How Long Does it Take Edit Video

How Long Does It Take To Edit A Video And Why?

Editing is the culinary skill that makes the videos look delicious. But video editing consumes much more time than capturing. Unlike photo editing, video editing is more than just some brush strokes. Factors like the type, length, quality, device, software, and the editor’s skill affect video editing time. As all these factors are not constant, exactly how much time it takes to edit videos is not determinable.

However, considering the basic factors and by the rule of thumb of video editing, each minute of a video takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours, and a complete hour-long documentary or film can take from several months to years. 

Anyway, we know that the answer to your query is still in the grey. And the information below will be enough to illuminate what you want to know.

Video editing time is determined by several factors, as we have already discussed. Yet, there are always some basic measurements of every work that are set by the expert’s practical experience. Generally, for each minute of the video, you can count an hour of editing. But the task doesn’t end with only editing. Several things can extend the time of editing videos. Some of them are:

  • Project Setup
  • Sorting
  • Revisions
  • Glitches
  • Rendering Formatting
  • Transferring

All these steps of video editing require time. So, if we keep 1-hour for the principal editing of the video, you will require an additional hour for other steps of each minute. The 1-2 hours time estimation for a minute video is only applicable for general videos. 

If you are working with animations or 4K videos, the time estimation will rise 2x, 3x, or 5x because of frames. As in the general videos, the average frame rate is 29.97 per second, but in the animation or 4K or animation videos, the frame rate rises from 60 to 90 frames per second. 

However, complex works are exceptions and mostly the work of highly skilled professionals. And this query we have demonstrated for beginners. That means general video editing timing is what we are focusing on. Seemingly, to make the video editing timing more understandable, we have constructed this table from practical experiences.

Video Length(Minutes)

Editing Time(Minimum)

Editing time (Maximum)


1-2 hours

8 hours


2-3 hours

16 hours


3-5 hours

18 hours


4-6 hours

24 hours


6-8 hours

32 hours


8-10 hours

56 hours 


12-16 hours

80 hours


18-24 hours

100 hours


24-30 hours

160 hours


48-60 hours

360 hours

Factors That Determine the Time to Edit Videos

Factors That Determine the Time to Edit Videos

As we have already got the timing to editing videos. Now it’s time to learn about the factors in detail on which the timing of the video editing depends. That Are:


The type of video is the first functioning factor that determines the time of video editing. Videography is a vast sector and has several branches. Of all the branches, documentary films, entertainment, educational, promotional, and informational videos are the most popular types of videos. 

Most documentary films are long video projects of 30 minutes to several hours so that the editing time can extend to several months. On The other hand, promotional videos are normally a few seconds or minutes, so they take less time around a few minutes. All over, the type of video is the primary time-consuming factor of video editing.


After the type of video comes the length. No matter what type of video you are going to edit, if the video is shorter, then there will be fewer frames so that the editing time will be shorter. If the length of the video more, then it will take more time no matter what the type is.


The captured quality of the raw footage matters a lot when editing the videos. The videos captured in high quality are easy to edit as the pixels are larger, and the editor faces less hassle during the process. On the flip side, low-quality videos are hard to edit as the objects in the video remain brutal, and the editors don’t get proper space to work. However, a highly skilled professional can create the best-polished videos of low-quality raw footage.


In all fields of graphic design, supportive design is essential. If the device is not properly built for the work, then editing videos would be a tough task. So, you will need the ideal device to get your video editing project on time. Here’s what you need minimum in a device for video editing.




16-32GB DDR4 (Above 2400 MHz)


Intel Core i5 7th generation or above (4 physical cores required), AMD Ryzen 5 or above.


256GB NVMe SSD with 7200RPM Speed (You can use an extra SATA hard drive for storing files)

Graphics Card

NVIDIA or AMD 2GB (Good For PrimierePro and all)

Display Size

21 inches or above


After the device, the software plays the most vital role in video editing. Several software is available for video editing, like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects, FinalcutPro, etc. Not all these software are equally efficient and not suitable for all levels of editors. Also, you can’t run all this software on the same device. 

If you are a beginner in video editing, then premiere pro is good enough to use. This software is easy and takes less time to render and process. However, premiere pro is good for regular types of videos. Again, video editing works like 4K videos or animation when you are on a professional level. Using the effect after effect takes more time in processing and rendering and requires a very high-end device.


Finally, the most essential and time-determining factor of video editing comes, and that is the skill of the editor. No matter how efficient the device or what advanced software you are using. Only a skillful editor can do the job at the right time. For beginners or learners, there is no bound time frame. Some do the job in hours, while others take days.

How To Edit Videos Faster

Editing videos take time, but the time frame is manageable if the way of working is properly organized. In the right way, you can edit videos just in the mentioned time earlier. Here are some tips for editing videos faster:

  • Organizing is the key to completing a successful project in the required time. So always plan before you start working and fix what, when, and how you will do things.
  • When doing graphics work, you have to use the keyboard efficiently. Proper knowledge of keyboard shortcuts will make editing jobs easier and faster.
  • Work on custom presets to work on. This will help you to automate the editing process and faster the working process.
  • Use an upgraded device for video editing. Because video editing burns a lot of memory and takes a major portion of the device, the more efficient your device is, the faster you can do the work.

Tips To Find Efficient Video Editors

If you are not a professional video editor and are in no learning phase but need to get the video editing jobs faster, we suggest you go for third-party support. And that would be efficient video editors. But you will find thousands in the market, so choose yours wisely. The tips below will help you find the most efficient video editors:

  • Choose a team with skilled editors and with a strong portfolio of work.
  • Make sure who you choose tries to understand your requirements and keeps you updated about the process.
  • Keep in mind that an efficient team will always have members for different tasks and will distribute the work properly. 
  • There should be a team leader and a project manager who will contact you about the project.
  • Before starting to work, you will always prepare a professional team for a test, and when they are in business, they will maintain a deadline.


There is no exact time to mention when editing videos. As we have discussed, there is no constant time value because of several types and other related factors. But, you can generally edit videos in the mentioned time if it matches our criteria and you have the proper skills. 

Yet if you are confused about how long it takes to edit videos, you can directly ask professional video editors. Moreover, to make more confirmed decisions start practicing and get some video editing projects done yourself.

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