RetouchUp Pricing

RetouchUp Pricing: A Picture Of Perfect Workflow!

No wonder photo retouching assists to create an image with better visual effects. Generally, it is a professional method of photo editing that mainly focuses on enhancing and restoring photos.. 

And, RetouchUp has come to you with a package of perfect solutions for professional photographers. It is the photo retouching expert service for all your photo retouching needs with great quality services at a great price. 

But what is the RetouchUp pricing? That’s the most crucial thing to know before placing an order, right? So, as not to get bewildered hereafter, read the whole article for a complete know-all.

Let’s First Understand The Simple RetouchUp Pricing Model

First, let us review the RetouchUp pricing model which is easy to understand and communicate. Moreover, there will be no waiting for an estimation and this is a great benefit for professional photographers. 

The RetouchUp divides the complex photo retouching needs of the clientele into three different categories.

#1. Complete Retouch Level

The level is also called the RetouchUp standard facial retouching level. The retouch level is by far the most demanded retouch and covers issues of the images like blemishes, and stray hairs, reducing facial shine, softening bags under the eyes, whitening the teeth or eyes, and removing any second couch light. 

Note: Complete retouch level only covers the mentioned standard facial retouching edits. Any other request will be covered under the Complete Plus retouch level or Special Service level.

#2. Complete Plus Retouch Level

If you want to have more complex edits, then the Complete Plus retouch level will be perfect for you to be requested. 

The Complete Plus level includes everything of the Complete retouch level as well as includes more specific and complicated edits. 

For instance, eyeglass glare, head swaps, brace removal, or extending backgrounds. 

#3. Special Service Level

Now let us come to the third level- the Special Service level. The level includes all previous levels, also the edits that are not covered in the Complete or Complete Plus level. 

For example, adding or removing buildings or cars, slimming or changing backgrounds, then your image retouching should belong to the Special Services category. 

Now come to the pricing category. As for the Retouchup services, all costs will be charged per image, not per edit. It does not matter how many kids have braces in the image or how many swaps you are requesting, you pay once per image. 

Moreover, it is unsure how much time an image will take. That is why, they do not charge based on editing difficulty.

Services That RetouchUp Offers to Its Clients In Great Pricing

Retouchup serves photo professionals across the world with no complications, and no contracts or minimums in the photo editing process. 

With years of experience, RetouchUp offers a number of services for its clients at an affordable price. Here is the list of their provided services.

  • Clipping Path 
  • Color Correction 
  • Photo Restoration 
  • Digital Oil Painting 
  • Video Editing 

A Complete Breakdown Of RetouchUp Pricing Of Its Great Services

Now that we know the pricing model of RetouchUp and the services that they offer, it is crucial to know how much they charge exactly. Actually, RetouchUp tries to keep the pricing simple and straightforward. 

Rather than charging for every blemish, head swap, or any other fix incurred per image, RetouchUp offers pricing categories in the following way.

RetouchUp Service Pricing

RetouchUp Services

Pricing [Per Image]

Complete Retouch 


Complete Plus Retouch 


Special Services Retouch 


Clipping Path 

$1.50- $2.50 

Standard Color Correction 

$0.15- $0.25

Photo Restoration 


Digital Oil Painting 


Video Editing 

From $25 

RetouchUp Service Pricing

RetouchUp is one of the most influential photo editing services of all. However, if you look into the best alternative to RetouchUp, The Clipping Path Service  is right there to choose from in terms of price and services. 

With a long 16 years of experience, The TCPS has a fast turnaround time, offers 100% data safety, and the best quality services. 

Along with the retouching services provided by the RetouchUp, TCPS offers photo masking, background removal, ghost mannequin, and rotoscoping services adding to the great services at a very affordable price. 

Here the service just starts from $0.39 per image. But there will not be a compromise in the quality rather than the pricing! 

To make you understand better about both services in the pricing and services terms, the pricing comparison in the below chart is going to provide you with all the information. 

Pricing Comparison Between RetouchUp & The Clipping Path Service


RetouchUp [Per Image]

TCPS [Starting From]

Clipping Path 

$1.50- $2.50


Standard Color Correction 

$0.15- $0.25


Photo Restoration 



Digital Oil Painting 



Video Editing 

From $25

$10.00 per hour 

Photo Masking 



Background Remove 



Ghost Mannequin



Rotoscoping Services 


$1.49 per frame 

RetouchUp Payment Options

RetouchUp uses credit cards for payment for its services. Moreover, there will be no monthly contract or fee to sign or log in to the RetouchUp to use. You are only charged for the orders that you have ordered or submitted. 

Adding to the meticulous features of RetouchUp, you can now have multiple credit cards in your account and can set a card as the default one. So, if you want to add more credit card options, follow up below steps.

  • First log in to your account 
  • Choose My Account option
  • Then click Payment Options 
  • Now multiple card options will appear on your account 
  • Click Make Default to set a card as the default 
  • Click Delete to remove a card 
  • To add a new credit card, fill up the information in the Add Billing Info. Once done click Add Billing Profile.

What Is The Price Change Policy Of RetouchUp?

Before placing an order for the RetouchUp, you should take time to read which level RetouchUp covers and select the correct level depending on the edits you are looking for. 

If you do not select the correct level of services, the artists will apply a price change to ensure your work is accomplished promptly. 

The price change request will be sent to the manager of the RetouchUp and he will review the photo edits and will approve the correct pricing model. 

As for the large orders, the artist will alert the RetouchUp customer service and they will contact the client and confirm the price change before the artist again proceeds to continue the work. 

Moreover, if the client places the incorrect retouching level for the test orders, and the artist does not submit the price range, the action will automatically not qualify the large orders under the lower level. 

However, if you feel that RetouchUp has not charged correctly, you can contact RetouchUp services to make the service review your order.

Want To Place Your First Order To RetouchUp? Here Are The Easy Steps!

If you are new and wondering how you can place your first order at, no worry, as the below section is just the ultimate know-how for you. Here are the easy steps that you should follow to do the task. 

  • Step 1: First Sign Up and log in to your account. 
  • Step 2: Select Upload New Order
  • Step 3: On the upload queue, add your files [maximum size 50 MB], and select Start Upload. Once done the screen will show Image Uploaded.
  • Step 4: Now select Add Instructions and Confirm Order for proceeding with confirming the order. 
  • Step 5: Then select the correct retouch level that corresponds to your edit requirements. RetouchUp charges prices on the basis of per image, not per head. 
  • Step 6: Once done, place the name of your order, and the instructions, then submit it. 

You are all done! Easy process, right? 

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Bordie Capron


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