Best Focal Length For Video

What Is the Best Focal Length For Video? (Know All Types)

Video is a medium that offers a lot of possibilities for expression. Its potential for storytelling and visual presentation has led to its popularity over the years. 

To ensure that your videos are captured best, knowing what focal length will work best for them is essential. However, with so many variables to consider, it can be challenging to decide on the right focal length for your project.

That’s where this article comes in, with every detail on the best focal length for different types of videos!

When it comes to photography, there are a lot of things to consider. One such thing is the focal length or the distance between the center of a lens and the object to be photographed. 

In addition, the camera’s focal length directly affects the angle of view and determines how much magnification you will get from the lens. Also, it affects the size and resolution of images that are created. 

Therefore, A shorter focal length will make the subject smaller, and a longer focal length will make the focused subject bigger. Usually, you can find lenses starting from 14 mm to 1200mm in focal length. But for videography, the focal length of 35 mm to 70 mm is good enough.

How Does The Focal Length Affect The Videos

The focal length of a camera affects the videos that are captured. Focal length affects how close or far the camera can be from the subject and, in turn, how well it captures an image. 

Accordingly, a short focal length of 35mm or less will capture objects closer to the camera, while a long focal length will capture things further away. This affects the clarity of an image as well as its exposure time. In addition, cameras with greater focal lengths tend to have higher resolutions. This is because more light can reach the sensor; thus, the image quality will depend on how much light is available.

On the other hand, a medium focal length of 55mm to 100mm is usually used for various situations. It captures more objects and subjects than the shorter focal lengths. It can also capture subjects farther away from the camera but not as far as the longer focal lengths. 

And, longer focal length lenses starting from 100mm and above have more light-gathering power, producing more light, which is essential for low-light photography. Another advantage of longer focal lengths is that they can capture distant objects with different lighting conditions, such as shadows, fog, or other haze. 

Overall, the camera’s focal length affects many things in the videos captured, like the lighting, the resolution, the range, etc.

So, not capturing the videos in the right focal length might cost you some time in video editing or can cost you some extra bucks.

Best Focal Length For Videos (Different Types)

A variety of videos need to be produced, each with different focal lengths. To deliver the best results, finding the ideal focal length for each is essential. Below you will get the list of the most popular focal lengths for various types of videos.


Images and videos captured in events like weddings, birthday parties, and others are primarily close shots. So, you will not need a very high focal length for such works. Usually, a 35mm focal length is perfect for capturing such kinds of shots.


Mostly wildlife shots are captured from different focal lengths. So, for example, you might need a low focal length between 35mm to 70mm to get close photos of insects and flowers. And for filmmaking and far away shots, you will need lenses starting from 70mm-200mm.


The focal length for product videography varies depending on the camera. When working with big products like machines or other big things, you will need full-frame cameras ranging from 50mm-100mm focal length. And for small products like jewelry or small items, a cropped sensor camera with a focal lens of 35mm-60mm is good enough.


In interviews, the cameras remain so much closer to the subject. So, 50mm is an ideal focal length for video interviews. However, the 35 mm focal length also works well if you need a more oversized frame in the discussions.


Vlogging demands a wider frame to get a clearer view of the object. So, 18mm-35mm is a suitable enough focal length for vlogging. With this amount of focal length, you will get an excellent view of the object in studio light.


The focal length for capturing travel videos depends mainly on what type of video you want to make. For example, if you make videos of your surroundings when traveling, you might need a longer focal length of 70mm-100mm. On the other hand, a 35mm focal length for travel vlogs is good enough.

What focal length do Youtubers use?

Most youtube videos are captured inside bedrooms or studios, so you will not need considerable focal lengths to make explicit youtube videos. So, a wide-angle lens with 24mm or an ultra-wide angle lens with lower than 24mm focal length is the one YouTubers use most.

What focal length does Spielberg use?

It is not constant that Spielberg will only use a particular lens. The focal length varies depending on the situation. But, the primarily used focal length by Steven Spielberg is a 21mm wide angle lens.

What focal length does Quentin Tarantino use?

Tarantino mainly uses 40mm-50mm wide angle lenses to shoot his masterpieces. However, the focal length may vary depending on the situation and the type of the videos.

What focal length does Roger Deakins use?

Roger Deakins wants to keep his works more lively and natural, so he prefers a 40mm focal length similar to human vision. Also, he likes the highest focal length of 70mm for portraits.

What is the most versatile focal length?

focal length varies depending on the photography condition. But the one versatile focal length for almost all kinds of shoots is 50mm.


Indeed, there is no fixed focal length for videos. The size varies depending on the type of video, as mentioned above. Keeping everything aside, most video categories need a better angle of view to capture more in the frame. But 35mm-50mm is the most preferable focal length for all kinds of videos except sports and wildlife.

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