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Removing an unwanted object through image editing software is called background removal. Sometimes you get the perfect shot you want but an unwanted interruption occurs and ruin all of your hard work. Or you have an online store where only white background image works because they have their image requirements that are compulsory to follow. For these scenarios, photo background removal is the perfect image editing technique.

At The CPS, we have proven our capabilities and excellence in image background removal by completing over 100K projects successfully for our valuable clients. With highly experienced Photoshop specialists team working 24/7, for achieving perfection by using cutting edge image editing technology.


Remove unwanted objects from your image, not the viewer

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With over 200+ Highly experienced graphic designing experts and extraordinary QC consultants, we provide 5000+ background removal from images per day. We hire our resources to give results which we believe works for you too.

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Before deadlines make your life crazy as hell, we are here to make it like heaven. In case of emergency, our expert designers and QC team ensure the fastest delivery time no matter how big your project is. We process any query within 10 minutes.

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We guarantee a ravishing and matchless clipping path services with the hand-drawn process. Our professional image editing experts produce premium quality image clipping or photo cutouts that makes your business successful.

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We are known for the best clipping path service provider at a budget-friendly price with no compromising on service quality. We have set a rule-breaking price list to match your requirements of one photo or batch of thousands.

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Their habit of perfection in their image background removal is the only reason I choose them without having any second thought.

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Evaluating someone’s effort is not something we should do because efforts are priceless. What we ask is reward for our hard work and we make it accessible for all. The CPS offers you variable prices for bulk orders.


What Is Background Removal?

background removal also known as cut out is a typical photo manipulation technique professionally done by Adobe Photoshop. The designers apply this technique to delete the background from the original image. Improve your image viewing experience for your audience.

The CPS has been in the pre-press image editing industry for more than a decade while working with customers and companies in virtual markets.  At present, we are delivering photo editing services to more than thousands of customers from world-renowned businesses including:

  • Online retailers and eCommerce stores
  • News and ad agencies
  • Photo studios and fashion houses
  • Interactive agencies and industry
  • Photographers and individuals

As a global graphic designing company, we maintain quality when working with world-class standards. We are the best background removal services provider to meet your successful business needs.

To make an outstanding background removal service experience, we earnestly request you to try our free trial option.

Get Convinced with Image Background Removal Service?

In photo editing industry, isolation of the backdrop undoubtedly is an important component. This process makes your images more attractive to any audience. This makes not only your ecommerce type business but also photography studio or any fashion houses profitable.

How we make a difference? It includes but not limited to:

  • Our graphics designers are well-trained and skillfully manage all photo background removal service requests
  • We provide high-quality image editing services at cost-effective prices and offer discounts further for ordering bulk volume
  • We follow a strict firewall policy and confidentiality agreements ensuring that your shared images are completely safe
  • We offer argent delivery of your required images through our several workstations and over 200 skilled designers
  • Our graphics designers can handle the latest image editing tools and technologies to work on like Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, etc.
  • The proven track record we have is delivering high-quality images on-time with the highest accuracy maintained

Our skilled resources and adaptability boost us to manage workload regardless of the amount and deliver you perfect images right on time.

When you need to use background removal service?

Though background removal service is mostly used for ecommerce products but it also helps to photo enhancement process when necessary. Background removal is used when,

  • Background contains unwanted object.
  • To remove distraction from focused object.
  • To meet image requirements of online market places.
  • To make your foreground more attractive.
  • To make product catalog.
  • To make background transparent.

When you don’t need to use background removal service?

Background removal is not used when,

  • You need contextual product image.
  • Background compliments your product.
  • If you shoot in a white background set-up for white product photography.

How Difficult Is Removing Objects from Photos?

Based on the task complicatedness, raw images and techniques, it could be a time-consuming process. The major three classes need to take in are:

Easy Background Removal


When the raw images have one or no holes and paths contains straight curves, simple shaped objects, easy background removal for eggs, cups, frames required to apply.

Medium Background Remove


The images of curved shaped products contain multiple holes and more details than basic shaped objects. This medium background removal comes to play like, bags, shoes, ornaments, etc.

Complex Background Remove


If the product images like motorcycles, pieces of jewelry, divans have very complex features like multipart shaped, several forms, more curves and more details, then remove complex background process is effective then.

Super Complex Background Remove


Multiple clipping path requires when changing every aspect of the image concerning its size, color, opacity, etc. These tasks are time-consuming because things require modification.

Best Photo Editing Services for Your Products at The CPS

Just remove the background from image is not only our main purpose but we also are committed to delivering edited images on time. Besides isolating backdrops, we crop, edit, fix, retouch images as per your requirement.

When eliminating background, our designers also focus on adjusting color, brightness, masking, retouching and all that at the same time. Our photo editors can make a little bit of further improvement so that the background seems to be a perfect match to its subject. It is to say that we will edit each detailing of your desired images on an urgent basis, meaning you get them in a couple of hours.

We assure the fastest turnaround time yet no short cut process we used to follow. While silhouetting an image for clipping images, we don’t neglect the minor details. We deliberately delete background or edit background online quite effectively, whether it comes in a large volume or a single one. And outcomes? The same!

Instead of applying any automatic techniques, our designers rather employ hand-drawn techniques. Thus, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with no objection yet review the tasks for multiple times.

Pocket-friendly pricing lists is another specification when we do image editing job. You can consider our partnership program with the advantage is offered for a large batch of images or discount offer also. This is applicable for regular editing or bulk volume of images required editing.

The CPS believes in offering high-quality images for better user experience to our customers. Our respected clients are happy with work, which ultimately helps us develop long-term relationships. Customizing the services is not our sole motive but we also value our client’s demands. We also provide them our expert advice on things that can make better.

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