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Rotoscoping is a process that traces phases of motion from the live-action film, in order to achieve realistic flow in animation or special effects. To remove or add elements to a video clip, understanding the rotoscoping technique is very essential. It is one of the oldest animation techniques still in use. At the beginning of the cinema, rotoscoping meant that working with frame by frame that could be tracked for use in animated films. This would allow the animator, by tracking the actor on stage, to create very realistic movements. Consider this as the capture of motion that we now use.

Rotoscoping technique works by merging with image cutout and photo masking technique. You may ask why we mention image in a video editing process, it’s because you won’t be working on a video you will be working frame by frame and every frame is a photo

The CPS, we offer professional assistance for all the rotoscoping jobs, with qualified and experienced animators and multimedia artists working with the latest animation techniques for rotoscoping in order to ensure the best results.

Rotoscoping Services

Forget the hassle of video animation and take your live-action video clip to the next level of awesomeness with our professional animation maker using rotoscoping service

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How Does VFX Rotoscoping Work?

In order to create a new alpha channel for a specific sequence or video, a rotoscoping artist uses a set of animation tools in the software to trace the object. Contrary to images generated by the computer, which can easily add an alpha channel to photos but in this, the footage is taken from a camera that has no alpha channel.

Therefore, a rotoscope artist will have to create this alpha mask manually by tracing the elements in the video. A rotoscoping artist creates and animates various forms around an object to conform to the motion on each platform.

The rotoscoping process may take hours or even days to complete depending upon the difficulty of the shot. Having blue and green displays can make it much easier to arrange different elements into a scene, but not every shot will benefit from blue and green displays, so rotoscoping still has a major role to play when creating visual effects. Because rotoscoping is used in almost all movies and TV shows that use visual effects, the role of rotary artists in the VFX pipeline is not surprising.

Categories of Rotoscoping Animation Service?

As a rotoscoping animation video maker, The CPS has a larger than life history of experience and outstanding track of excellence. Whether you want to create animated video from live action video or you are searching for a trusted animation maker, we are highly skilled for any categories of rotoscoping animation is always available for you. 

Matte Creation


Most of the composite process involves the formation of mattes or alpha channels/masks. Matter can be referred to as a grayscale clip, which is used mainly for background stencil portions. The portion of the black area is masked and the white portion is visible. It is semi-transparent if the matte has a gray area. When matte is sloppy or bad, the finished work is not good and it is unacceptable. The CPS, we generate precise matte when you need to remove any complex elements with another background.

Effects Painting


When new elements must be added to the scene quickly, effects painting is the way of doing it. Many skilled animation video makers using rotoscoping service use paintbrush or airbrush to make special effects faster. Most scenes use these rotoscoping effects on the frames to produce different visual effects. Some of the technology for auto painting also has great visual effects.

Cloning and Paint Touch-up


Paintwork is done in rotoscoping to touch movies or video footage. It involves scratch replacement, dust bursting, labels, wires, and plates, etc. The roto tool should be in a position to provide temporal and spatial cloning for all these tasks and paintwork. Spatial cloning is used for taking pixels from one frame position and for painting the source to another frame position. An example of this is the rubber-stamping tool. When you have to paint pixel sequence by sequence from frame to frame, time is cloned.

Motion Tracking


Motion tracking is used in order to analyze a pixel or subpixel in a clip. The exact coordinates on each frame then follow those pixels and subpixels. For game animation motion and stabilization, motion tracking is needed. The precise tracking of movement for stabilization or matching purposes, including 1,2,3 or 4 dot tracking and precise deep mapping effects in a complete object or camera. We can produce a seamless series of motion tracking sequence by our rotoscoping specialists.

Stereo Workflow


Two cameras can capture the perfect integration for the content. Stereo workflow enables roto objects or items that are seen by both eyes to be combined, making viewing more convenient. Our experts can help you match your footage to an exact untiring and realistic stereo effect when you shoot stereo material with two cameras.

Stereo Conversion


The stereo conversion uses rotoscope to isolate elements in the mono-shot series, allowing a depth map to be created, so that a second digital camera can create a manual depth map of roto-based shapes that define a scene depth.

Benefits of Outsourcing Rotoscoping Service at The CPS

Using the cutting edge animation technology and highly skilled rotoscoping artist, we ensure the finest quality output. Our specialty and strongest area are providing a premium quality output at an affordable cost. Let’s see the reasons behind our success in rotoscoping or able to make our self the ultimate goal for our competitors to be the best in animation production companies:

  • We use the latest animation technology and software to create wonders that communicate easily with spectators.
  • The animation makers or experts of our post processing agency for image and video editing solutions are professionals and technically sound, who monitor the customer’s specifics to ideally achieve projects.
  • We are always ready for any challenges of workload on the verge of a deadline so that the project is finished on time.
  • Our primary purpose is to give premium quality rotoscoping work, so even we will work around a clock, we don’t compromise on performance.

The mission of our company is to give your imagination the best rotoscoping services to create stunning videos. If you’re also looking for an outsourcing partner for the rotoscoping service, then join us and we’ll meet all your demands.

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