How to Use Product images to Boost Online Sales

How To Use Product Images To Boost Online Sales

Customers are more likely to buy from a place where they get personalized images because it provides the audience with more exposure to your products. Perhaps, many businesses have learned how to use product images to boost online sales. Today we will go on how to do it efficiently.

You could follow different types of steps to improve product images and attract a higher number of customers. These actions would make your product look great on your website. Further, viewers would get higher interest in your products in a shorter time. It would be a good sign for your business altogether.

Let’s explore some of the most important factors when it comes to using product images. The below-mentioned factors would make sure you use the images in the correct way. Further, it would increase your business sales. Further, an e-Commerce business would get a huge boost with the proper usage of product images. Let’s get into the core of boosting online sales.

Capture Accurate Images

Capture Accurate Images

The first and foremost task of any product photographer is to make an image as accurate as possible. With a proper looking image, the product image would provide a strong signal to your website visitors. Further, it means you must have to use proper equipment and make sure of the accuracy.

Plus, make sure to represent the product as it is in real life. It’s obvious that you may need to use a photo editing service, but it should not alter the reality. Further, you have to represent the actual color and sizings of the product with the editing and retouching as well.

Use Context At Product Images

Use Context At Product Images

Images with context get greater attention than with blade photos, which is why using product images with real-life scenarios is recommended. Along with white background images, you must include images where people are using products. Or it might show the product is being used right away. In case arranging photoshoots seems tough to go on, use an online product photography service. These photographs can arrange models, places and shoot your products at a much cheaper cost. 

Multiple research shows that contextual product images work great to convert customers. With contextual images, customers tend to feel like they are using the products. For this exact reason, product images with real-life scenarios get better attention and engagement at the same time. 

Be Careful While Using Stock Photo

Stock photos can be a great option to go but you must be careful while using them for your product images because stock photos can look out of place if it’s not packed with total consideration. This is why you must pick the image which matches your product, website, and branding as well. If arranging a photoshoot might  Taking some time while searching for stock photos for your product can be the key. Make sure you take multiple images and compare them with each other. Further, it would let you choose the best image among all of the generic images. This is why you must avoid generic images and go with unique ones.

Use Proper File Format

Use Proper File Format

Using the right file format and size can change the way the audience interacts with your product images. The file format should be lighter yet has enough resolution as well. In fact, when it comes to the resolution, the bigger the size, the better buyers would engage with the product image.

Further, the sizing of the image can affect the click-through rate as well. In recent research, we have seen that increasing image size even with 100 px height and width would increase the customer’s attention. This is why you must go for file web-friendly image file format and higher resolution.

Go For Different Angles

Go For Different Angles

Showing different angles of the same image is the key to boosting online sales. As online visitors can’t touch and feel the product, showing off different angles is the best way to go. Plus, adding multiple images increases the chance of convincing a web visitor. Multiple images with different angles become way more important for large product photography as well.

In addition, 360-degree photos can increase conversion up to 30%. Even though 3D photography can cost you a bit, it provides higher returns in the end. Jewelry products are the famous category where 360-degree photography is becoming a trend. In case you own a jewelry product, go images with multiple angles or 3D photography.

Try Out Variations

Try Out Image Variations

To break out of the monotonous product pages, you must add variations within your product images. For example, you could add graphics, charts, and graphs within the product image catalog. You could take inspiration from other eCommerce stores and suppliers as well. 

While including supporting info and graphics on product images, make sure you keep the audience in mind. The additional info should be appropriate to your target audience. Many case studies show online buyers get influenced with small visuals and additional info as well. 

Keep Users In Mind

No matter how many product images you add on product pages, everything should be centered on your custom audience. Hence, the product image should be free of distraction. Your product should be in focus; perhaps the image should be clean and clear.

Your images should be appealing to your targeted audience. Avoid including unnecessary images and graphics which are not relevant to your product images. These would make sure your visitors are hooked into your product pages and make purchasing diction.

Why Product Photos For Ecommerce Are So Important

Product photos are the most influential aspect of any eCommerce business. With proper product images, you could convince your visitors to buy on the go. Further, online buyers prioritize images over text. The product images work as a window to the audience to better understand the product.

Images can be the way to increase the conversion rate for your eCommerce business. With the right image format, size, additional graphics, more customers would purchase your products. You get great ROI with improving images of your online store.

Let’s get into the core questions regarding boosting online sales. Further, these would help you to better understand the core concept of the following topic.

How To Increase Conversion On Ecommerce Websites?

To increase conversion on eCommerce websites, you need to include images with higher resolution. Further, you could use the proper file format to make the web page responsive. It would help you to avoid a higher bounce rate and convert a higher number of visitors into customers.

How To Attract More Customers Into Your Ecommerce Store?

Including product image sharing options would help you to attract a higher number of customers to online stores. Because, once a customer finds the product image great, sharing it would increase your store impression. Further, it would be beneficial for the overall brand value of your online store. 

Which Equipment To Use For Proper Product Images?

You should use proper DSLR cameras and lenses as well. You could find great Nikon lenses for product photography in an affordable range as well. Further, using a softbox or umbrella would ensure even lighting on the set. Shadows of the product would be a lot smoother, and the product image would look great as well.


In short, learning how to use product images to boost online sales is a lot relevant to the current trend. As the eCommerce platforms are surging in popularity, using product images in the right way is the key. Product images help you attract more customers to your business.  

Whether your business is in the fashion or jewelry industry, using the correct image can lead you to profit. So, don’t take product images lightly and make them look as great as possible. It would provide you with a higher return on your investments. As the image get’s better impression, your product sales will go higher. 

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