How To Remove Film From Camera

How To Remove Film From Camera Without Any Damage

Imagine you have got your hands on old-age film cameras. It’s more than obvious; you will fumble on how to remove the film from cameras. But it turns out quite easy when you know the mechanism. So let’s learn the process and start discovering the charm of film photography.

Whether you believe it or not, film photography has its vibrance. Meanwhile, the mechanism of SLR cameras is a bit harder than its digital counterparts. Even though it’s getting less and less popular, learning its usage will help you recreate some ’90s photographs.

The film is a long strip that creates photos on old-age SLR camera gear. Almost all of the film in the camera is also transparent and light-sensitive. The following film is a key element in creating photos for the following set of cameras

It has silver halide crystals to make one side of the film light-sensitive. These small particles trigger the reaction, which creates a perfect image. In addition, the SLR camera depends on the film to determine the image’s resolution. Moreover, you can install and remove the film with a few easy steps.

How To Remove Film From Camera

Let’s talk about how you will need to remove the existing film from the camera. Most of the old SLR cameras feature the same sort of mechanism. Hence it’s a practical process. 

Let’s talk about how you will need to remove the existing film from the camera. Most of the old SLR cameras feature the same sort of mechanism. Hence it’s a practical process. 

Step 1: Check out for a smaller button right under the camera.

Checking smaller button on Camera

Step 2: Push the button as it loosens up the tension on the film. Doing so will let you rewind the film without putting pressure on the film.

film reverse dial at the camera's top

Step 3: Now spot the film reverse dial at the camera’s top.

film reverse dial

Step 4: Open up the small-sized lever located on the film reverse dial.

Open small lever of the camera

Step 5: Rotate the lever clockwise direction. 

Rotate the camera lever

Step 6: Keep rotating the lever until you hear a clicking noise. At the same time, the tension will get a lot smoother on your lever.

Step 7: Open the back part of your SLR camera gear. Make sure you open up the back part according to the camera manual. 

back part of your SLR camera

Step 8: Step 8: Now, pull up the pin to let the pin to make the film slot loose.

pull up the camera pin

Step 9: Grab the rewind dial-up, and the film will come out of its slot.

Grab the camera rewind dial up

Why You Need To Remove The Film From Camera

As you install the camera film and take photos, the film will eventually fill up. Therefore, you must remove the film from the camera when used completely. On the other hand, leaving the film in its place may damage the content of the film. 

Even if you have taken images on the film, they will eventually fade away within a year, so it’s better to remove the film as fast as possible when you are done with it. At the same time, you may need to replace the film set if it seems corrupted to use. 

Let’s take on some of the related questions.

How To Remove Film From Disposable Cameras?

You need to take proper caution when removing the film from disposable cameras. First, make sure you remove the battery to avoid getting shocked. Once you remove the battery, go on to remove the film lid. Afterward, gently remove the film from its place. 

How To Take Film Out Of A Camera Without Exposing It?

The film is much more light-sensitive than you might think, which is why, while you take the film out of the camera, take it out properly. Don’t act like sunlight. It will ensure your camera film is not getting a high exposure to sunlight. 

What To Do When Film Stuck In-Camera?

Follow the mentioned task in cases where your film is stuck within the camera. First, remove it from the SLR camera using the rewind dial at the top. Once you remove it, place it within a sunlight-protective container. Afterward, send it to the lab to repair the film(if it’s damaged).


Now you know how to remove the film from the cameras. While you are working with SLR camera gear, it can be a huge advantage. Many new-age photographers might find it difficult to remove the film. Learning more about the process will help you to remove it safely.

Anyway, regular usage of photographic film can help ease the learning process. So be sure to have an SLR camera to practice regularly. Doing so will help you to get a better understanding of its mechanism. Overall, you will experience the process of photographs used before DSLR.

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