Photo Retouching Rates

Photo Retouching Rates: Know The Prices In Detail!

We understand pricing of the retouching is always a concern not only for personal needs but also for business platforms. Why shouldn’t it be? The success of a business or investment in a retouching service depends highly on the way the expenses are managed and monitored.

And if you look at the pricing of the photo retouching, the cost will be on average $0.99 to $9.99 depending on the complexity of the image. The cost will be $85 to $120 anywhere on an hourly basis and $80 to $250 per project.

That’s not all to satisfy your concern, right? That’s why, today we have come to you with a comprehensive photo retouching rates list including the pricing considerations and pricing structure to ensure you can get an effective service. So, to let go of your concerns, get going reading.

When you want to get a photo retouching service, you should have transparent knowledge about the difficulty level of the retouching. That is because, based on this factor, the pricing rate varies. 

Generally, almost all services of retouching convey basic three difficulty levels of retouching- simple, complex, and compound. Some services may also offer extra compound or extra complex levels to provide detailed retouching. Pricing rates based on the complexity are below.

Image Retouching Complexity

Image Retouching Rates


$ 0.99


$ 1.99


$ 2.99

Extra Compound 

$ 4.99


$ 7.49

Extra Complex 

$ 9.99

Photo Retouching Rates Based On Retouching Service Methods

Retouching service providers offer pricing structures based on hour, per image, or project. Obviously, the rate will be different for these three different methods. 

Whichever method you choose for the service, one thing is for sure, you will end with a quality service at an affordable price. 

Price Per Hour

In this criterion of pricing, the service is charged on an hourly basis. Hourly basis cost can average about $85 to $120 per hour. 

As for the basic level, the cost can be $50 to 85$ per hour. If your image needs an advanced level or extensive level of retouching, the cost will rise to $100 to $120 per hour and $120 to $150 or more per hour respectively.

*But you should keep in mind that when finalizing an hourly-based working service, there is a possibility of disappointment. It is because you overestimate the required time and end up with a lower invoice.

Price Per Image

The criteria of pricing depend on the complexity of the image because here the image is entirely in question. 

Generally, for the basic level, the retoucher may charge as little as $5 to $10 and $15 and $25 per piece for more detailed retouching or advanced retouching. 

The price will cross between $30 to $50 each in case the image requires an extensive level of retouching. 

Price Per Project

Typically, professional photographers like photographers for products, fashion, or weddings choose the criteria of the service as they work daily with a lot of images. 

As for the rough estimation, basic bulk retouching can cost $80 and $100 based on the number of images. 

$100 and $200 for the advanced level depending on the complexity and $150 to $250 for the extensive level. Here also the number of the images count.

Photo Retouching Rates Based On Types Of Retouching Services

Retouching is the only way to make a photo attractive in the post-production process. 

There exist different types of photo retouching like headshot and face retouching, body retouching and reshaping, digital airbrushing, beauty and glamor retouching jewelry photo retouching, and many more. 

Let’s see the photo retouching prices based on this factor.

Image Retouching Services

Image Retouching Rates

Headshot and face retouching 

$ 4. 49 

Body retouching and reshaping 

$ 8. 99 

Digital airbrushing 

$ 7. 49 

Beauty and glamor retouching 

$ 8. 99 

Modeling portrait retouching 

$ 6. 49 

Portrait cleaning and enhancement 

$ 8. 49 

Jewelry photo retouching 

$ 4. 50 

Photography retouching 

$ 4. 99 

High-end photo retouching 

$ 9. 99 

Creative image manipulation 

$ 9. 99 

What Factors Will Affect The Retouching Rate?

What Factors Will Affect The Retouching Rate

Remember that the price of retouching that we have just mentioned is not a concrete rate that can’t be altered. 

Photo editing prices are generally highly affected based on some factors for instance turnaround time, experience of the retouching editor, or the location of the client. Let us take a detailed insight from below. 

Turnaround Time

You know, turnaround time is one of the main factors affecting photo retouching prices. 

When you need your image done on an emergency basis like only in 12 hours, it will cost you more. Delay options in turnaround time like 24 hours or 48 hours will cost you less. 

Experience Of The Retoucher  

No doubt, the experience of the retouchers matters a lot in determining the cost of image retouching service. 

High-end and professional image editing service providers or retouchers will charge higher pricing due to their exceptional skill level. As for the beginner or the novice, the pricing rate is ultimately low. 

Retouching Level

As you already know retouching is based on mainly three-level, simple complex compounds. 

So pricing will be affected based on the levels you require. For instance, simple or basic level retouching costs you less whereas an extra complex level will demand more. 

Additional Cost

Any additional retouching service that your image will demand will determine how much you need to pay. Here the pricing structure of the service provider also matters. 

Clients Location 

Apart from the above mentioned factors, your dwelling place or the location of the service provider also affects the retouching pricing rates. Based on the location some service provider or freelancer charges more whereas some other charges low, that depends.

Types Of Additional Retouching Services That Can Increase Cost

The complexity of your image retouching process or based on the experience of the service provider, there is always a slight variation in the retouching prices. 

But how much you will need to pay in total for image retouching depends on the services that you need. Some additional services may drive up the overall retouching cost. Details are below. 

#1. Removing Or Adding People

Removing Or Adding People

When you are having professional retouching on your images for a seamless output, sometimes you may also need to add or remove people. It is true, especially for the images of special events like wedding photographs and the people who did not make it. 

Generally, the process is done by utilizing clipping or clone stamping techniques. Adding the techniques in image retouching ultimately increases the overall price. 

#2. Color Correction Of Photos

Color Correction Of Photos

If you retouch the required images and have any discolored elements that are fading the overall impact of the image, simple retouching of course can’t solve the issue. 

Your image may require professional photo colorization. The pro retoucher only can improve the contrast, hue, tone, and saturation to bring back the mood of the image that you want. The process may end up with an increase in the photo editing price list

#3. Colorizing Old Photos 

Colorizing Old Photos

Similar to color correction, extra prices can also be included in colorizing old photos. When you want to restore old images, the colorizing process can breathe new life into the old faded memories. 

One of the hardest tasks of sepia or black-and-white photos is to add color to old memories. So, when you want to bring back the old memories to life, that will obviously cost you much more money. 

#4. Compositing Photos

Photo Composition

The clipping path allows the compositing of the whole image one at a time. This type of retouching process requires a professional hand, especially for background expansion, composition, and cleanup. The skill level and the experience of the editor to composite the image ultimately increase the price. 

#5. High-End Retouching

High-End Retouching

Most of the time even high-quality images require a bit of editing to have a flawless result. During the post-production process especially in model photography, it needs a high-end retouching process like-

  • highlighting faces, 
  • whitening teeth, 
  • flawless skin, 
  • blemish removal, or 
  • adjusting light, 

Which will increase the overall cost of the retouching.

How To Choose The Retouching Service At The Best Price?

Now let’s come to the most crucial question- how can you select a retouching service? To answer your brief, always remember to choose a service provider who specializes in every aspect of the retouching process. Take a look in detail. 

  • Select those services that use high-end software for retouching like state-of-the-art technologies and AI-powered software. 
  • Next is to choose the service provider that can clock in on time and can ensure faster deliverability. 
  • Study the security testimonials of the service provider before finalizing the service to prevent sudden breaches. 
  • Rather than focusing on lower prices, aim for quality. Try to choose the service who are ensuring better and faster results at an affordable price. 
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to check the customer’s review of the service as it is a powerful way to predict the service that you are going to have.
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