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Clipping path technique helps you to give attention to detail to produce realistic images. In simple terms, the clipping path refers to a near vector form or a “cutout” pattern that is used to delete or displace a selected image’s current context while still managing to keep the object in the file.

Whether you are removing the image background or doing color separation, clipping path, or deep etch has a significant role to play. Some of us use online platforms for this. With online services, people don’t get the perfect image that they want. To get the perfect clipping path service, manual drawing is the only option to use.

At the CPS, we go for a manual hand draw process for clipping paths. With our lightning-fast turnaround time coupled with budget-friendly prices and premium quality, our clients get encouraged to choose us over and over again.


Between your Image and desired result, our professional image clipping path services makes it all possible.

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With over 200+ Highly experienced graphic designing experts and extraordinary QC consultants, we provide 5000+ clipping path images per day. We hire our resources to give results which we believe works for you too.

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Before deadlines make your life crazy as hell, we are here to make it like heaven. In case of emergency, our expert designers and QC team ensure the fastest delivery time no matter how big your project is. We process any query within 10 minutes.

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We guarantee ravishing and matchless clipping path services with the hand-drawn process. Our professional image editing experts produce premium quality image clipping that makes your business successful.

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We are known for the best clipping path service provider at a budget-friendly price with no compromising on service quality. We have set a rule-breaking price list to match your requirements of one photo or batch of thousands.

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From free trial to the final result, they have shown their responsibility and quality which is only possible if you have love for what you do, which they have.

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Evaluating someone’s effort is not something we should do because efforts are priceless. What we ask is reward for our hard work and we make it accessible for all. The CPS offers you variable prices for bulk orders.

What Is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is also known as the deep etching. This photo editing technique is the most suitable for online businesses or eCommerce stores. Professional photographers and eCommerce store owners essentially need deep clipping to save time or meet tight deadlines. If you need professional image clipping, outsourcing the clipping path projects will come handy and cost effective.

Photo clipping service comes in action in many fields like:

  • Advertising companies
  • Printing and publishing agencies
  • E-commerce stores and online retail services
  • Web developers
  • Product photography
  • Professional photography studios & many more.

The CPS company has long been in this industry to offer outstanding image editing services.

If you need to know more about the services that we provide, don’t make a delay in mailing us at For more information, our customer support team offers 24×7 support to any of your queries.

What Makes CPS Different From Others?

Do you need the best image clipping path partner for a large batch of images in the long run? Then there is nothing but denying the fact that there are necessarily some essential qualities: capability and quality service of that pre-press image editing house.

Quality Satisfaction

Here at CPS, nothing to worried about Quality Satisfaction since we have some positive reviews from the giant clients from different parts of the world

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One of the best parts of our service is its 24×7 shift operation. Our customer support team provides outstanding support to any of your queries.

Fastest Turnaround Time

We can deliver quick service effectively, and this is our strength. Our team is committed to on-time delivery. Get our feedback within 20 minutes or less.

Reasonable Price

Clients will be happy with a categorized pricing list. We offer the best reasonable price within your budget. We are pretty much sure that our price quote will beat anyone’s pricing.

Best Clipping Path Service Provider for Your Products

Do you know what is necessary for product photography? Most online retail shops maintain a stringent policy to keep and change the background of photo to white.

The CPS in USA is a world-class clipping path service provider in this regard. In the post-production industry, we have been emerging all over the world, presenting the best image editing service since the establishment.

When clipping the image, the important thing is to understand the details on how to clip the image effectively. Our designers can provide high-end finishes and ensure perfect images for your targeted consumers. The professional experts in our team are adept at using the latest Adobe Photoshop CC as well as other necessary image editing software or tools.

Some of the advantages of considering image cutout services are:

  • Grab the attention of target clients
  • Help deliver a clear idea about the product
  • Design high-impact images for websites to hit the target
  • Cut, crop and rotate images to change the file format

From our consumers’ standpoint, we could meet their image editing needs. According to them, our high-quality service ultimately boosts their business and plays a vital role in their business growth.

The CPS has proficient designers and retouchers with vast experience in the image editing industry. We have earned the reputation of the best image clipping service provider. With a list of ground-level pricing, our amazing services will minimize your operating cost.

How Difficult Is Photo Clipping Service?

Photo clipping services can be classified based on task complexity. Some details on how to do image clipping tasks are not alike. Depending on task’s complexity, photo clipping service category is determined.

Basic Clipping Path


In this basic clipping path, most of the products having a round shape are categorized for clipping paths. Plates, balls and cups are some of the examples under this category.

Easy Clipping Path


Easy clipping path needs to apply for curved shaped subjects like ornaments, wrist watches and shoes with simple holes. The objects include curves and anchor points are more in comparison to basic subjects.

Medium Clipping Path


Subjects come with fewer curves, holes and designs are considered as a medium level of difficulty. Necklaces, wagons and wheels are some of the typical products which belong to this category.

Multiple Clipping Path


Multiple clipping path requires when changing every aspect of the image concerning its size, color, opacity, etc. These tasks are time-consuming because things require modification.

Complex Clipping Path


Subjects having multiple areas requiring complex cutting paths due to holes, complex shapes, and corners. A few examples are groups of products, chains, and furniture.

Super Complex Clipping Path


Often paths involved of many simple shapes or compound shapes or subjects having very complex shapes, curves, and holes. This tough task is considered as a super complex clipping path.

Main Areas to Apply Photoshop Clipping Path

If you want to display your products to your targeted consumers to a large extent, then the photoshop clipping path comes effective.

Shopping online or any e-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, etc. usually need to follow a particular set of images for e-commerce products.

With the use of multiple tools like Pen Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Quick Selection Tool, background removal with Photoshop is applied to erase unwanted objects from the image.

Photo Manipulation Process

Photo manipulation services help improve the flourished beauty, create any missing portions, reduce blemishes and backdrops. This is an excellent technique to extract the best feature from different photos. Later, mix them to create images as naturalistic as possible.

Color Correction

Photoshop Color Correction is a technical process that makes images appear as life-like as possible by fixing color issues. This technique aims to balance and match the colors.

Web Image Optimization

Web image optimization is imperative for optimal User Experience. When the extra color profiles, as well as meta-data,  are removed an image is optimized, resulting in a speedy site.

Image retouching is a technique that is used to dripping noise, and contrast, adjust the sharpness, and remove background from the picture.

If you need a large batch of images edited and retouched, you can send your raw images along with clear instructions. Get high-quality clipping path service at affordable costs while no negotiation with the quality.

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