Amazon Image Requirements

We Break Down Amazon Image Requirements: Here’s What We Got

Getting your amazon product listing accurate can make a huge difference in generating sales for you. And only by ticking all the boxes of amazon image requirements you can hit the bullseye quite easily.

Amazon is undoubtedly the world’s largest eCommerce platform where over 2.5 billion active amazon sellers are trying to sell their products. 

So if you want to sell your product on amazon, facing the heat of the competition is inevitable.

Professional photography for amazon products is unavoidable to beat the competition and make your product stand out in the crowd.

The product photography for amazon not only needs to be masterclass, but you must optimize amazon product images also.

In the upcoming segments below, you will see the ultimate guide to amazon picture requirements. 

We try to break down amazon product image requirements, and here’s what we got.

Amazon always ensures the best product viewing experience to its customers, so they have set some product image guidelines for the sellers. 

Photography for amazon products should follow these guidelines to perform best and rank in #1 in the Amazon product search results.

The vision of these product photo requirements is to showcase the products to their best and stunning but in natural form. 

So for the seller, optimizing the amazon product listing images according to the guidelines is the ultimate key to generate sales.

What are Amazon listing images?

The amazon product listing images are those images that a seller upload to their amazon product database with all the information about the products. 

The amazon product listing, a product page for each item, must contain product images that follow the guideline. 

The critical component of generating sales is to optimize amazon listings carefully.

Amazon Product Image Categories

You can add two types of product photos to the amazon listings. First, Amazon encourages its sellers to provide as much information as possible about the product they are selling. 

Its continuity allows up to 9 product images for a single item on the amazon listings by following amazon’s image requirements. 

Between these images, you can select the main image, which will appear in the search results and the thumbnail. 

Other than the main product photo, the rest are known as secondary images or additional images.

Main Image

First impressions matter!!!

The main product image is what consumers will see the first time. It works as a “Show Stopper” or the “Face of that Product.”

main product image

Before going into a store or a specific product detail, the customer notices the product’s main image. If it can impress the viewer, then they click on the product to see the detail. 

So with the main product image, sellers must create the temptation in consumers’ minds to purchase it.

Additional Images

Apart from the main product image, amazon retailers can add several additional photos to compliment the product.

amazon additional photos

Amazon retailers often ignore the importance of a good product image, especially for secondary images. 

But it doesn’t matter if you can bring a customer by impressing using the main image. You fail to impress her to buy the product with its secondary photos. 

The additional image of your product should provide vivid information and features.

A Detailed Overview On Amazon Image Requirements

After detailed research on amazon product image requirements and their work, we are here to share our knowledge with you. 

Most of us know that Amazon has some product photo guidelines but due to lack of proper, transparent, and easily understandable resources, following them gets complicated. 

In the upcoming segment below, we break down the amazon product photo requirements and found some specific information that will help you to boost your business. 

Technical Product Image Guidelines

Uploading product photos in amazon listings have some technical requirements that are applicable and common for every product image. 

Following these amazons, technical image requirements will allow an uninterrupted product listing experience to retailers. 

We have elaborated the technical guidelines into some categories so that you can understand every bit of it.

Product Image File Name

Amazon strictly recommends all the sellers use a specific style for naming the product image. If you ever notice the name of a product image file name of amazon, then you must have said how strange it is, right? 

The image file name contains information that you won’t understand if you don’t read the guidelines properly. 

Let’s see what a product image name has on amazon. 

Product Identifier

A product identifier is a numeric number that resembles Amazon ASIN code, 13-digit ISBN, or UPC. Regardless of the product, sellers must keep one of these identifiers in the image file name.

amazon product identifier

Ex: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif

All the product identifiers with complete form are given below:

  • ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  • ISBN-13 (International Standard Book Number)
  • EAN (European Article Number)
  • JAN (Japanese Article Number)
  • UPC (Universal Product Code)

Pro Tip: Never use any spaces, dashes, or other similar characters between the names because amazon recommends image file names without special characters or spaces.

Character Variant

Image 4

Character variant code tells the type of product image you are uploading. For example, we know that Amazon has different image categories ( Main Image, Secondary Image, etc.). 

Amazon provides variant code for five types of images. These are:

  • Main image: MAIN
  • Piece shots: PT01, PT02
  • Interior Shots: IN01, IN02
  • Environmental Images: EV01, EV01

Image File Format

Images have many file formats such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, and more, but not all of them are supported by Amazon. Four categories of product image format are eligible to upload on the product listing by Amazon. 

These are

  • TIFF (.tif/.tiff) (Tagged Image File Format)
  • JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • GIF (.gif) (Graphic Interchange Format) & 
  • PNG (.png) (Portable Network Graphics)

Amazon sellers can use the above image file format. Still, I suggest you listen to what Amazon recommends to its campaigners. 

Amazon encourages you to upload JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) with 100% compression.

Amazon Product Image Dimensions

Amazon Product Image Dimensions

Now let’s talk about another most discussed topic regarding amazon product photo requirements that is amazon product image dimensions. According to the product image requirements, the maximum image pixel dimensions for amazon should be at least 1000 pixels in height and width. 

But to enable the zooming capability for a product image, amazon recommends a 2000px by 2000px square image. And the ideal amazon image aspect ratio is 1:1.

Image File Size For Amazon 

Amazon compresses the product photo when you upload them, which is why you can upload large file sizes. In the product image policy, amazon tells us to use around 10 MB size image files.

Color Mode

The product image guidelines tell us to keep the background solid white and use sRGB or CMYK colour code. But the recommended one is sRGB.

Guidelines For Main Image Of Product Listing

Above, we have covered the technical product image requirements for uploading images on amazon, which are valid for every type of image. 

But we know we can use our product image on amazon in two categories, and one of them is the “Main Product Image.” 

The photos we will use in this category will show up on the search results and thumbnails. So consumers will see the main image first, and if they get attracted, they will go for more pictures and details. 

So the guidelines for the main image of amazon product listing are something you shouldn’t ignore.

What you can do

Along with all the technical guidelines for the main product image, you have to be more creative and specific. Apart from the technical instruction, what you can do is given below:

  • Background must have in pure white
  • The item itself must cover 85% in the frame
  • Blurry, pixelated, excessive cropped product image is not allowed
  • The image should look natural, and only the final product that the consumer will get.

What you can’t do

There are some rumors and bad practices some inexperienced sellers do that amazon discourages them from doing. Amazon ensures that the customers always get the best view of a product before buying it. So the things you can’t do with your main product images are:

  • Product images like sketches, paintings, drawings are not allowed.
  • Any misleading or confusing product image is not accepted.
  • Images that contain text, graphics, logos, or watermarks are not allowed
  • Prohibited images such as pornographic material are not allowed.
  • Images on a mannequin or provide external branding are prohibited.

Guidelines For Secondary Image

The main product image will work to bring your targeted consumer into the selling funnel. Still, it is the secondary images that can help your product to be purchased. This means providing only amazing main product images won’t do the work for you.

Amazon says, “The secondary product images also need to be focused and customer-driven.”

These additional images may be small, and consumers will see them when they click on a product to see the detail. Still, the effectiveness isn’t any less than the main image.

The guidelines for the secondary images on amazon listings are simple. You have to follow the instructions of technical image requirements and can’t use any prohibited images. If you follow these instructions, you are good to go.

Amazon Photo Guidelines For Industry Specific Departments

Apart from all the talking about amazon picture sizes, product ratio in the image, or file names, amazon imposes particular guidelines on certain products. These products are not limited to the following, but you will get an idea about the rules.

  • Clothing products should be captured on a flat surface.
  • Footwear should have only the shoes or footwear; no box or any unwanted object is not allowed.
  • Undergarments, lingerie, or swimwear should be clicked on a flat surface. But amazon does also approve these products on a mannequin or models until they don’t represent nudity and vulgarity.
  • Clothes on the model must be in a standing position. Any other position is not recommended.

Best Practices You Can Adopt for Amazon Product Images

Preparing product images for amazon gets more challenging when you don’t follow amazon’s product image policies. The best practices you can adopt for your amazon product images mentioned below will ease some of your hassle and pressure. Combining the photo guidelines from above and best practices from below, you can beat your competition and stand out in the crowd with your product photo.

Provide Premium Image Quality

No matter how many guidelines you follow, if your image is not up to the mark in quality, the consumer won’t purchase it. Capture premium and aesthetic product photos to impress your customers. The level of quality and detail must be top class. The product photo should speak for itself and impress the consumer.

Use Professional Photography Lighting

Photography lighting is a crucial component for capturing high-quality and lossless product images. Umbrella photography lighting is the best to shoot products, but a professional lighting setup can be expensive sometimes. So you can DIY a softbox and shoot your product.

Show the Product In Use

It’s best and always recommended to shoot the product on a solid white background, but amazon also allows one or two images where a consumer can see the product in use. Contextual product image enhances the understandability of the customers about the product.

Optimize Amazon Listing Image

Optimizing product images for Amazon listings means capturing and editing product photos according to the image guidelines of amazon. Follow the instructions, and your product photo will rank #1 in the search results.

Add Multiple Images

Amazon allows up to 9 images in their product listing. Add as many product photos as you can to offer a flawless and detailed view of your product to the customer. But you must follow the guidelines first.

FAQs on Amazon's Photo Requirements

What size should images be for Amazon?

The ideal amazon picture sizes for products stay between 1000px to 1600px, but they recommend more than that. According to amazon photo requirements, images with 2000px to 2000px is highly recommended if possible.

How long does it take for Amazon to approve images?

After creating a product listing successfully by following all the guidelines, amazon takes up to 15 minutes to approve the product image.

How many images are there on the Amazon listing?

You can add up to 9 product images for an individual product on the Amazon product listing page.

What is Swatch Image on Amazon?

Swatch images are those that show up on the parent page of an individual product on amazon. You can configure swatch images using the swatch image URLs but only for those categories of products that amazon supports.

Can Amazon photos detect duplicates?

Yes, using their image recognition software, amazon can detect duplicate product images if you provide them.

What is Amazon’s hero image?

Amazon’s hero image is the product photos that are shown in categories and search results. It helps to attract the customer, which is why a hero image must be flawless and jaw-dropping.

What you can do now

Amazon image requirements for product listing provide sellers with a prominent way for making every product image stunning and generate sales. 

Optimized product image helps your product photo to rank up in the search results. 

Follow the above guidelines for your product photo if you want to get them accepted and make your brand successful. 

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