Amazon Custom Products Policy Update

Amazon Custom Products Policy Update 2024!

Amazon Custom is an excellent platform for selling personalized or custom products to the customer. Recently Amazon updated its terms and policy related to custom products. Being the seller or the consumer, you must be eager to know the Amazon custom product policy update. 

In this policy update, it appears as great news for the seller that any custom or personalized products shipped from Amazon cannot be returned. By clicking “Custom Now” or after placing your order, you as the customer are bound to follow the new custom product return policy of Amazon. 

But wait! Have you considered whether this policy update will be profitable for the seller or how you can boost your sale with this policy? Get every detail here.

As we head to the new year, Amazon has a lot of change within the ecosystem, as expected. Brands advertising on Amazon seems to be a balancing act in placing foundational elements and utilizing new opportunities. In this situation, Amazon has updated its new return policy.

Recently January 31, 2023, Amazon has a policy updated for sellers or businessmen related to custom products. 

In this policy update, Amazon has banned the return of any of the custom products purchased on Amazon. Any custom or personalized product with designs, names, or inscriptions will no longer be eligible for Amazon return. The update has been effective from February 15, 2023.

You can’t return the custom product to Amazon anymore. But if the products are damaged & defective or differ from what you have ordered, they can be refunded or replaced within 30 days after delivery. 

If there is a configuration error, misspelling inscription, or mistakenly designed by the third-party seller, you preserve the right of Amazon A to Z Guarantee.

According to the commentary of Amazon-

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Sellers Opinion Concerning The New Amazon Policy Update

As a seller on Amazon, you know that the product’s return always poses a risk while operating an online retail business. When you are selling a product either on Amazon or any other platform, there is always a possibility that the consumers will return the product. 

According to the seller app, 12% of products that are bought on Amazon are returned. Among them, electronic goods are 15-20%, casual apparel 12-18%, and high fashion products 35%. Not only these goods but consumers also return custom or personalized products, which makes it difficult for Amazon sellers to reuse or resell them. 

Amazon knows this return process is not a small thing in the economy. Realizing the situation, Amazon banned returns in all custom or personalized products in 2023.  

Sellers on the Amazon store have received the return update policy positively and recognized the policy’s beneficial impact on their business. They have given positive feedback on Amazon’s new return policy update announcement. 

According to the commentary of sellers on Amazon-

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Implications For Sellers

Not only is there positive feedback to Amazon’s new policy update, but some sellers also show their concerns about their business on Amazon. 

They are predicted to have high ODR & more negative effects in the Amazon store. They are afraid that sales will fall if the policy is not communicated correctly to the customers. Sellers react to the Amazon policy update news in the comment section by saying- 

Image 3

ODR stands for Order Defect Rate. The ODR is the rate that helps to measure the satisfaction of the consumers with the service or products you are providing to them. They are concerned about the potential high ODR as, due to it, the ranking of the app store suffers & can even lose visibility. 

We also notice some concerns of the sellers that the buyers will now try to get around the new policy of Amazon by filing a claim. Because that way, the buyer can get a refund for those products and services they no longer desire. 

Eligible Items For Return In Amazon Now

There is a long list of products that you can return to Amazon. You can return the products within 30 days of buying or after the delivery from Amazon. Check out the eligible items for return below. 

  • Amazon Alexa Voice Shopping [Non-digital products] 
  • Amazon Devices
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Amazon Renewed
  • Amazon Warehouse
  • Apple Brand Products
  • Automotive Items
  • Baby Products 
  • Birthday Gift List
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Sports & Entertainment Collectibles 

[Note: You can return a collectible item value of $35 by a trackable method. Collectible items more than $500, you must insure.] 

  • Collectible Coins
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Custom Gift List [You can return within 90 days of delivery] 
  • Digital Products
  • Fine Art

[Note: You can return a fine art item value of $35 by a trackable method. Fine art items more than $500, you must insure.] 

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Luxury Stores
  • Major Appliances
  • Mattresses [You can request for return within 100 days] 
  • Software and Video Games
  • Televisions
  • Wedding Registry Products [You can place the return request within 180 days of delivery]

Tips For Adapting To The New Policy & Continuing To Sell Successfully On Amazon

In this challenging business world, you always have to develop the best idea to adapt to the new policy and continue to sell successfully on Amazon. Consider this section handy and get a picture in your business way. 

  • Optimize the title of your product to attract the attention of the customer. Because the title matters a lot. 
  • Pile the reviews and feedback on your product. Although getting feedback is very tough, you should always continue trying. 
  • Guard yourself against the competitors on the Amazon online store. You should try to avoid using SKUs as it can make the competitors notice & undercut you. 
  • Automate the prices of your product with a Repricer. 
  • You can also sync your inventory. When you sell products on a different platform, syncing the inventory will help you to sell the products easily. 
  • Boost your sales with advertising on Amazon. You can also boost your custom product business by following Amazon’s tactics
  • Improve the photos of your product on your selling store. Always try to place attractive & impressive ones. 
  • Follow the rules, terms, and policies of Amazon always. 

By now, hopefully, you have got every nook and corner of the new custom product policy update of Amazon. Yet in this subsection, we will cover several mostly asked queries for better knowledge.

Is made-to-order the same as custom-made?

Custom-made and made-to-order or MTO bear the same meaning. Suppose you have ordered a pair of shoes. You can have custom or personalization in different degrees like color or material in these shoes.

What is the difference between Amazon custom and handmade?

Amazon custom allows consumers to have customizations like monogramming tee shirts. On the other hand, Amazon handmade offers artisans them to sell the products they craft by themselves. On Amazon, the handmade platform, artesian can only sell handmade items. 

Can I use FBA to fulfill my custom orders?

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. Due to the customization of the products, all the consequences can be fulfilled by the FBA. 

What are the costs associated with using Amazon Custom?

The current set of features is free and associated with using Amazon custom. In case new features come out, Amazon Customs may apply charges. While using the Amazon custom platform, general Amazon monthly selling and subscription fees will be applied. 

Is buying custom packaging worth it?

Of course, buying custom packaging is worth it if you use it correctly. Custom products reduce waste, can save shipping costs, and can make a predominant first impression. Besides, custom packaging protects your product.

Final Thought

Selling products like custom made on amazon is so fulfilling and fun. Before every once, when consumers were dissatisfied with any custom-made product, they preserved the right to return to amazon. 

But that will not happen anymore. 

The new policy update of amazon on not being able to return custom-made products is excellent news for the sellers as it is hard to reuse or resell the customized item. 

But at the same time, some sellers are afraid of having higher ODR and negative selling rates. Time will tell what will happen next! What do you think personally about the new return policy of amazon?

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