How To Get Out Of 3D Mode In Photoshop

How To Get Out Of 3D Mode In Photoshop

Are you stuck in Photoshop 3D mode? No worries, right into the following article, we will explore how to get out of 3D mode in Photoshop. Regardless of your Photoshop version, our guide would provide you with the perfect way to switch between different modes with ease. So let’s find it out. 

Getting out of 3D mode is a lot more seamless than you might think. It’s a few clicks away from where you are. With our in-detail guideline, it would be easier to change the Photoshop workspace within seconds. Check out our guidelines and get a total understanding of Photoshop 3D mode.

Photoshop 3D mode provides great options to work with 3D objects without switching the software itself. But often get lost in the complexity of the 3D interface and can’t get out of the workplace. So let’s find out each step to get out of the 3D model.

Step 1: First, open Photoshop and check if you are in 3D mode or not.

open Photoshop

Step 2: Into the 3D mode, go into the Windows menu from the top of the interface.

Step 3: From the Windows menu, click on the Workspace option.

Photoshop Workspace option

Step 4: Afterword, select the “Essentials (Default)” from the appearing set of options.

change the workspace of the Photoshop interface

It would be enough to change the workspace of the Photoshop interface from 3D to the basics. However, the following steps can prove helpful for a lot of beginners who get confused within the Photoshop interfaces. even sometimes 3D service providers need this option too.

How To Re-Enter Into 3D Mode In Photoshop

How To Re Enter Into 3D Mode In Photoshop

If you want to re-enter Photoshop 3D mode, the process is quite the same. First, you must go into the same menu option. For example, going into the Windows > Workspace > 3D would provide a 3D interface. As a result, Photoshop displays all the 3D options on the screen. Next, follow the steps mentioned above to get out of the Photoshop 3D interface. 

How To Reset Photoshop Layout From 3D Mode

It’s most likely that you would create a custom layout in Photoshop. But sometimes, it might get a little bit misser with all the panels flying into the screen. So, go into the Windows menu > Workplace > Reset 3D to reset the Photoshop layout. It would reset the current workplace to the original form. It’s better to mention going into the workplace settings; you will get the text “Reset 3D”. The “3D” text would be replaced if you have already created a Photoshop workspace setup and are using it right now. Keep these things in mind while changing the workplace.

Let’s explore some of the questions on how to get out of 3D mode in Photoshop.

What is 3D Mode in Photoshop?

In short, the 3D model in Photoshop converts 2D shapes and texts into 3D materials. Further, you could add lighting to the 3D object to make it more customizable. Finally, Photoshop lets us change camera angles to make variations on the look of 3D objects. At last, exit out of the 3D model once the 3D creation task is complete.

How Do You Use 3D Mode In Photoshop?

To use the 3D model, you need to go into the 3D workspace in Photoshop. Afterward, select a particular layer and turn it into a 3D object. After converting the image layer into 3D, start working with the camera, lighting, and shadows. After completing the task, get the final output and close the window. 

How Do You Change The View Mode In Photoshop?

If you are stuck in view mode, Photoshop offers an easy option. First, go into the view menu and click on the screen mode. Afterward, choose “Standard Screen Mode” if you are stuck in the full-screen mode. 


It’s very likely for new users to get stuck into the 3D interface of Photoshop. But, when you know how to get out of 3D mode in Photoshop, it becomes a lot easier to use the Photoshop 3D interface, which is why it’s essential to learn more about the 3D interface of Photoshop and how it works.

As Photoshop 3D interface offers an abundance of new opportunities, everyone should learn it out. As a result, you could work with many new options on Photoshop. Either way, take proper precautions before entering into the 3D model. Because many times Photoshop tools are stuck in 3D mode. Once the file is saved, enter into 3D mode and start working on your files; once done, get out when needed.

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