Ghost Mannequin Service | Neck Joint Service at $0.90

Ghost mannequin effect enlarges your products appearances in online platform.  Ghost mannequin/ neck joint service will give your product a 3D look.   This gives your consumer a trustworthy feeling towards your product and improve sales.

Whether you are an e-commerce business owner or you have a photography studio ghost mannequin service will always save you from tough situation. Situation where you pay more get less for your product marketing is going to end with this service.  Give your product the perfect and eye-catchy look that your consumer can never resist buying. Our world class Photoshop ghost mannequin effect experts will provide premium quality image at an industry bottom price.


Why use expensive models to get an attractive 3D look for your product photos. Shoot with mannequin and let the CPS do the rest by ghost mannequin or neck joint effect.

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With over 200+ Highly experienced graphic designing experts and extraordinary QC consultants, we provide 5000+ Ghost mannequin images per day. We hire our resources to give results which we believe works for you too.

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Before deadlines make your life crazy as hell, we are here to make it like heaven. In case of emergency, our expert designers and QC team ensure the fastest delivery time no matter how big your project is. We process any query within 10 minutes.

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We guarantee a ravishing and matchless clipping path services with the hand-drawn process. Our professional image editing experts produce premium quality image clipping or photo cutouts that makes your business successful.

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We are known for the best clipping path service provider at a budget-friendly price with no compromising on service quality. We have set a rule-breaking price list to match your requirements of one photo or batch of thousands.

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I am very pleased with their professionalism and their work ethics. They promise what they can achieve. I was in a bit a hurry situation with my projects as my trusted designer put their back on me. I was on the edge of failing and then I found them. They gave their 100% and pull me through that situation.

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Evaluating someone’s effort is not something we should do because efforts are priceless. What we ask is reward for our hard work and we make it accessible for all. The CPS offers you variable prices for bulk orders.


How can you do ghost mannequin effect?

The ghost mannequin effect can widen your product’s visual appearance to your consumer. It helps your consumer to get the idea of how your product can be useful to them. With actual model can cost you large amount of money. With ghost mannequin service, your costing will go down along with all the irrelevancy. Models can be sometime hard to get tough with not only price but also timing and scheduling. Mannequin is very handy here but by removing the mannequin will work like miracle with e-commerce products.

To achieve the best result, you need to have multiple images. One with a mannequin and another image of the inside part of that product. By removing the mannequin and adding the two images with the clipping path technique (use neck joint effect for clothing products) you can get the perfect ghost mannequin effect you want. 

You also can-do ghost mannequin for luxury apparel like watches, bracelets, necklaces, shoes and many more. The audience is bored with the old orthodox presentation of products nowadays. The ghost mannequin effect brings a new and interesting angle of presenting your products.

When you can use ghost mannequin effect?

Ghost mannequin bring a new age and unique look into your product photos for consumers. Using ghost mannequin effect, you can get a 360-degree view to your product. Not only that, if you want to reduce your expenses of hiring models, perfect neck joint service is the best choice.

Achieving a 3D look using ghost mannequin effect also help you to bring life to your image. It also helps you to showcase the inside part of your apparel which helps your product to get more trustworthy.

Why The CPS best for ghost mannequin?

We will help you to adapt the latest method of product marketing with our top-notch ghost mannequin service. Our designer’s works with latest photo editing software and using cutting edge technology for ghost mannequin we make each and every project successful. We ensure you the best possible service which is coupled with lighting fast delivery and cheapest rate. Our over 16 years of experience in this photo post processing industry, we believe your project is our opportunity to take our reputation to the next level. In this competitive market we want to make ourselves the success margin for our competitors.

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