Photo Editing Method

Photo Editing Method: An All-in-All Guide!

In today’s digital age, visuals are dominant in every field, for instance, online business and e-commerce platforms. So, becoming proficient in photo editing methods can be a game changer. 

There are generally two types of image editing methods. Simple editing methods like cropping or color correction and complex editing methods, like clipping path or special effects. Both methods help the editors add finishing touches to their artistic vision. 

Whether you are a novice or a pro, learning the image editing methods will help you transform your clicked images into stunning masterpieces. So, keep on reading to know it all.

Photo editing encompasses all the processes that can adjust or alter the clicked images making them professional and presentable.

It is an act of manipulation and enhancement. Generally, the process is done by the photo editing software. 

The editing can include basic tweaks or advanced techniques, where some are done manually or some through automated photo editing tools. 

Some other terms for photo editing can include image editing, image manipulation, or image or photo enhancement.

What Are The Methods Used For Photo Editing?

To fine-tune and get the images as best as possible, you just need to capitalize the image editing methods thoroughly. There are types of editing methods available, for instance, some are basic methods whereas some are complex. 

Although the basic methods require time and patience, generally editors figure it out by themselves. But as for the complex techniques, it requires professional editors. However, let’s delve into the details.

Basic Photo Editing Methods

Basic Photo Editing Methods

Here is a simple or basic image editing tool that you can use for simple editing. 

  • Straighten: To adjust the horizon of the image, the tool is used. 
  • Crop: Trimming the portion of the image to attract attention to that exact expectation. 
  • Resize: Used to adjust the dimension of the image. 
  • Vignette: It allows to brighten or darken the edges of the photos to have a creative effect. 
  • Grain: You can add grain to the image to create an exceptional effect.  
  • White Balance: This allows you to adjust the tint and temperature of the photo so that the colors are correct. 
  • Contrast: The method makes the dark images more darker and the bright images more brighter. 
  • Exposure: Through this method, you can control the overall brightness and the darkness of the image. 
  • Lens Correction: The method lessens the camera lens effect. 
  • Color Adjustments: The method is used to adjust the color of the image to enhance it. 
  • Background Removal: To isolate the subject, the method allows the removal of the background. 
  • Sharpen: It is the editing method by which you can enhance the definition of the parts of the image. 
  • Noise Reduction: You know it is a way of smoothing the image out. Generally, it is done by reducing the pixel size of the image. 
  • Clarity: Increasing the clarity of the image enhances the texture bringing a little grittiness in the photo. 
  • Saturation: The method heightens the muted color of the image without even affecting the colors of the photo that is already saturated. 

Complex Photo Editing Techniques

Complex Photo Editing Techniques

Now let’s highlight the complex techniques that will need practice or professional assistance.

#1. Drop And Reflection Shadow: The method allows adjustment or to creation of shadows. 

#2. Special Effects: The method means an array of things in the image editing. From the animation to the adding desired weather conditions, it allows adding all types of effects. 

#3. Clipping Paths: It is the method of extracting an element and subject from an image. The clipping path differentiates the part that’s transparent and the part that’s visible. The technique involved using a digital tool that draws the outline in the part of the image required to be cut out. 

#4. Portrait Corrections: It is the enhancements and touch-up complexations method. 

#5. Adjusting Text And Visuals: The method manipulates or overlays the things that are already in the image. 

#6. Photo Stitching: By applying the photo stitching method you can put the two images together seamlessly to look as if they were clicked in that way. Through this method, you can have a high-resolution image producing a segmented panorama. 

#7. Photo Masking And Layers: It is the method of revealing or hiding a specific portion of the photo. 

Key Steps Of Image Editing

Key Steps Of Image Editing

Now all that you get is the basic and complex photo editing methods, now let’s go through the key steps of photo editing that will get you to the editing process right away. 

But you should remember that if you’re desiring editing for an e-commerce company, then you should consider taking professional help rather than trying it yourself. 

Clean Up Your Images

In the way of editing the image, start by cleaning and cropping it for enhancement. Here you can use methods like straightening, crop, or spot cleaning. 

Adjusting The White Balance

The method is actually related to the color levels. If you feel that this is unnatural or displeasing, consider adjusting the white balance. 

Adjusting Exposure and Contrast

Using the exposure method, you can get the exact dark or bright note in the image that you want. But you should learn the correct way of using exposure to have better photos. 

As for the contrast, it ranges from dark to light tones. In the images, it’s better to have the medium contrast to avoid the extreme. Yet your preference matters here.

Adjusting Saturation And Color Vibrancy 

You can further adjust the vibrancy of color and saturation to achieve the dramatic look that you want. Increasing saturation makes the color of the image more intense whereas the vibrancy maintains the color intensity to bright colors. 

Adjusting Sharpness

The method offers a cleaner and crispier look in the image. Adjust the sharpness of the image according to the specific need of your image. Start with sharpness at 50 percent, then level up and down based on your preference. 


You are all done. Now look again at the photo and see whether you are satisfied with it all. If any modification is further needed, make additional editing.

However, these are the basic or key editing methods. But if you’re practicing to be a pro or have a small editing business, consider using editing software. Otherwise, take pro assistance.

Some Best Photo Editing Software's

Photo editing software allows the editor to stitch the images the way they want. You may also want to consider one to become proficient in photography. To enhance your image with the best image editing software listed below. 

#1. Adobe Lightroom Classic 

By far, Adobe Lightroom Classic has the most user reviews out of there in photo editing software. It is also one of the peak choices for professional image editions. 

The software features content-aware removal, masking tools, and plug-in support. You can get the app at a $9.99 monthly subscription price. According to the ratings, the software is the perfect choice for businesses and also for individuals. 

#2. Affinity Photo 

If you do not keep on subscriptions and prefer paying a one-off price. Then Affinity Photo can be a good choice for you. 

The software is emphasized with professional standard features that assist you the utmost to get that pro look in your image that you want to have. 

#3. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate has drawn the attention of many photography enthusiasts for its excellent photo editing features. 

The software can be perfect for those who are looking for quick methods and tools to stitch photographs. 

#4. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is one of the best photo editing software in the market for its solid AI-enabled features and customizable tools. 

For individuals and small businesses who are searching for beginner-friendly and straightforward software, Corel PaintShop Pro is the all-in-all photo editing solution. 

#5. Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is the advanced photo editing software mostly chosen by small businesses and professionals. 

The software has ultimate editing speed that allows you to work on multiple photos at one time and edit seamlessly making rapid edits. The software also has free versions.

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