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Image containing furry edge hard to catch in image clipping, when you need background removal. To work with furry, hairy, soft or transparent edges, image masking or layer masking technique is the only way. These kinds of edges are difficult to detect with clipping path technique. For different scenario masking is different. There is layer masking, hair and fur masking, alpha channel masking, Photoshop clipping masking, vector masking, and transparent object masking.

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What Is Image Masking Service?

When making a certain portion of an image different containing soft or blurry edges from the other part of the object is an aspect of photo editing needs, then image masking service becomes handy. This technique meets the challenge when clipping path in Photoshop and background removal service fails to bring satisfactory outcomes. Masking of images is an image processing technique to cut out fur or hairy edges and isolate background to offer you a desired look.

This standard photo editing service is mainly used in different enterprises like:

  • advertising agencies
  • marketing companies
  • fashion houses
  • graphics designing farms, etc.

Image masking is a complex type of work, so it’s time-consuming, requires high-end skill and patience. When you need to remove the background of a picture having strands of fur or hair, complex image masking is helpful. It will produce precise and definite outcomes for soft edge photos compared to Photoshop clipping path service.

It is helpful to isolate fur and hair, or any sidetracking elements from the frame for an elegant look. Thus, your product images become attractive since the process involves hiding or revealing the unwanted portion from an image.

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What Are the Advantages of Image Masking Service?

Masking with photoshop technique hides the annoying segment of an image. With this method, any type of image having an imperfect background can be separated from and used so as to fit the background.

Image masking services are helpful when dealing with images with soft or blurry edge. Our designers utilize a hand-drawing technique with the use of Pen Tablet.

Have a glimpse of how designers work gets the appeal of the viewers using the photo masking technique:

  • Improve the attraction of an image
  • Separate the soft edges like hair or fur from objects
  • Cutout the customized background without embedding the background
  • Make the background transparent and translucent
  • Retain every single portion without distorting the quality
  • Creating billboards, magazine covers, and such other items with models
  • Implementing drop shadows to jewelry images for smooth looking result with fine edges
  • All the photo masking services are within the limited budget
  • Never fail to meet the tight deadline to ensure penny-pinching service

No doubt, Photoshop image masking improves the quality of product images. It can give a consistent look that seems attractive to the viewers.

Best Photoshop Masking Services: Far-Reaching for Your Business

The use of photoshop image masking techniques found helpful for images with soft edges. Designers’ work comes in action to create the cover of magazines, billboards, or translucent clothes like chiffon or other sheer fabrics.

  • High-quality service at an Affordable price
  • Complete image masking with guaranteed satisfaction
  • Ensure the excellent quality over the price
  • Remove background from image
  • Ability to create an RGBA file format which can helpful
  • Quick analysis, get the customized quote within 20 minutes
  • Discount for a large batch of images
  • Fastest turnaround time

To meet the graphics designing needs, photo masking with photoshop is an imperative method for image editing. Attractive images are necessary elements since they can play an important role when it comes to branding. Nowadays, eCommerce stores or online business consider this outstanding service to make the product images stand out.

Our professional graphing designing team consists of more than 200+ designers and two workstations. We ensure the excellent image quality that you need to maintain the high standard results. As a policy, we left no stone unturned and try our level best to provide you with perfect images to attain the best while combining several photo editing solutions.

Image masking services help you to drive more traffic and improve sales to websites or e-commerce business platforms. This high-end image editing method involves a lot of skills and takes quite sufficient time. Our team can manage this complex technique efficiently.

We help you grow your business with our high-quality professional photo retouching services at a cost friendly rate that ensures the appeal of an image to be improved. And eventually, you can get the wow effect even if you have a tight budget.

Different Image Masking Technique Is Applied in Photoshop

Using photoshop brush and gradient-based process can give a transition effect.

Layer Masking


Layer masking is applied to change the transparency or visibility after a new layer is added on the bottom. Layer masking help make a certain portion inside an image completely transparent.

Fur & Hair Masking


The skilled designers separate the tailored background from a semi-transparent object with a new one or do masking on undesired portion; this image masking service is applied to get satisfying results.

Alpha Channel Masking


Alpha channel masking is a masking technique that is used in converging one-pixel color into another one. It is such a helpful image processing method for the complex type of images.

Photoshop Clipping Mask


Eliminating the background from photographs using the Photoshop Pen Tool is executed in this Photoshop clipping mask technique. This SVG feature is utilized to limit the outlook of a different layer.

Vector Masking


Vector mask with Photoshop defines a sharp edge that limits an entirely opaque area that is visible. When you need to remove an object, this resolution-independent path comes effective.

Transparent Object Masking


Transparent object masking is effective to retain the transparent object as it is or make the color or background visible.

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