur and hair masking that will blend in with your image.

It’s Time to Make More Revenue with Efficient Photo Editing Outsourcing

Save Time

If you outsource image editing projects from a professional team, you’ll save a wide amount of time. Your service provider will ensure take the responsibility of your entire project and make a good result out of it.

You don’t have to waste time talking to a lot of people, dealing with them, etc. Focusing on your business will just be a walk in the park as you don’t have to worry about your image editing projects anymore. The service providers will take care of everything.

Save Your Money

Cutting your time short means you get to make more revenues from your business as you’re being able to focus on it. Basically, outsourcing companies do not have real-life offices most of the time.

Even if they do, they don’t invest a lot of money on fancy houses or getting fancy tables. This is why, as they provide their service, they don’t add their rent cost and other capital costs as their basic pay and charge you a fortune, no.


Since they own business with a little amount of capital, they tend to charge less to make more profits. If your order a bulk amount, they’ll offer you a discount as well


Outsourcing companies basically have nothing to worry about much other than your work and project. They’ll submit your entire project within a day if it’s not a big one.

For big projects, you’ll have to fix your deadline and they’ll get it done for you as quick as possible.

Budget-Friendly Pricing for Image & Video Post-Production

At the CPS, we focus on two major factors, Quality, and Pricing. We ensure clients a premium quality image and video post-production services at an affordable rate.

Clipping Path

Starting at $0.39 USD/image


Photo Retouching

Starting at $1.00 USD/image

Ghost Mannequin

Starting at $0.90 USD/image

Photo Masking

Starting at $0.75 USD/image

If you have any queries, we cordially request you to send us an email at cs@theclippingpathservice.com or contact us at +1 (718) 717-2362 You can also request a free quote.

Why CPS is the Best Photo Editing Service Provider

As far as your image-editing projects are on our hands, they’re safe and sound. Your job is to place the order and we’ll take care of the rest.We nurture your images and take the slightest complication into account. The best part? We’ll notify you of what your previous service providers made a mistake and let you understand the difference.

We use 100% professional and paid tools to edit your images. Got a poor-quality image? We’ll enhance its flare, correct its photo color and turn it into a shimmering one.Our experts will forge your images and give them enough time to cross-check if they reached into the point of perfection.

See Our Works in Action

Visit our post-production teams work portfolio which will help demonstrate our designer’s capacity and ability to deliver high-quality pre-press image editing services. Driven by the artistic concept by taking a comprehensive approach that a great image solves problems.

Customers reviews

At first I wasn’t not sure about their quality, so I use their trial version and uploaded five images for removing the background. I never thought about getting that much exceptional quality done in a way that other people should try to copy.
Edward S. Taylor
E-commerce Manager
After getting their service my business skyrocketed! Service is the real deal! Absolutely got the best Service! Indeed, TCPS Service impressed me!!
Lilian Darwin
Senior Project Coordinator
I was very astonished to see their finished quality. And Going in long term business relationship was the right decision to make my business profitable
Nicholas Paten
Business Owner & CEO

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