How to Take Pictures of Clothes Without Mannequin?

Before going into discussing how to take pictures of clothes without a mannequin, I have to say models or mannequins are the best choices for apparel photography. Finding the perfect model for photography and scheduling the shoot is often time-consuming. It is a very troublesome work and not very budget-friendly also. You can use a mannequin to cover for the model. But it will steal the impressiveness from your product presentation and you may not reduce the cost also. So figuring out how to take pictures of clothes without mannequin is a matter of time.

However, if you are a start-up eCommerce brand and have a low budget all these product photography techniques will be costly for you. So you have to follow budget-friendly apparel photography like the ghost mannequin. This is the ultimate product photography by which you can take pictures of clothes without a mannequin. The biggest advantage of ghost mannequins is, that you can do clothing photography at home. In this article, I will be discussing, how you can take pictures of your apparel without using any model or mannequin

How to do apparel photography

An eCommerce store will run on its visual marketing and product selling. Marketing and product selling is proportional to each other. This means if you have an attractive and desirable visual presentation of the product your sales will increase otherwise they will go down by taking you with it. So producing high-quality, clear, and attractive images of products is a must-do for the online store.

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There are two major clothing photography methods, The first one is Flat Lay or tabletop clothing photography and the second one is the Ghost Mannequin Effect. We can combine these two techniques and can get a one-stop selling product.

Tabletop or Flat Lay Photography

abletop or Flat Lay Photography

It is basically putting your clothing product on top of a table or place it in a flat layout. For some brands and retailers, this approach has become popular. As this makes the style versatile, this product photography setup is easy and more pictures can be taken in a short time. Traditional flat lay clothing photography setup is achieved by a camera and lighting facing the clothes. The lamps, diffusers and delicate boxes are on the same camera side. Equipment is assembled, clothing is covered with a hanger or a stick.

With this product photography set up, you can do clothing photography at home and can also give different styles to it. Flat clothing photography is a low-cost product photoshoot technique that any startup eCommerce store owner can do.

Conventional Flat Lay Process

Any brands and retailers want to achieve a higher productivity rate in less product photography setup. They want the best style shoots in the lowest product photography pricing. You can achieve that by tabletop clothing photography at home.

Conventional flat clothing photography is possible with a camera mounted parallel to the ground alongside lights and a determination of diffusers and delicate boxes. Just lay your clothing product on a table and stick it with tape and clasps. This helps you to get an attractive shape and outline of the item. Usually, the product tucks around the base of its arm and uses tissue paper to look natural.

How to take pictures of clothes at home?


To do flat clothing photography at home all you need is to about a little flat lay clothing photography lighting. Then some product photography kit to capture the items. The process of the flat lay shoot is given below:

  • Keep your lines clean and look for symmetry on the two sides of the edge for decent levels of tabletop photography.
  • In the event that you are still uncertain, stick to the third party control and put the main components on the grid lines of a 3 by 3 system.
  • For all photography of consumer products, Canon EOS 7D Mk III is suitable. Place the cloth in the middle of the table for a shot, make it as straight and put.
  • Once you place the cloth on the table, make sure that you level the neck and shoulders so that they need to be straight and level.

Try to give as much natural form as possible for different genders. Assume the cloth is on the model so that it could be fine and Shaped. If it was a men’s one, then go ahead and do it exactly. In the case of different genders try to give as much as natural shape as it can. If the fabric is the cloth of a woman, it may be that she wants to give a perfect shape.

Any kind of apparel product is suitable for this flat clothing photography. It is simple and budget-friendly. 

Making natural-looking apparel product photo

After shooting your clothing product using all the flat clothing photography kit, it’s time to make it natural looking. Make sure the apparel looks as if they have been directly imported from the manufacturer until you upload product photos to an online store. Ensure that the product is located in the middle and the shoulders aligned.

Since this method is more manual and basic, images are likely to require ghost mannequin editing services. Ghost mannequin effect is also known as neck joint service can bring a realistic look to your apparel.

Why should you go for ghost mannequin editing services?

These product photography techniques can be made without a complex studio setup in many cases and you also don’t need higher product photography pricing. Sometimes the pictures can have color and light problems and flat lay photography has no scope. It requires the shadow creation service under clothing to add depth to the photos of the clothing. The ghost mannequin effect is the only option in that case.

In the case of tabletop photography, color and lighting can be a real pain. For eye-catchy and jaw-dropping clothing pictures, color correction is required. Hand drawn clipping path service can make this simple editing and produce a perfect consumer-friendly product photo. The color balance of photography on clothing is difficult, even if you take proper care. Photo editing in Photoshop can solve the problem and fix the color balance before posting images online. A professional photo editing company provide high-quality apparel product photo editing service for online stores.

In flat lay apparel photography, an image angle is also a serious issue that is hard to maintain. To get the angle right you have to use image resizing tools by photoshop. For an online store, there are some eCommerce product image requirements for the online platform which we have to follow strictly. Neck joint service helps to overcome all the angle issues and enlarges your product visibility.

Apparels product photo editing

Essentially, the ghost mannequin photo editing simplifies apparel photography and creates incredible clothes photos. You have to do much more image post processing of your clothing image if you choose flat lay photography. Whatever photography methods you use, whether with or without mannequin for apparel photography, you need sufficient experience on photo post processing to make clothing items more attractive.

Editing to reduce wrinkles

Finally, photography with the flat lay process is not the ultimate solution for product images. The reason behind it is the angle of the photos, color, texture, picture size, etc, like wrinkles, occur in pictures that can ruin your product image. But with the help of image editing companies can easily improve image color, add new color contrast, modify the light, and do image resizing and cropping.

The flat lay or tabletop photography requires ghost mannequin service to meet perfection. This image editing technique not only improves the image visibility but also improves the authenticity and trustworthiness of your consumers.

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