How to increase poshmark sale

16 Simple Tips on How To Increase Poshmark Sale

If you plan to start a business and sell on Poshmark, it might prove to be a profitable gamble for you. 

But Poshmark is a unique online store, and here all the typical product photography and marketing tips might not do the job alone for you. 

To make your stuff sell more quickly on Poshmark, you have to do things uniquely and consistently.

Business is business! A Poshmark store can also be a full-time eCommerce business if you nurture it and properly follow some tips and tricks. 

Every beginner wants to sell stuff fast on Poshmark, but not many know the tricks or how they work. Today we will learn how to increase Poshmark sales more quickly.

So in this article, you will know some exclusive strategies that will help you highlight your product listing in Poshmark. 

Below I have compiled 16 simple tips to make selling stuff fast on Poshmark.

1. Choose Your Closet Name Wisely

Choose Your Closet Name Wisely

Naming your closet will also work as branding for your products that, if it gets popular, everyone will talk about it. So choose your Poshmark closet name wisely. 

So while naming your closet, try to keep it simple and easy to remember. But be aware of naming your closet close to any famous brand name. 

It’s a concept that most retailers think is fantastic, but it’s not.

It is more confusing, and consumers will prefer the famous brand that you name after and will think of your brand as an imposter. 

So focus on three things when you are going to name your closet.

  • It must be unique
  • Easy to remember the type
  • Nt similar to famous brand name

Now, if you already have a name but not so good, then you should change it. Changing your closet name in Poshmark isn’t any tough job at all. 

Go to your Account Settings→ Account Info→ Change Username. You will face some security checks, and after completing them successfully, you are done.

2. Set a Competitive Price

Price is an important and significant term when it comes to selling products not only for Poshmark but also for any store that sells products. 

Consumers nowadays want to purchase products that will offer a value for money experience to them.

So when you go to setting up the price for your product on Poshmark, make it as competitive as possible, and to do that, you have to research your market thoroughly.

In Poshmark, customers are already spending $7.11 for shipping, so you have to do research on how much more money they would want to spend on purchasing a product. 

Set a competitive price for your products as much as you can.

3.Take Great Pictures

Take Great Pictures


There is no alternative to taking great pictures of your product and uploading them to your closet for your targeted consumer. 

Look for the same product images of your competitors that you are offering and improve yours by adding unique features.

Keep your product photography stick to the basics and shoot nice and easy. 

It’s honesty that will help you to make your ordinary product pictures into great pictures. Follow these small tips and trust your instinct…

  • Use appropriate background
  • Use balanced lighting
  • Use simple and clean props
  • You can use a mannequin to get a 3D effect

You can check out our article on the Poshmark photo tips that will help you to increase sales.

4. Reduce Tendency Of Using Filters

When you are selling your product online using filters is not a good idea at all. 

Because customers will get confused by filters and it will be tough for them to get an actual idea of your product.

It is very important to give your consumer the true experience that your product offers. 

The color variation your product has and the features it provides should be transparent and showcase without doing any major changes. 

Poshmark does offer you filters but using them is not mandatory. 

I am not saying you should not use any filters ever because if a filter improves your product image by keeping all the features intact then you should use them.

5. Include Keywords

Include Keywords

Consumer search products by their name or if they don’t know the name they search with phrases related to the product. 

The phrase that consumers use to search products is considered as keywords.

If you want your product to be displayed on the first page of the search result then along with great pictures you also have to include keywords. 

Include Material (such as cotton, linen, etc), Trend (such as boho, off-shoulder, platform, wide leg, etc), and a specific color in your keywords.

Pro Tip: You can’t use all the keywords in the title because then the title will become long and it won’t be acceptable by the Poshmark. You can add the keywords in the description.

6. Create A Friendly “Meet Your Posher”

Every Poshmark account has “Meet Your Posher” where you can add your story that your consumer will read and know about you. Present your story in a friendly way and go with positively approachable writing that can impress your shoppers. Do not overdo it and keep it honest, simple, and trustworthy.

7. Offer A Bundle Discount

Offer A Bundle Discount

Offering discounts is a good idea but offering discounts on bundled products is a great idea to increase your Poshmark sales. 

To make an effective product bundle research the behavior of your consumer and see what type of product they buy. Then offer a bundle discount on those products.

You don’t have to offer huge discounts if you successfully can make bundles that are efficient and provide value for money to the consumer then 10% to 20% discount would be enough.

Setting up discount offers for your product on Poshmark is not rocket science. Follow the steps below and you will know how to set up discounts on your Poshmark closet:

  • Go to the account settings
  • Select my seller tools
  • Then select my seller discounts
  • Turn on the bundle discount option
  • Give the percentage and select how many products you want to make a bundle with
  • Save the settings

Your bundle discount is created and active right away.

Pro Tip: don’t forget to highlight your bundle discount offers on your meet your posher section and also in your Poshmark closet sign section so that your consumer gets to know about it right away.

8. Send Offers To Likers

Send Offers To Likers

When a consumer likes your product they can give a like to it and here you can offer them exclusive discounts if you want. It’s a great strategy to step a little bit closer to making a sale.

You can offer discounts either public or private. What’s the difference between these two? Well, when you offer a discount or price drop publicly this means you are changing the price in the listing that displays on your store.

Your likers will get notification of the price drop and if they are interested then they will purchase the product.

On the other hand, if you offer a discount privately then it means when someone likes your product you will send them exclusive discounts and only that liker will get this discount no one else.

9. Share Your Items To Your Followers

Share Your Items To Your Followers

Sharing is caring but for your Poshmark closet sharing will increase your sales. Share your closet with your followers so that they remain up to date with your new products and pricing changes.

You can not do it alone and that’s why sometimes you should share other closets as well so that they also share yours,

10. Share Your Customer’s Items

Create a customer funnel and keep the data of your customer who previously bought products from your closet. 

Then share the products they bought from you and this will open an opportunity to sell that product again.

You can share their review as well to increase your trustworthiness to the new customers. 

You can also offer rewards to the previous buyers and make them repeat buyers of your products.

11. Share Your Friends’ Listings

Share Your Friends’ Listings

In Poshmark you can make friends and share their closets also. These friends can be real or online doesn’t matter. 

Find friends on Poshmark and build your relationships with them virtually. Visit their closet here and there and soon you will become Poshmark friends forever(PFFs).

Then you can share your friend’s closets and they can share yours to reach more consumers at once.

12. Join Parties And Share To Them

Poshmark allows parties among the buyers and they distribute invitations through news also. So check out your news section where you might get party invitations. 

Join the party, meet with new people, new buyers and new opportunities and share your products with them.

More parties you attend, the more opportunities you will get to share your products and increase poshmark sales.

13. Join A Share Group

Poshmark offers share groups feature for its users where everyone can share their closets and new products. 

Go to the poshmark search bar and type share group you will get numbers of share group suggestions. 

You can enter those groups and share your products by following their requirements as they have some conditions for sharing products. 

You can also find some Facebook groups as well where you can share your products.

Pro Tip: You can create your own share group and invite others.

14. Get More Followers On Your Poshmark

Get More Followers On Your Poshmark

The more followers you have the more people will see you products when you share them. 

One of the easiest ways of increasing the followers is you follow others and others will follow you back in poshmark. 

With the more followers you will get the more eyes to see your products which are good for increasing sales.

15. Make Your Packages Memorable

Make Your Packages Memorable

Not only pre sale marketing will make your business run. Your after sale activities can also play a vital role in increasing the sales. 

You can impress your buyers with your after sale activities which will bring your buyers again to you.

You can start with making a nice premium packaging when you deliver your product. 

Your buyers will anticipate the product they ordered but if you send them with a warm positive massage and a gorgeous packaging they will get surprised and happy. 

Make their first impression magical and they will come back to you for sure.

16. Make Sure You Have Notifications Turned On

Make Sure You Have Notifications Turned On

Always be active by turning on the notification option so that you reply without wasting any time. 

Your buyers can ask queries any time and if you are not quick enough to respond they will look for other options and they will find many of them as well.

Not only for the buyers but also for your followers and likers. When a follower follows you you should follow back them right away. 

Same goes for the likers, when they like your product send them offers immediately and turn their likes into a sale.

Never miss any notifications because every notification is an opportunity for you to increase your sale.

The Bottom Line

Every seller wants to sell on poshmark fast but very few can follow what needs to be followed that can actually increase the sales. 

The tips I have covered are tried and tested one so there is no doubt that will work or not.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro Poshmark seller, generating sales can test your temperament in any phase of your business. 

But for beginners it sometimes can become so hard that they lose their hopes which is not a good sign at all.

Nonetheless, the search for how to increase poshmark sales ends here for good. 

Read the tips, try to follow them consistently and you will get to sell more quickly on poshmark that you can anticipate.

Emma Rivett

Emma Rivett


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