How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy

How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy?

Photographing jewelry is always a tough job, especially when you are looking to impress the consumer by listing them in your online stores.

PHOTOS SELL!!! So it would be best if you took time to produce crisp, clean, and detailed jewelry photos.

It Will Make You Money For Sure!!!

And if you have an Etsy page where you want to sell your jewelry product, then this can become a nightmare query for you as well.

It is also one of the most asked queries among retailers of Etsy on the forum, which is why today, in this editorial, we will be looking to try and find an answer of how to photograph jewelry for Etsy.

Jewelry products look much better when you watch them live but capturing them as good as they look is not a smooth ride at all.

Below I have compiled some tips and tricks for photographing jewelry for Etsy that surely help you achieve impressive results.

Jewelry businesses of etsy stores can provide retailers a full time business opportunity if they can photograph their jewelry product photos by following the tips below. Attracting customers requires dedication on producing flawless product images or else you can’t beat your competition and lose sales.

Use White Background For Primary Photos

White Background For Primary Photos

The first and foremost thing that jewelry photographers need to get is to use a white background for the primary photos. White backdrops allow the product to shine up and put the product into the driving seat.

Online stores are all about how well you showcase your products. And when you are selling jewelry products, then showing all the features becomes more important than ever.

Most of the online stores strictly suggest using a white background and also don’t allow product photos without white background because of this fact.

Apart from highlighting the features of the product, a white backdrop also helps the product image draw the buyers’ instant attention to the products.

See the below images where one image shows the product on models and has a solid white background. Which one is better and offers more features? The white background one without any doubt.

So use a solid white backdrop for the primary photos of your jewelry products.

Rethink The Lighting

Rethink The Lighting

By all means, product photos rely on the photography lighting to stand out their features in a more detailed way.

Good Lighting is The Key!!!

It’s tough to set up the lighting when you are shooting jewelry products because they are so reflective.

But you can’t skip and shoot without a professional photography lighting setup. When you are capturing products like jewelry, the secret that you should keep in mind while lighting up the stage is to make it even and thorough.

It would be best to go for a macro photography lighting setup for jewelry products to keep two left and suitable flashlights or light up the entire scene with a continuous lighting setup.

Getting camera reflections on jewelry is a very common issue for jewelry photography. To reduce the camera reflection while using the umbrella lighting, you can use fabric diffusers attached to the flash heads.

Use Props

Use Props

Without using proper props, you can’t photograph your jewelry products. Making the jewelry ornaments pose by themself is impossible, so photographers use props to make them do the pose they require.

Using props isn’t a big deal but using the proper support is a big deal when you only want your images to be impressive but nothing else.

You can’t just use any prop and make your item do any pose and start shooting them. When you are shooting for Etsy, photography of your jewelry products must be top-notch and flawless.

Because when you search for jewelry on Etsy, there are almost 17 million results, and the number is increasing every day and minute. The competition is high and challenging, but you have to crack it down to generate sales against your product.

Using suitable props will help you get stunning poses that will impress the consumer and increase your sales.

Use A Macro Lens

Use A Macro Lens

Jewelry products are tiny but shiny. Use a macro lens to get the best-detailed capture of the product. Every professional DSLR camera comes with a kit lens included with it. This lens is excellent for capturing standard images, but jewelry items like rings, earrings are small and have a small detail that you have to capture.

Because of that, if you use your default lens, you won’t capture the full detail. Here macro lens will shine brighter because it can zoom in and capture the tiniest detail, which is very helpful for capturing jewelry products.

Kit lenses cover 18mm to 55mm, where the macro lens has a focal length of around 60mm, which is why its zoom optical zoom capability is much higher than a kit lens.

Focus on the details

Focus on the details

Focus is the key if you want your jewelry product to showcase all its great features and attract consumers.

Focusing on the product isn’t enough for jewelry products because only focusing on the item won’t allow you to capture all the detail accurately. Focus on the detail even if you require to capture multiple images from different angles to cover all the detail.

Etsy stores now have more frames for the product listing, so you can click a few more and focus on the details.

The secret of capturing every detail of a jewelry product is

  • using the macro lens,
  • perfect balanced lighting and
  • Doing optical zoom instead of digital zoom.

Achieve Perfection in the Post Processing

Achieve Perfection in the Post Processing

After you complete shooting your jewelry products doesn’t mean your work is finished, and you get stunning photos. To achieve perfection, your image must undergo professional photo post-processing services.

Because jewelry products are shiny and reflective, they can attract spots, dust, and camera reflection a lot. So when you go retouching for your jewelry photos, you must consider someone who can give attention to every detail.

Jewelry photo retouching service erases all the dust and spots from the jewelry photos, but the experience is the key to get the best service in the first place.

You can hire freelancers if you have small projects, but when you have projects with thousands of images to be edited and continuous to come, you have to think of big arrangements like an image editing agency.

Final Words

Photographing jewelry for Etsy will become a challenge if you fail to follow these significant points while shooting your jewelry products. and editing them.

Keeping up to the task is essential when there is so much competition to beat to sell your product.

Here’s where going through this article and learning how to photograph jewelry for Etsy comes handy for you. You will have the edge on your rivals as it demonstrates how to present and process your brand, take care of your future customers and engage them.

Etsy is a good outlet for jewelry stores, as it offers more versatility and innovation. To generate sales on Etsy, your product images also need to be stunning and impressively equal to the task.

Bordie Capron

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