Best Cameras for Clothing Photography

10 Best Cameras for Clothing Photography In 2024

Photographs play a huge role in sales in this modern world of online shopping. We felt like we needed to get a professional camera to boost the sales for an online clothing business. From there on, our search for the best camera for clothing photography began.

We tried many options that suit our need for product photography. Among plenty of options, we listed our top 10 choices below. All of the ones we have listed are specialized for clicking product photos.

Keep in mind that these are our experiences with the cameras. Whatever we are discussing below is simply a take on the user experience of the cameras. Without wasting a second, let’s get going.

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How Do You Shoot Like A Fashion Photographer?

Here’s the thing, just having the perfect camera can’t make you a good photographer. You will still need to learn a thing or two about fashion photography.

We are here to share some knowledge on shooting like a fashion photographer. These are some tricks or steps that professional photographers use for fashion photography.

Lighting should be simple

One of the most important elements of photography is lighting. Lighting in the photograph can impact the mood and feel of the photo to a great extent. In terms of fashion photography, the lighting we use is very simple.

Don’t try to go overboard and make things complicated with the lighting. For instance, we just use a single light source and a reflector to keep it simple. And they bring out excellent results as well.

Natural light is always better than a lighting kit

Whenever we get into a photo shoot; we always try to use natural light. A light source comes from the window, the door, or just in general. That’s why most of our photoshoot sessions take place in the daytime when we have the advantage of daylight.

Using daylight can give you a more appealing look in the pictures rather than using artificial light sources. However, it is difficult to use natural light to its full extent. So, you will need to learn angles and lighting techniques.

Choosing the proper lenses and camera

The next big thing about fashion photography is choosing the perfect camera for the perfect situation. Different kinds of cameras specialize in capturing photos in different scenarios and atmospheres. For instance, sometimes we use a mirrorless camera, and sometimes we use a full frame.

Along with the camera, what kind of lens you use plays a huge role. Whether you use a prime or a zoom lens depends on your desired results. We prefer a zoom lens for fashion photography because it captures the clothing part better.

We recommend trying out different lenses and seeing which brings you the best results based on your preferences.

Reviews Of 10 Best Cameras For Clothing Photography

Enough with the additional discussion. Now let’s get down to business. Here, we have shared our experience with the ten best fashion cameras we found there. We have used the cameras ourselves, so you can rely on the feedback we provide here.

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame - Best overall

We started our journey to find the perfect clothing camera with Canon EOS 5D Mark III. We tried out the full-frame version with amazing responses and stunning colors. It has plenty of impressive features to check out.

Offers excellent focusing capability

After using the camera for a while, we immediately fell in love with the wide-area auto-focusing feature. We could cover up the whole field of view with the spread measuring 61 points of detection.

Excellent tracking rate

We could easily track the motion of our clothing with this camera. It has got 41 cross-type points on its autofocus sensor, which gives it high-rate tracking capability. We got six frames per second of tracking rate on it.

Top-notch high-definition shots

When you click a picture with this camera and see the results, they are utterly incredible. Using the DIGIC 5+ image processing, the camera provides high-definition images without losing details.

Built-in editing for convenience 

Something unique we found in this camera was the built-in editing feature. While we do most of our editing on computers, we couldn’t complain about the feature. It gave us the advantage of having a preview of what the picture may look like after post-processing.

What we liked about the camera
  • Good for motion tracking

  • High-quality video recording with clear audio

  • Impressive picture quality with high definition

  • Great to have for fashion photography in a wide area

Weak points
  • It’s incompatible with EF-S lenses

  • Shooting off-center models can be tough


This camera is perfect if you are getting into fashion photography and wish to click pictures in a wide environment. It’s the best camera for portrait photography

2. Sony Alpha 7R IV Full Frame Mirrorless – Best in quality and performance

Sony is already taking over the world of content creation. So, it’s evident that a camera from Sony will be on our list. The Sony Alpha 7R IV gave us a feel of professional photography with some of its fantastic features. Let’s take a look at those first.

Impressive picture quality

First, we want to get one thing out of the way, and this camera provides the best possible picture quality we can find. Thanks to the BIONZ X process and Exmor R image sensor that enables the camera to bring out that kind of image quality.

Easy to take bulk pictures

A lot of our fashion photoshoots require taking bulk images in quick succession. And the Sony Alpha 7R IV delivered great results for our needs with its long-lasting battery and 1.5 times buffer memory. We got about 520+ shots in one session.

Accurate focusing power

We must admit that the focusing ability of this camera has turned us into fans of it. The precision we got in the focusing with this camera was thoroughly impressive because of the processor it uses.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Another factor that was enticing for us in this camera was its lightweight. Whenever we click pictures of models, we prefer to have a lightweight camera. It works out perfectly for longer-duration photoshoots.

What we liked about the camera
  • Professional high-quality pictures

  • The battery stays on for a long time

  • Camera focus is always on point

  • Provides quality video footage as well

Weak points
  • It can be a bit expensive for beginners

  • Using big lenses makes it difficult to balance


Straight up, we have to say if you are a professional or plan to go professional, this is the best camera for photography, especially fashion-related.

3. Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 Long Zoom Digital Camera – Best for affordability

Of all the cameras we have tried out for our clothing photos, the Panasonic Lumix FZ300 is the most affordable one. We needed to check out whether it provides quality photos or not. And honestly, the features didn’t disappoint us. Here are the features –

Captures great details in clothes

We don’t think you can call this a specialized camera for clicking pictures of apparel. But when we clicked pictures of our clothing as a product, it gave us satisfying results. The pictures captured so much detail in the clothes that it’s sure to meet the needs of online customers.

Features a pretty rugged design

Aside from clicking pictures of clothing, it’s a great camera for regular use. We even took the camera in some of our outdoor photoshoots while traveling. The rugged design reassured us that it would withstand outdoor conditions.

Convenient and traditional controls

What we liked about the camera were its convenient controls. All the settings and modes are around the same place on the camera. It’s more of a traditional setup that many classic DSLR cameras have on them.

Very affordable for everyone

Considering the features and quality of the image we got from the camera, the price seemed quite low. It’s a pretty affordable camera for its amazing features, built quality, and image quality.

What we liked about the camera
  • Value for money

  • Durable and heavy-duty design

  • Easy-to-reach controls

  • Quality pictures with good details

Weak points
  • A bit heavy to carry around

  • Focusing isn’t the best for fashion photos


Undoubtedly this is the best budget camera for fashion photography. It’s very cheap, and almost anyone can use this camera for learning purposes. It’s a great camera to get into fashion photography.

4. Nikon D850 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body

It is the first Nikon camera we had our hands on while trying different cameras. It’s probably one of the best from Nikon for high-fashion photography. What features make it so good? Let’s find out –

Advanced image processing

After clicking a photo with this camera, we were in disbelief. The quality we saw from the EXPEED 5 processor wasn’t something we were familiar with. It made the picture look high-end right after taking the shot.

Sharp and detailed focusing

When we started using the focus on this camera, it made us a fan instantly. Sharpness in focus brings out all the details of our models’ clothing. It’s just impressive all around in capturing intricate details.

Great tracking with autofocus

Tracking of the auto focus on this camera was on another level. We didn’t have any complaints with it because we could capture every bit of motion from our clothing.

The perfect camera for low light conditions

To test the camera’s limit, we went ahead with a low-light photoshoot, which didn’t let us down. It was also thoroughly impressive in that aspect, thanks to the capable ISO equipped in the camera.

What we liked about the camera
  • Excellent image quality with clarity

  • Sharpness and details are on point

  • Tracking ability is fantastic

  • Provides bright images with good ISO settings

Weak points
  • The SnapBridge system isn’t the best

  • The live view focus could use some improvements


After using the camera, we can say it’s undoubtedly one of the best cameras even on this list. If you want to pursue high fashion photography, we recommend getting this camera without any doubt.

5. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Well, we already discussed the 5D Mark III, and this one is an upgrade to that. It’s the next version of the same camera with some added features that make it special. Here are the features we found while using it.

A wide range of focus

Getting into the viewfinder of this camera, we found the autofocus feature very handy. The dual-pixel autofocus feature helped us take better pictures while keeping the model stable. And we didn’t need any tripod for that.

Quick image processing

Next thing that impressed us the most was the super-fast image processing on the camera. All the credit goes to the DIGIC 6+ processing engine on it.

Minimizes image aberrations

While clicking pictures, we always went through some image aberrations. But when we used this camera, there were almost no chromatic aberrations or other issues harming the image quality.

Image refining features 

Adding to the low image aberrations come the image refining features. We used the dual pixel raw feature on the camera that gave us some adjustment settings. Using the settings made the image quality more refined.

What we liked about the camera
  • Provides great image quality

  • Excellent sharpness and details

  • Fast image processing

  • Good tracking rate for focus

Weak points
  • Not the best for video recording

  • Sometimes the camera slows down with the Binary pixel raw function


After using the camera, we thought it was much preferable for an editorial fashion photographer. It usually has the best lens for fashion photography.

6. Sony Alpha 7R III Mirrorless Camera

We already talked about a camera from Sony above. But we couldn’t help but include this one here because of the pricing. It’s an earlier version of the same Alpha 7R IV with several differences. Let’s see how’s the experience with this camera –

Top-tier sharpness on the images

One of the many reasons we couldn’t stop ourselves from including this camera on our list is its sharpness. Whenever we took pictures of clothing, we ended up with all the details we wanted.

Perfect exposure control

There is nothing to complain about the brightness or lighting we got from the camera. It has got excellent controls for exposure to fight against bad lighting conditions.

Mirrorless results in quick captures.

Since this is a mirrorless camera, we expected a quick shutter speed and quick captures for bulk photos. And we must admit, the camera didn’t disappoint us at all. We are totally satisfied with the results we got.

Price is reasonable

When we purchased this camera, we found it to have a reasonable price. Especially when we considered the mirrorless factor along with the other features, we found it to have a good value for money.

What we liked about the camera
  • The image quality it provides

  • Suitable for various lighting conditions

  • Quickly captures bulk images

  • Easy to control and maneuver

Weak points
  • Starting videotape is troublesome

  • Doesn’t work with many lenses


Altogether, we can suggest this camera to anyone who finds the Sony Alpha 7R IV too expensive. This one comes at a reasonable price, and the features are similar. It’s an excellent choice for clothing photography.

7. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

In our search for the perfect camera for clothing photography, we came across this one. It’s a classic choice for many beginners who are getting into photography. What does it offer? Let’s find out –

Comes with excellent tone priority

Something we always like about Canon is they prioritize tone more than exposure. With this camera, we could get good tonal quality in the images. It works out perfectly for street photography.

Pretty effective HDR mode

Having the HDR mode in a camera is always a handy feature. When we tried out the HDR mode on this camera, we had no complaints whatsoever. It’s near perfect and brings out a lot of details from the clothing.

Easy for beginners with the ALO feature

While we are experts in our field, we think the ALO feature can be life-saving for non-photographers. With the help of an automatic light optimizer, we got excellent results without needing to adjust the ISO or exposure.

Good for video recording

Aside from all that, the camera features good high-quality video recording with a lot of audio recording support. It’s a total package for photography as well as recording some clips.

What we liked about the camera
  • It’s quite affordable

  • Images look bright and colorful

  • Brings out details from pictures quite well

  • Very easy to use

Weak points
  • Focusing isn’t the best

  • The viewfinder level is difficult to see


If we were, to be honest, we have already discussed cameras that are better than this one. But if you want a camera for pictures with the perfect tonal quality, this is it.

8. Canon EOS Rebel T8i Body

We never get tired of Canon cameras for professional photography purposes. With this camera, we had one of the best shooting experiences on the street. Here’s our experience of using the camera –

Fast autofocus on moving objects

For us, this is the best camera for street fashion photography because of its autofocus feature. While shooting for a clothing brand on the street, we could easily track and focus on the moving models in different poses.

Longer lasting battery

Something that impressed us a lot was the battery backup from the camera. We spent a whole shoot with the camera, and the battery didn’t deplete that much. We bet it could last up to taking 800 images or so.

Wide ISO range for various lighting conditions

Whether you have perfect or low lighting, this camera has sufficient ISO settings. It has a wide range of settings that helps you find the perfect lighting setup for your photos.

Good quality images

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of clicking some amazing pictures on this camera. The images were sharp, and we could see the details in our models’ clothing.

What we liked about the camera
  • Great for capturing moving models

  • The battery doesn't discharge easily

  • Captures well in all lighting conditions

  • The price of the camera is reasonable

Weak points
  • The build quality isn’t that good

  • There is no weather sealing


We have used the camera for a while, and we can recommend this one for street fashion photography. The capability of focusing quickly on moving models makes it suitable for that.

9. Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format

We didn’t talk much about Nikon here, and this is the second-only camera from Nikon. It’s an impressive option that we had to include in this list. The features that make it worthy of this list are as follows –

Perfect for capturing image details

A key reason this camera is on this list is because of capturing the details. We took some pictures of our clothing with this camera. The pictures had all the details of the clothes.

Clicks quality images

Along with the details, the tone and exposure are also pretty accurate on the camera. The images we clicked had some amazing colors that didn’t require much post-processing later.

Has good autofocusing

We had a great time clicking pictures with the camera due to its precise autofocus. We could shoot at six frames per second speed. That helped us in capturing bulk photos.

Flexible ISO settings

We had all the necessary ISO settings to adapt to the proper lighting conditions. They were very flexible, so we could easily get the right setting for the right situation.

What we liked about the camera
  • Captures all details

  • Quick and accurate autofocusing

  • Wide range of ISO setting

  • It has a reasonable pricing

Weak points
  • The controls aren’t convenient

  • Not the best build quality


In our honest opinion, this is the best camera for boutique pictures because this camera can capture details from clothes and will have a great impression on boutique pictures.

10. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera

Ending off our list of the best cameras with the Canon Rebel T7. After using the camera, all we could think was it was a perfect choice for anyone starting. What makes it great for beginners? Let’s find out.

Sharper details on the images

Starting with the images we clicked with the camera, we can’t complain about it. It had some sharp images that would get even better with some editing on the computer.

The accuracy in colors is perfect.

We had the same experience with the colors of the images from this camera. It needed a little touch-up on Adobe Lightroom to get the best-looking image.

Low-noise images in any condition

We click photos in all sorts of lighting conditions. We didn’t see any noise, whether good or low lighting.

Very affordable

What makes this an appealing choice over other options is the pricing. It comes at a very low price. You might even get a complete camera setup with a price much lower than some other camera bodies.

What we liked about the camera
  • The sharpness in the images is impressive

  • Provides perfect and accurate colors

  • Captures quality images in all conditions

  • Cheapest camera setup to get

Weak points
  • Not the best option for professionals

  • Image processing could be better


It is the best pick for anyone looking to get a camera to start their photography journey. It’s very affordable and doesn’t require much expertise to use.

Know Different Types Of Fashion Photography

Photographing clothes is mostly related to fashion photography. Fashion photography is the perfect way to portray how a clothing piece will look on a person.

When it comes to fashion photography, you will get to see four basic types. Let’s get a little insight into that first.

Catalog Photography

Catalog photography is pretty much like product photography. The purpose of catalog photography is to highlight the clothes while a model is wearing them. It brings out the best possible portrayal of clothes and shows people how they would look.

Photographers often try to keep the background simple in this kind of photography. It ensures that most focus stays on the clothes rather than the background. Also, it’s the easiest form of fashion photography to begin the journey.

Street Fashion Photography

As you can tell from the name, street fashion photography is all about street fashion. It captures the clothes that people wear in their everyday life. These clothes have that rugged feel and appearance. They are usually practical clothes that have a quite fashionable look.

Most of the time, these photos have models who are regular people. There aren’t many fancy poses, or professional modeling poses in these photographs. The goal is to make the photos look as natural as possible for a more believable experience.

High Fashion Photography

What you see on posters or magazine covers most of the time is high fashion photography. These photos have that flair and royalty in them, where the focus is on clothing people don’t wear in their regular lives. Also, the picture’s mood matters more than the clothes in this photograph.

A photographer tries his best to make sure he can bring that aesthetic value to the picture. A lot goes into doing a successful high-fashion photography session. A professional model, a high-end setup along with wardrobe and hair styling. The lighting and location also matter.

Editorial Fashion Photography

You might have seen pictures with a story or backstory in newspapers and magazines. The pictures in editorial fashion photography follow a certain theme to convey a story to the viewers.

In this kind of photography, a lot of things become necessary. Starting from a setup following the photoshoot’s theme to a model who fits perfectly in the story. A lot of wardrobe goes on to successful editorial fashion photography, as well as a lot of props.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Camera For Clothing Photography

Buying a camera is probably one of the hardest things you can ever do. There are so many options that it becomes too difficult to choose one. To help you make that decision, here we will share some factors you should consider.

These factors will help you find the perfect camera for clothing photography based on your preferences.

Type Of Camera

You must first decide what kind of camera you need when getting a camera. Do you need a mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera is the question you need to ask yourself?

Suppose you want a lightweight camera that’s easy to carry, then choose mirrorless. But if you need versatility in lens options, we recommend using a DSLR.

Picture Quality

Regarding picture quality, you must focus on the details and color before anything else. Your images need to be sharp and capture most details. Because that way, you will capture the true essence of your clothing. It makes the clothes more appealing to the viewers.

ISO Settings

You will always need to look for a wider range of ISO settings. A wider range on the ISO always provides versatility with lighting options. You don’t have to worry too much about lighting conditions when there are suitable ISO settings.


Automatic focus always helps save time. You can click many pictures quickly when you have an auto-focus feature. You need an autofocus that can track motion properly and quickly. It helps in keeping up with moving models.  

Camera Budget

Last but not least, the budget of the camera. It is, of course, a personal preference. If you are a beginner or starting your photography journey, choose an affordable or reasonable option. But if you want professional results, don’t look at the budget.

You have most of what you need to get a perfect camera for clothing photography. But if you have some questions, check out the popular questions we have answered below.

Which camera is best for fabric photography?

It’s difficult to answer this question since there are so many choices. Usually, to click pictures of fabric, you need a sharp camera that captures the correct details. A good example of that would be the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Which DSLR is best for fashion photography?

When it comes to fashion photography, there are many options you can check out. It mostly depends on your budget. You can check out the Canon EOS 70D DSLR for a standard choice or try out the Nikon D7100 DSL.

What kind of camera should I look for in fashion photography?

In general, you want a camera to capture details and retain the color as much as possible. You also need to think about the focusing feature on the camera. It needs to be quick and accurate in tracking.

How do professionals photograph their clothing?

It’s very easy to photograph clothing without any models. Simply prepare the clothes, place them in the studio, and position your lighting setup. Then, style the clothing how you want it, set the camera, and take the picture. Finish off with some editing.


We hope you see some of the best cameras for clothing photography based on our experience. We have tried many other options besides the ten we listed here. So, you can say these are unarguably the best ones to find.

We can suggest one of these ten cameras make the decision easier. We would say go with Sony Alpha 7R IV Full Frame Mirrorless. It’s the best quality for any professional photographer out there.

Aside from this, there are some other options you can still try out if you don’t have the budget. No matter which one you pick, you end up with quality.

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