Apparel Photography Services

Apparel Photography Services [Know The Best Places Here!]

You know, photography is crucial in the e-commerce business platform as it can keep your business afloat or sink. As your customer cannot physically touch or see your products, apparel photography has to do the work to make your business skyrocket! 

Here the photography service is the real deal! So, of course, you may want the best photography services of all for your business apparel photographs, if you want to skip editing photos and focus on other important managements of your online business. 

That is why, we have covered 10 best apparel photography services that you might like to choose from. So, what is to wait for more? Let us get to the point.

Well, there are quite a number of freelance apparel services that serve the best, like the Clipping Path Services or the SQUARESHOT. 

Honestly, that is not all. Apart from it, here, know more about apparel photography services to meet up your project goals & planning.

#1- The Clipping Path Service

The Clipping Path Service

When you want to make the photo shot flawless & boost the business effortlessly, the service we want to introduce you to is The Clipping Path Service first! 

With more than 16 years of experience, the CPS focuses on the best quality image to make a long-lasting impression in the client’s marketplace. 

More than that, the CPS has set an icon in photo retouching service, ghost mannequin effect, or image marking service. Obviously, the Clipping Path Service has got the back of you in apparel photography ideas!

CPS uses 100% professional & paid tools to edit the image or enhance its flare. You will never think to have that much of an exceptionally done image that many others want to copy. 

The Clipping Path Service ensures that your product can be one step ahead in the e-commerce or competitive online market. It guarantees you 100% data safety with the fastest turnaround. 

& if you are unsure about the price, then let me tell you the CPS offers you the most budget-friendly pricing for the image and video post-production. 

Besides, the CPS provides discounts on Bulk Volume. So, when are you going to choose The Clipping Path Service first to turn the table on your online business?



In apparel fashion photography Services, the SUQARESHOT is nailing it! The SUQARESHOT is a professional in apparel photography like flat lay, ghost mannequins, or pinned shots for tops & bottoms. 

To get the service, you just need to cart an order to them that you want & finalize it. You will get a proposal containing turnover time, pricing & other details in less than 24 hours. 

Accept the proposal, drop or shift your product & get the service done in 8 business days or less. That is so easy, right? You know, you will get the services at a very predictable price.

Moreover, SUQARESHOT also offers you memberships. In the membership, you can get a 30% lower price per image with no minimum order. So that is obvious, SUQARESHOT is perfect for long-term and large projects!

#3- Pro Photo Studio

Pro Photo Studio

So, for online retailers & fashion companies, the Pro Photo Studio is going to be another best service option in our today’s list. 

As you may see, photography in many places is either expensive or time-consuming. Moreover, there is always a fear of not getting a professional or getting the work done from a quack. 

But here, Pro Photo Studio offers you high-quality apparel photography services with professional retouching. You can get their expertise in either flat lay, ghost mannequin, or in folded. 

To get the service, you just need to fill their order with all the specifications & can sign up for a monthly subscription.

#4- Pow Product Photography

Pow Product Photography

In apparel photography, Pow Product Photography is more & we can even say it is beyond. The professionals of Pow Product Photography all care about making the apparel look of your business the best. 

You will get prep styling in your every order. The professionals here have more than 10+ years of experience in this field, which you require to make your apparel photography stand out among thousands. 

Pow Product Photography is also offering the best retouching services, as they know it can take apparel photography to the next level.

#5- Space & Light

Space & Light

Space & Light is a full-service photography studio that specializes in clothing and product photography for your e-commerce business. 

With 18+ years of experience, Space & Light has creative solutions for apparel photography. It handles all the services that may require to stand out in the clothing & product business in the e-commerce business platform. 

It aims to align the desired images of the clients with their sales expectations and business missions. 

Space & Light has collaborated with more than 150 brands. Whether you have small design or clothing houses, or luxury brands, to get the best quality apparel photography services, Space & Light can be a good choice.

#6- Erik Renninger

Erik Renninger

Erik Renninger has got expertise in apparel photography for clothing, accessories, garments, or fashion photography. 

It offers quite a number of apparel photography services, including Fashion photography, mannequin clothing photography, post-model attire photography, lookbook layout photography, product & fashion photography for e-commerce or multiple view layout photography, or 360-degree apparel photography. 

Erik Renninger’s professional team will be available for you 24/7 to provide the best imagery for your business platform. 

So, showcase your apparel business with the Erik Renninger apparel photography assistance at a price that perfectly fits your budget.

#7- Product Photography

Product Photography

In the way of the remote product photography studios, Product Photography is there for you to provide the best apparel imagery for your business on Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, marketing materials & many more. 

With more than 20 years of experience, Product Photography has provided dependable, fast-quality work since 2003. 

For your online store, they cover everything in accordance with your needs, like white background photography, photography of professional models, or lifestyle photos to showcase your business product. 

In apparel photography, they are doing an excellent job for more than 25 countries, including 2000+ clients & counting till now. Try their service, and their work will speak for itself.

#8- Digital Cohort

Digital Cohort

In apparel photography art, Digital Cohort has got mastery. In the online market, hundreds or even thousands of online stores sell or manifest the same product as you. Here perfect apparel photography can make a difference of yours from the others. 

In this way, to assist you, Digital Cohort offers you that quality image that can take all the attention. 

The services have a variety of options, like ghost mannequins, flat-lay apparel photography, or t-shirt photographing. 

Digital Cohort service is fast & simple. You need to place your order and send your products. 

They will return your products after taking perfect images as you have placed the order. It delivers your order within short work days.

#9- Apparel Images

Apparel Images

Apparel images can be another good choice to have a perfect apparel image that can assist you in boosting your business. Apparel Images are experts in a flat lay, model photography & ghost mannequin. 

You know, in the online business, a clear, crisp apparel image that can convey the best product quality for your online store, and you can have more sales. That is why Apparel Images are a choice for many online business retailers. 

With uncompromising apparel photography quality, Apparel Images has been operating the best services for more than 15 years so that people in online businesses can focus on boosting their business rather than worrying about product image. 

Apparel image guarantees you to deliver your high-quality, beautiful apparel image within five work days; otherwise, they will not charge a single cent! Surprising, right?

#10- Orbitvu


Apparel product photography is now in demand for online business platforms. In the way of optimizing apparel product photography based on creativity & attractiveness, Orbitvu is the perfect fit for it. 

It puts its expertise into making your brand memorable to the customer to come back. Orbitvu makes sure of consistency in apparel products or clothing photography. 

Orbitvu has set up a dedicated device for the apparel photography studios like Fashion Studio, Alphastudio XXL, Alphatable, and Alphadesk so that you can get perfect imagery in the production process. 

& for the price? Orbitvu service prices are very flexible & also can be changed depending on your region or country, This adaptability makes Orbitvu an even more attractive choice for those seeking top-notch apparel photo editing services.

Bordie Capron

Bordie Capron


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