Creative Product Photography Ideas

18 Creative Product Photography Ideas To Improve Conversion

Product photos can look dull. Consider spicing it up with fresh and creative product photography ideas. Whether you believe it or not, these unique photos perform great and attract higher traffic.

To break out the monotone feel of product photographs, try to experiment with the image’s style, angles, and color palette.

As a product photographer, going onto some inspiration portfolio pieces can also spark the creative flow. Plus, you could follow industry leaders for new and trendy ideas.

Below, we have listed some of the creative ideas you could experiment with. These ideas would motivate you to create unique concepts for upcoming product photos.

Right now, we are going to explore some of the best photography ideas for different products. It would help you to prepare your photoshoot for that specific genre better. Moreover, it would be fun and exciting to go on.

1. Creative Skincare Product Photography

Need trendy skincare product photography ideas right now? Check out the following concepts. You could use different sorts of elements that may have been included in the product. For example, if the skin care product has honey, place a honey holder beside the product. Or use leaves if the skincare is made of natural ingredients.

2. Creative Perfume Photography

When you are doing creative perfume photography, use reflective surfaces. In addition, use smoke to represent the fragrance of the perfume. Moreover, place flowers beside the perfume bottle if the fragrance represents a flowery fragrance. Use necessary background images to represent a specific vibe.

3. Creative Jewelry Photography

For jewelry products, shiny colorful surfaces look great. Alongside, you may use rose flower leaves to add some luxury feeling. On the other hand, placing the jewelry on luxury-looking rocks can be great. Or you could place the jewelry product on a luxury rock as well.

4. Creative Shoes Product Photography

Shoe photography can be a bit boring. Spice it up with a unique background and surfaces. For example, use black-colored backgrounds if the shoe represents back colors. Also, make sure to float the shoe for a unique look of the product. The following idea would make your shoe photographs unique.

5. Creative Furniture Product Photography

Place your furniture on an attractive interior. Use matching colors on the interior to make the composition appealing. Be sure to use some non-distracting wall canvas behind your furniture. Use creatively designed carpets to add some dynamics to your product photographs. Hence, it would highlight your furniture in the image.

6. Creative Food Product Photography

Let’s look at the food product photography inspiration from Ikian Knaggs. In the following example, we see a biscuit item placed on a plain background. In addition, a can of cream is poured over the biscuit product. With the help of Photoshop, we can apply some unique textures. In the following example, they have placed a fabric texture on the cream.

7. Creative Canned Coffee Product Photography

We could look at Z studio to get amazing ideas on canned coffee products photography. Perhaps, sprinkle out some of the coffee power on the floor. Then place the coffee can on it. Alternatively, float them up, including the small sashes if you have coffee bags. Plus, add a similar colored background to the package.

8. Creative Cookie Product Photography

Generic cookie photography may bore your audience. Instead, go for trendy ideas like those below. For example, place a pile of 6 or 7 cookies. Pour some milk cream on it. Put a fresh leaf pair to represent its authenticity. Plus, use some half-bitted cookies beside the stock of cookies. It’s one of the great product ideas you could follow.

9. Creative Apparel Product Photography

Avoid sticking to the generic flat lay photography for apparel products. Instead, place the apparel products on a textured service to add creativity. Put a couple of apparel products on the textured surface. Use your hand to break the monotonous vibe and make the fabrics stand. It would make the apparel products focus and attract audiences.

10. Creative Shampoo Product Photography

For Inspiration on shampoo products, check out Mathew Zucker’s studio. Most of their shampoo product photographs contain a nice color pallet. Hence, they lay the shampoo product packed on a simple tray. Plus includes shampoo ingredients and leaves along with the products. It provides a unique natural vibe to the image.

11. Creative Cosmetic Product Photography

Let’s take some inspiration from the cosmetic product photographs. Place open cosmetic products like aloe vera gel on a white surface. Alongside the cosmetic products, use natural ingredients which the cosmetic products may represent. On the other hand, stand cosmetic products with some creative background ideas.

12. Creative Watch Product Photography

Is fall short on the watch product photography ideas? Let’s check out the Karl Taylor Educational website. They featured a watch placed on an abstract rock. Plus, you could choose the color pallet which compliments the watch color. In the below example, they used a black background against the white watch. 

13. Creative Eyewear Product Photography

One of the most creative ideas for eyewear is shooting photos on the beach. Like, you could place the sunglasses on the sand. Make sure to capture the sun within the image. Try to shoot the image at golden hours – before sunset or after sunrise – to get better results. In addition, if the sand is wet, it would also provide you with a reflective surface.

14. Creative Leather Bag Photography

Mark Colliton creates some exceptional leather bag photography ideas. For example, place a unique stand beside your leather bag. Afterward, use a unique background to make the composition unique. If possible, set an antique piece just beside your leather bag. Experiment with the standing angle of the bag.

15. Creative Earring Product Photography

For creating earring ideas, check out the photographs. First, take a clean tree stick with a bump in between. Afterward, place the earring on one of the bumps. Then set up a clean and colorful background to make the product image more appealing. While creating the image, make sure you use the rule-of-third technique. It would be a catchy eye image.

16. Creative Skateboard Photography

Add a bit of humor to your skateboard photograph with some props. For example, look at the following photos. Right into the photo, they have used a flamingo bird toy. They have used sneakers to resemble the foot of the flamingo. They made it look like the flamingo was riding the skateboard with a custom background.

17. Creative Canned Cocktail Photography

Unique Canned cocktail photography can make your projects look more attractive. As a creative idea, you could show off by pouring the cocktail into a glass. Put some lemon and other citrus fruits around it. Use a wooden surface to make the image look more authentic. It would bring an authentic vibe into the image. 

Inspiration On The Different Product Photography Industry

Let’s take a sneak peek into the studio you should follow to get a better idea. We are going into naming these productions. So, you could go and check each of the studios one after one.

Pieta Productions

Pieta Productions is one of the best productions to consider for unique ideas. These are Inspirations for categories such as food and beverage photography projects, which is why, if you are working on similar sorts of projects and need Inspiration, check out their portfolio.

Each of their photoshoots is unique and high in quality. These photographs provide a clear view of the product while providing the bottom line. Whether you like it or not, each of their photographs would inspire you to create better photographs altogether.

The following studio is one of the great resources for any aspiring photographer. You get to discover amazing product photographs in the studio’s portfolio. They are great at taking product photos such as sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, etc.

As they work with many brands, taking Inspiration from their photo library is a lot easier. Each of their photos consists of proper quality and creativity. Their beverage and canned food product photography ideas always grab our attention. The photos are great looking and proper to go on.

Mark Colliton Photography

We have featured Mark collision for leather bag photography on our creative idealists. Apart from the leather bag, the following studio is great for other categories. Like, they are great for shoe and cosmetics products photography. Their work features creative concepts which attract eyeballs all the time.

Moreover, their photos feature creative pastel color palettes. It makes the product image more dynamic and creative at the same time. Customers find their product photography a lot more appealing than you might find generic photographs.

Mathew Zucker Studio

When you need a bit of information on modern product photography, check out Mathew Zucker Studio. Their photographs are unique in layouts. These photos consist of natural elements like a leaf and seeds creatively.

Moreover, they are great at selecting props. Their props are relevant to the product yet unique enough to make the image look amazing. For example, their cosmetic product photography ideas consist of unique angles, lighting, and colorings. Explore their portfolio to get more Inspiration.

Alaa Taher Photography

Getting creative concepts is a lot seamless in the portfolio of Alaa Taher Photography. Along with other categories, product photos are a stronghold of their studio. Further, their ideas are great for luxury setup on different product images. 

For example, they use unique angles, effects, and 3D effects for jewelry products. Plus, an isometric view makes them look compelling. In addition, floating jewelry rings add an attention-grabbing appearance as well. You must learn from their portfolio.

The below questions will provide you with a clear idea of product photography. Let’s get in.

Is photography a creative activity?

In short, answer. Photography is a complete creative activity. Because you need to capture your subject and create a trendy composition simultaneously, the process can vary spending on the photographer. Plus, it needs a lot of creative muscle to find a perfect photo composition.

How do you charge for creative product photography?

The charge you should go upon could be hourly or per day. For example, a well-established studio charges around $140 to $170 for each hour. The pricing can go up and down based on the photographer and your photography needs.

What is the best lens for creative product photography?

If you are looking for the best product photography lens , Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR is the option. You get the perfect aperture and focal length on the following lens to make your product photo shine out. If it doesn’t seem right for you, check out other lenses that match your requirement.

Is Ring Light good for product photography?

The right light is exceptionally good for product photography when it has the best angle. Combining multiple right lights can provide you with great lighting for product photos. But you need to be a bit expert with lighting setup. Otherwise, a ring light might not be a good option to go.


Getting creative product photography Ideas might seem difficult, but it’s not that hard. With a little bit of brainstorming and Inspiration, you will find out the best ideas. It would become a seamless process with practice, so you should not stop working on it.

At last, it is all about getting better at creating concepts. With new ideas, you could seduce web visitors to buy the following product. It increases conversion and improves brand publicity, which is why you should spend your time creating new concepts.

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