Top 7 product photographers in Philadelphia

Top 7 product photographers in Philadelphia

Becoming a successful e-commerce brand in this era heavily relies on how well you do your marketing. And a massive part of that marketing goes to product photography. You will want stunning photos of your products on your website to get better customer engagement.

Better-quality photos are almost like a competitive advantage in modern-day online business platforms. So, to stay ahead in the competition, you have to make sure your product photography game is on point.

If you want to stay ahead as a brand in Philadelphia, you might want to check out the 7 product photographers in Philadelphia right below. Let’s get started.


Straight up, there is nothing better than the Clipping Path service in Philadelphia to get the best possible solution for product photography. From capturing the photos to editing them and producing finished results, you can get it all done.

Every product photo needs editing, like background removal, retouching, enhancement, masking, etc., to make it appealing to the customers. 

With the Clipping Path service, you can get all of these editing features done for you in the simplest of ways.

After working with brands like Puma, Giorgio Armani, Vogue, GAP, and Mango, there should be no questions about the quality of their work. 

Moreover, they provide quick delivery, excellent prices, data safety, and the reassurance of experience in their work.

It’s just the perfect solution for any product photography requirement for your e-commerce business.

2. Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson

When it comes to making a product look like art, you can hardly find a better photographer than Daniel Jackson in Philadelphia. 

His artistic strive is from his earlier training as a classic oil painter. Most of his photos will portray his vision as a painter, even with still products.

With his old mastery of art, he incorporates creative lighting ideas in his photographs to make the products look much more enticing to the viewers. 

The combination brings up some amazing colors and a balance of texture in his photos. You can see the photos popping up just from a glance.

Along with all that, his interest in Architecture is also reflected in his photographs. In fact, he has produced some amazing architectural photos that have won him some awards. 

When clicking some amazing product photos in Philadelphia, Daniel Jackson might be your guy.

3. Artchick


Commercial photography in Philadelphia doesn’t include too many female Photographers. However, Kristine Di Grigoli Paige of Artchick is one of those rare female photographers who put all their passion into commercial photography instead of wedding or family portraits.

Her sole goal is to help businesses in Philadelphia with their brand marketing using her excellent commercial photography skills. Alongside photography, she helps businesses produce content and develops professional branding.

In her photography, you can see the touch of surrealism and wonder. She has a unique tone to her photography style, making her photos look creative and intriguing to the viewers. 

All of her skills are backed up by more than 17 years of experience. So, you can’t go wrong with her.

4. Richard Quindry

“We buy with our eyes” is Richard Quindry’s belief about businesses and customers. From that belief, he tries to provide top-notch photographs of products and models to give you a competitive edge in the e-commerce industry of Philadelphia.

His ideals aren’t only limited to capturing photos; he also talks you through photo editing. To get the best possible image, your photos must go through some enhancement and retouching, and Richard Quindry doesn’t shy away from that.

A combination of amazing photos and skillful editing is what you get from him as your product photographer. 

Richard is an internationally acclaimed commercial photographer and editing expert. With his years of experience, he provides photos that will boost sales for your business.

5. Sean Bolton Photography

Sean Bolton Photography

If you are looking for a combination of photography and videography in your products, then Sean Bolton is the guy to get in Philadelphia. 

His photography skills will make sure your product photos stand out in the competition and attract people to them.

The knowledge of lighting and color Sean has is immaculate. Every single one of his photos has a finesse that would appeal to you right from the moment you look at it. 

He even provides set services for Amazon product photos that are suited with all the traits to boost your sales on Amazon.

To get ahead in the competition, you can always rely on Sean’s product videos, specifically his stop-motion creation. 

Since videos are becoming a more prominent form of product advertising, you can never go wrong with his stop-motion product videos.

6. Shea Winter Photography

Shea Winter Roggio is a highly competent photographer for commercial photography based in Philadelphia. 

His educational background features a BFA degree in photography from the reputed University of Arts, Pennsylvania. So, the man has immense knowledge of what he is doing.

When you opt for him with your project, he studies your brand first to create the best possible photography style based on that. 

He is trained in styling products using backdrops, unique lighting patterns, and high-end equipment to give you the perfect product photos.

You can even take a step further with lifestyle photography, where Shea will portray your product in use. 

That’s a great way to showcase your product with real-world usage and get more engagement in those products.

7. Jessica Chakalis

Jessica Chakalis

Whenever you require some funky, colorful, punchy, and well-composed product photos in Philadelphia, go straight to Jessica Chakalis. 

She has that fun component in her images and plays with the pop art style in her photographs. You get the idea of modern art right after you look at her photos.

She likes to keep the backgrounds more engaging rather than keeping them simple and plain. Still, with the product arrangement and placement, she will ensure it is highlighted in the photograph and appears as the main subject.

Through some strong angles and attention to detail, her photographs are meant to have an instant impact on the viewer. It attracts them to learn more about the product. 

Moreover, with her knowledge of art direction, she can also guide in stop motion videos of product marketing.

Bordie Capron

Bordie Capron


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