Photo Colorization Cost

Photo Colorization Cost: Determining Value for Your Money

Undeniably, black and white images have a story to tell. But sometimes that story needs color as it can fade away over time or to make the image story look better. Then photo colorization comes with the easiest solution. 

And about the price, to be frank, the photo colorization will cost between $30 to $200 to bring back your black-and-white, old faded story in color. But you should keep in mind that the pricing all depends on the service provider and on the complexity of the images that you are willing to color. 

So, you need to choose the best service provider that you’re going to know later here. The guide today is the ultimate know-all where you need to do nothing much, but just go down and keep on reading!

You know photo colorization is an incredible way to bring old photos back to life. When you see the black-and-white photos of your lineage in color, you ultimately feel the connection with those faces and the environment! 

That is why, black and white and old faded photo colorization has an emotional attachment that can’t be denied. So, photo colorization is the ultimate solution for you when you are wanting to bring back the old story to life. 

To do so, you may need to spend from $30 to $200 for photo colorization. But as we already said, the pricing of the photo colorization depends on the service provider and the complexity of the images. There can also be a surcharge for complex backgrounds. 

Let’s see the pricing in the below chart according to difficulty level. 

Complexity Of The Image 

Colorization Cost 


$30- $44






$86 to $200


As for the service provider, some offer prices depending on their work per minute. For instance, they may charge about $2 per minute and each image can take 10 minutes to 1 hour to 10 hours depending on the complexity. 

So, you should carefully choose the service based on the image and your budget. As we are telling you, you can choose our Photo colorization service for fast and gorgeous results at an affordable price. 

We are highly hopeful that you will give a pat yourself for choosing our services for image colorization!

Why Can You Only Trust Professionals For Photo Colorization?

Why Can You Only Trust Professionals For Photo Colorization

We know generally people love to get things done easily. That is why most of them use AI tools to colorize black-and-white photos quickly. 

But the result may not be as par! 

We are not saying that the software doesn’t provide you with the good results it promised. 

It is that you will not get what you are wanting. You need to understand that AI tools have limitations. 

The Artificial Intelligence tools may fail to distinguish between the areas or objects as a result you will get haphazard results. 

The most important thing is that it is impossible for you to tell the AI tools what you are wanting. 

The capabilities of the AI tools are limited by the ultimate skills of the users. 

Anyone can easily get the black and white photo colorized using the free tools. 

But the results of the AI tool can never beat the outcome done carefully by the professional hand. 

The professionals’ technical know-how, expertise in editing software, and careful thoughts can only bring vivid color to your precious black-and-white image just as you are wanting.

7 Professional Photo Colorization Services Worth Knowing

Choosing the best services for photo colorization is crucial to bring back your black-and-white photo in life. That is why here is a comprehensive section of the top pick of service providers among the thousands.

Best Photo Colorization Services Worth Knowing

#1- The Clipping Path Service

In the world of online photo editing services, one of the most trusted names is The Clipping Path Service, beyond any hesitation! 

You know The Clipping Path Service or the CPS, as an all-around photo editing and retouching company, provides the finest service! 

It has got the supremacy of editing services as it has professionally skilled experts who have years of experience. 

Moreover, they are specialized in high-end photo image retouching and are successfully satisfying their client with precise service. 

With the help of CPS in photo colorizing services, you can recover the former glow of a black-and-white image in the shortest turnaround time. 

So, what to wait for more contact The Clipping Path Service for the photo colorization. 

#2- Smooth Photo Scanning

Next, let us move ahead to another top-notch service provider- Smooth Photo Scanning. 

The photo colorization experts of Smooth Photo Scanning specialize in transforming black and white images into fabulous colorized photos that will amaze you for sure. 

You just need to upload the image to their website with the scanner. If you do not have a scanner, then just contact them.

Ship your images with the shipping label and tracking number provided by them. 

That is all you need to do. 

Now you will have an amazing photo colorization in a quick turnaround time like 2 to 4 days. 

#3- The Unique Factory

In search of the best service for photo colorization, undoubtedly, The Unique Factory comes next in the highly chosen option. 

The Unique Factory is one of the best photo editing services that are determined to provide the ultimate service to you.

It is a quick and efficient way to regain the lost color of your photo. 

The service offers free revision in the shortest turnaround time of 24 hours. 

Just upload your photo on their website and let the professionals of The Unique Factory do the rest.

#4- Photo Alter

Photo Alter is one of the leading image color correction and photo colorization service providers. They are specialized in renewing the photos back to their true colors. 

Photo Alter has dedicated and reliable photo editing experts who use state-of-the-art techniques to improvise old and damaged images and give them a new life. 

Moreover, you can expect to get excellent colorization delivery in a short turnaround time.

#5- Pixels Photo Art

Pixels Photo Art is another whole-package service that you can consider while choosing one for your need in photo colorization. 

It can preserve and regain your old images of the album in the meticulous condition that they have done for their hundred other satisfied and happy customers. 

Pixels Photo Art has a high-quality recoloring process and manual retouching services

Moreover, you can have free shipping and get the delivery in digital format.

#6- Facsimile Photo

Jenn Cohen has two decades of experience working with digital images, editing technology, and photography. 

With a wealth of experience and dedication, Jenn Cohen has created Facsimile Photo which can help you ultimately preserve, reproduce or colorize your old memories to a new life. 

The work process is also not very hard. You just need to feel up the query form and upload the image. 

Then you will receive a quote. You are all done. Now it is just the wait for delivery!

#7- Image Recapture

Next, let us get to know the last best service provider from our today’s list- Image Recapture. 

Image Recapture can convert old photos or videos into digital formats. 

It offers several photo editing services, including photo restoration, colorization, manipulation, scanning, and printing. 

So, if you want your family photos to be handled with great care, then you know, Image Recapture has got the back of you!

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