Photo Cutout Service for Photographers & E-Commerce Store

Photo cutout service can be a lot essential depending on your projects. Perhaps, it could be the way to attract higher customers, increase marketing material reach and boost sales. From product photographers to eCommerce business owners, everyone needs it right away.

Furthermore, photo cutouts can improve your image more centered on the subject. You could apply several effects to your cutout images. It would help you to get better results on your images faster.

Photo Cutout Service

“Cutout your image background in the most precise way possible, and get amazing results”

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When discussing the resources for cutout services, we have hundreds of designers. We can process bulk image cutout tasks. Further, we have the resources to work on 500+ Product photo cutouts per day.

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As we take time seriously, you would get a proper deadline with each project. Our system is set to match your deadline. Thus, most of the time, you would get all of your images to the previously set timeframe.

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We ensure you the most quality out of each project with all our handcrafted clipping paths. The better quality of image cutout can help you to impress your clients. For eCommerce business owners, better results can provide higher sales.

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We provide you with the balance between pricing and quantity with our built-in system. Further, you get world-class output in all of your tasks. As a result, you get better results on your projects, and in turn, you receive a better turnaround.

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“We create a hand-crafted clipping path for photo cutout, which looks great no matter where it gets placed”

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Our mission is to make cutout services accessible to everyone. No matter what types of cutout service you are asking for, we provide you with the best result possible. In return, we expect reasonable prices for each of the services.

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What Is Photo Cutout?

Photo cutout is a form of photo editing that lets you highlight your image’s subject at the same time, making the background gray or white or black color. Further, you could use different software or AI to cut out your subject from the rest of the images. It’s a straightforward task, yet making a cutout is a tricky task to go on. 

Image cutout tools such as Photoshop or GIMP offer one of the perfect solutions when it comes to the Cutout of images. You need to learn the software, or you could outsource your cutout task. Either way, once it’s done, the subject stays highlighted while the background fades out or becomes a solid color.

Uses of The Image Cutout Service

Image cutout service has a higher number of use cases. For example, the cutout service is a lot effective for marketing purposes. Like, you could use the background removing process to highlight your products and other parts of the advertisement.

It’s a lot useful for eCommerce businesses as well. Products with a clear white background tend to convert more customers. In product photography, image cutout is one of the essential parts to go upon. In short, it’s a must for many industries.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You could choose us to outsource image cutout tasks and get quality and assurance at the same time. Further, you would get quality image cutouts in a short period of time. In fact, you would get proper image cutouts that look and work great regardless of platform. 

In fact, we are serving clients from different parts of the world. We have the experience to handle large quantities of orders. Further, we have world class designers who work on your images. In fact, we provide you great sort of services at a way less cost.

Quality Satisfaction

Here at CPS, nothing to worried about Quality Satisfaction since we have some positive reviews from the giant clients from different parts of the world

Clipping Path Service 24×7

One of the best parts of our service is its 24×7 shift operation. Our customer support team provides outstanding support to any of your queries.

Fastest Turnaround Time

We can deliver quick service effectively, and this is our strength. Our team is committed to on-time delivery. Get our feedback within 20 minutes or less.

Reasonable Price

Clients will be happy with a categorized pricing list. We offer the best reasonable price within your budget. We are pretty much sure that our price quote will beat anyone’s pricing.

Who Needs to Cut Out Objects from Pictures?

Services like image cutout are a lot popular among business owners and marketers. eCommerce store owners need to cut out their product images on a regular basis. While creating marketing material, marketers and graphic designers need to cut out objects in images.

 In fact, day-to-day people need to cut out their objects as well. The jewelry store owner needs to cut out their jewelry image as well. In short, it’s one of the essential tasks within ecommerce photo editing service. And everybody needs it in their projects.

Types of Photoshop Cutout Services

Let’s go onto the categories we offer to you. These range from simple to complex when it comes to difficulties. Further, the following info would help you out to choose the perfect service for you. Thus, it would provide you with a brief introduction to each category of service.

Basic Photo Cutout

Basic Photo Cutout

With the basic package, we refer to cut-out tasks that are a lot easier to create. These kinds of cutout subjects feature a simple shape that is easy to select. The colors of the subjects may contain complex comparisons as well. 

But in the basic package, you may need some sort of advanced selection as well. But most of the time, selecting and clipping out subjects would take a lot less time comparing medium to complex photo selection.

Easy image Cutout

Easy image Cutout

Among all of the image cutout tasks, easy image cutout is one of the categories which is easy to start in. In fact, these images are simple images where the background is faster to select. Thus, designers have to spend less time selecting the background and cut off. 

The easiest images cost less to cut things out of pictures. Easy images can range from simple shaped products to any simple marketing material. Easy image cutout doesn’t include any subject or background, which is hard to select.

Medium Picture Cutout

Picture cutout tasks such as medium complexity can represent somewhat advanced background removal or subject selection. Like, it could be fabrics on a mannequin with unnecessary objects around it. All you need is a medium picture cutout task.

In the medium picture cutout, we remove the mannequin from the image. Plus, remove the unwanted objects afterward, and improve the visibility of the clothing as well. It might include other tasks as well.

Complex Picture Cutout

Complex Picture Cutout

The category of complex pic cutout includes objects such as a cycle, jewelry, chair with complex shapes, and others. These objects need time and skill to cut out from the rest of the background. It needs most of the customer service.

At complex cutouts, designers have to go into strange shape colors to create a sharp cutout. It’s the most expensive and tough task to go on.

Benefits of Photo Cut Out

Cutting out images has several types of benefits to go upon. First, it lets you separate the subject from the rest of the background. As a result, whether it’s an eCommerce product or a model, get’s highlighting effects. 

Moreover, it can reduce the sizes of the overall image. In fact, it would help you to isolate your image subject and better focus on it. It would help you to gain more audience attention over different platforms.

Automated Vs. Professional Photo Cutout

You have a distinct set of differences when it comes to automated vs. professional photo Cut Out. Below we are exploring which one would work best for you. 

Automated Vs Professional Photo Cutout

Automated Photo Cutout 

In an automated process, you get to cut out photos with the help of AI. Most of the online Photo Cutout platforms use AI to some degree. But, AI is not perfect at selecting subjects and cutting out any images. Most of the time, they are incorrect and fall short of selecting the subject at all. 


  • Extremely fast

  • It doesn't need much instruction

  • Offers consistent service


  • Most of the time, inaccurate

  • Unable to understand instruction

  • Verifying subject is tough

Professional Photo Cutout

On the other hand, a professional cutout service provides you with the most satisfying output, which is perfect to look upon. As humans are linked to the outline creation task, it’s a lot more precise and correct. Plus, you have the option to provide plain-language instruction for the cutout task as well.


  • Precise cutout of images

  • Understand human language

  • Hand-crafted selection


  • It can be a bit expensive at times.

How We Perform Photo Cut Out Service

We perform cutouts with our world-class designers from different parts of the world. Further, our designers admit to a single process they go on. At first, they go on to create an online version of the subject they want to cut out. Afterward, they use the line to clip out the subject.

In an alternative way, we use the Photoshop selection tool to select the subject and inverse it to transfer the selection. Afterward, we clip out or mask the background and make it white. With masking, you could make changes in the selection and customize it in your way. Plus, we could offer free image cut out samples as well.

Step 1:  At the first step we take images that we need to cut out of. We source our files from free trials, quotes, and long-term projects. 

Step 2: In the second step, we start distributing the files to our production team or graphic designers. We have a huge number of graphic designers to work on your images. We have a vast range of graphic designers from different parts of the world to reduce costs.  

Step 3: At the third phase, we complete working on your submitted images. Once we complete our image processing task, the image bundling starts. Most of the time the zip file format helps us to send a high quantity of flies to send. 

Step 4: Once clients get your complete task, the reviewing process starts. Right in the following step we work with the client to review and work on it. After working on all of the modifications, all files get onto the client’s hands and we close the project.

Let’s get into the most common question related to photo cut out tasks.

Is It Important To Cut Out Photos For eCommerce?

eCommerce businesses need to represent their products in a white background. Thus, they need to cut out their product images on a regular basis. As they need to polish each of their product images, cutting out the product from the background becomes way more important.

How To Cut Out Images In Bulk Formation?

We have the experience to handle and deliver in bulk formation. In fact, we have professional graphic designers who can go through a higher number of images. Thus, you would get all of the images at the promised time as well. Which is why you should go to a service provider for bulk action.

Is It Possible To Cut Out Any Images For Free?

As our system offers you free service as a new customer, you could cut out your images right away. But it’s better to remember, the following offer is only available to new users. Perhaps, you need to pay for each of the tasks afterwards. Thus, try our offer and get to experience premium cutout. 

How Much Time It Needs To Cut Out

The cutout process can take from 30 minutes to upto hours. But it all depends on the complexity of your task and quantity.  Further, you would get an initial estimation of each of your projects right away. In most cases the finished files go directly into your email once it’s done.

Which Color Works Best As A Background Color?

Most of the time, white background works best as a background color. It becomes more important for eCommerce stores. In fact, white background helps online customers to buy new items online. In an alternative way, you could use gray as a background color to your images.

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