amazon product photo requirements

Amazon Product Photo Requirements in 2024

You may hear the term “amazon product photo requirements” if you are an Amazon product seller. But If you are a beginner and want to start your own business on Amazon, then Amazon image requirements should be the first priority for you. With respect to online shopping, roughly 55% of the customers will head directly to one of the most popular eCommerce sites in the world: Amazon. So the competition to grab the amazon business opportunities is very high.

Before you start selling products on Amazon, you need to do the amazon seller registration. After completing your amazon merchant account the next important thing is to know about is amazon image guidelines. In this article, I will talk about the ideal setup for product photography on Amazon. This will cover a common question for online shoppers which is, “how to sell items on amazon?” Though the focus is not only on Amazon image guidelines but also on other platforms as well.

Ecommerce product photography plays an enormous role in attracting consumers. So product photo post-processing is not only to meet the Amazon technical requirements. Or any other online platform image requirements. It is also needed to generate customers who will buy your products. The right product image can let you sell your products on any online platform. Meeting amazon seller requirements is like passing the examination.

Can I really take my own product photos?

If you are an amazon product seller or planning to start business on amazon then you have to know, “how to take your own product photos?” You don’t have to be a professional product photographer or you don’t need any professional product photography setup. You also don’t need any professional knowledge on photography lighting or compositions. If you have a digital camera or a smartphone, you can take your own product photos with some simple and easy photography setup. With some simple smartphone photography tips and right guidance you can capture like a pro. 

The most common product photo requirement is “white background product photography”. This means your product image should have white background. You can achieve white background for your product image by using any white clothes and simple

photography lighting using normal lights and bulbs. In this article we won’t talk about,” How to take product photos at home?” or “What is the best camera for product photography?”  I will talk about the product photo guidelines for online store. Let’s start with amazon image guidelines. 

Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon is aware of and takes seriously the importance of product image quality. Amazon also developed it’s own amazon image policy because of that. So all vendors must have to follow that for an enjoyable and reliable shopping experience for their consumers. By following these product image requirements you will not only avoid facing issues with amazon but also increase your sell.

The product image requirements must be fulfilled by all Amazon sellers

With these amazon image policy, you can produce compelling and desirable product listings on amazon

Amazon Product Dimensions

Amazon Product Dimensions

The product photo requirements is not the only thing that retailers need to follow to do business with amazon. They also have to send their product for Amazon warehouse by following amazon product dimensions for accurate packaging.

Amazon has set a certain requirement for the package and product dimension. For product and packaging dimensions amazon has separate guidelines. To sell products on Amazon every retailer must meet set by the fulfillment by Amazon also known as Amazon FBA.

This ensures two things one is the customer gets exactly that product orders and the seller faces less rejection after delivery.

As far as the guidelines goes for the dimension of product and packaging, Amazon clearly mentioned that, the product dimension is the measurement of the actual product. On the other hand amazon package dimension is the dimension of the product with the packaging.

Both the dimensions must be stated in the product description and information so that consumers get the exact measurement of the product size. It also helps amazon to calculate the fees of the product and packaging.

According to amazon package dimensions if a box contains multiple small products then the dimension must not go over 25 inches but if the actual product dimension is close to or more than 25 inches then retailers can use larger boxes.

Before shipping your product to Amazon warehouse for fulfillment by Amazon follow the amazon product dimensions and package dimensions perfectly.

Etsy Technical Image Requirements

Like Amazon, Etsy also has some product image guidelines on product listings for the sellers. Following these requirements, you can get the best out of that online platform for your eCommerce store. 

Let’s see some of the highlighted photo requirements for product listing on Etsy

Following these product image guidelines, you can improve your product viewing experience for consumers.

eBay’s Image Technical Requirements

For many online retailers, selling items on eBay is an effective sales strategy. eBay is, after all, the world’s 38th largest website. Sixth in Britain and Germany it is the most common. Therefore, the issue is not whether to using eBay, but how to use it properly. All that is due to the consistency and optimization of your data feed. Brand images are one of the main components of your data feed.

So how do you increase the sales on eBay? By optimizing photos in your product listing. You need to make sure your product images meet the eBay’s image guidelines. The most important requirements are: 

Product photo requirements for​ is constantly growing, and a demand for e-commerce gives sellers a great opportunity if they only comply with the guidelines of product photos on Management of product is one of the biggest tasks at Every detail is important to sell your product. The important factors of image guidelines on are

Few common product Photo Requirements for all platforms

You may have seen several criteria for their photographs on several of these eCommerce websites, and all of these image guidelines have several similarities. We created a simple list of recommendations that all your images will obey, irrespective of the site they are on.

  1. Image Sizes
  2. Background Colors
  3. Image Frame, Borders, and Logos
  4. Accurate Colors

I have covered the highlighted elements of product image requirements for most of the online store. For your company, it is important to use multiple eCommerce platforms. Although it may seem confusing to follow the numerous different Image guidelines, it is actually much easier to organize and understand than it appears. Using the right photos your chances of profiting on all eCommerce sites you use can drastically improve. The reason behind focusing on amazon image requirements is, it is now one of the top online platform for retailers.

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