Best Softbox for Product Photography

7 Best Softbox for Product Photography

The best softbox for product photography can level up your photos right away. This is why having the best softbox lighting kit is crucial. A softbox can provide you with a lesser and smooth shadow on your product images. Below we are sorting out the best softbox lighting kits which are best for product photography.

Yet, your product photos would be a lot better with the softbox lighting compared to a photography umbrella lighting kit. You get better control of your light and get to create a creative lighting setup. Even a softbox allows you to diffuse the lighting with a clothing diffuser. Let’s take a sneak peek into the best product photography softbox lighting units.

What Is Softbox in Photography

A softbox is a light modifier that lets you diffuse, soften, and control the lighting. The tool has a central light bulb in the middle and an enclosure around it. When considering softbox vs. umbrella, the softbox gives you more control over lighting. 

Nowadays, softboxes are still a vital tool to consider in photography, because it lets you get the correct depth of lighting with little effort. The softer lighting makes the subject appear extra clear and balanced on images. 

The best part, softbox lets you reduce the harsh shadow and make it blend softer. It benefits you as a  photographer to create even lighting in the image. Meanwhile, the lighting of the softbox looks a lot more natural, like it’s coming from a window. 

Softboxes can come in many forms, including round, rectangle, and others. We will talk about which one is best right below.

7 Best Softbox For Product Photography

We have evaluated tons of units and sorted out the 7 best softboxes for product photography. These softbox kits offer all the equipment to capture studio-like photos. Each unit has an in-depth review below its titles. Have a check right now.

EMART Softbox Lighting Kit

EMART Softbox Lighting Kit 

The EMART Softbox Lighting Kit is a robust solution for your professional product photography lighting. In the following kit, you get two rectangular softbox kits with CFL lights. Each of the lights creates a sweet ambiance on your images. 

In case you need to defuse the softbox lighting, the unit has a velcro removable nylon diffuser. It would help you out to set up the best lighting for product photography. 

The flexibility of the softbox makes it an all-rounder product photography kit. For example, the knob of the softbox supports up to 210-degree adjustment. Moreover, the stands can swap between 29″ to 78″ heights. 

Moreover, using the EMART Softbox Lighting Kit, you get the wrong way longer because the CFL bulbs do not warp up at all. As a plus point, the lights are energy-saving, avoiding your vast bills. 

The whole lighting packs are completely portable, letting you create a product photography studio anywhere. You get top-notch product carrying bags for each tool. It’s a great feature that enables you to shoot both indoor and outdoor super easily. 

It’s better to mention, the light bulbs are decent, but you could buy additional ones to get higher quality lighting.

Neewer 700W Professional Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 700W Professional Softbox Lighting Kit

If you are concerned about the heat during product photography projects, the following kit is for you. It’s the Neewer 700W softbox lighting package with low-temperature bulbs. The rectangle softbox contains E27 sockets, which are suitable for a wide range of light bulbs. The socket lets you add lights like a fluorescent lamp and others into the softbox. 

With two softboxes and light bulbs, you get to create even lighting at both sides of your product images. Thus, making brighter product images is faster using the following softbox kit. As it diffuses the lighting, you get softer and subtle.

Let’s talk about the build of the softbox. The light stand has an Aluminum alloy that is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. It makes the softbox a portable unit as you get to carry the whole unit with carrying bags.

Softbox flexible height adjustment lets you create the best light for product photography with ease. The single-action locks make it seamless with one tap. In addition, you could adjust the softbox angles to get total comfort with the photoshoot.

The kit runs only on real-time electric supply, and it won’t run on battery units at all. Still, it’s all good for your product photography projects.

YICOE Softbox Lighting Kit

YICOE Softbox Lighting Kit

The YICOE Softbox lighting kit comes with two remote control units. It lets you control the lighting parameters and others without gaping near the softbox lighting. Plus, you get to change the light color as well. These colors are warm, calm, and pure white. 

With 2 LED lights, this provides you 80% energy savings compared to indicated lighting. The unit is the best softbox for product photography with low eclectic costs. In addition, the light makes sure brighter and clearer lighting on your product image shoots.

In the unit, you get a stable tripod and an adjustable stand. The stands can extend from 26 to 78 inches without any hassle. Even though it doesn’t feature a one-tap lock, the stands are solid and stay in their positions.

To create unique product photo lighting angles, both of the softboxes offer you custom angles. Only tilt the rectangular softbox enclosure to the angles you like. It’s that simple to get perfect. 

Although you get two softbox units, they won’t feature different color profiles at once. You have to work with the same colors with both of the soft lights. It lets you avoid image errors, but you can’t experiment with mixing different types of lights.

No doubt, it’s a must-have softbox lighting kit for any product photographer to have.

Neewer Deep Parabolic Softbox

Neewer Deep Parabolic Softbox

The following Neewer Deep Parabolic Softbox provides up to 3 layers of diffusion. It lets you control the shadow and exposure to the finest point. You get both external and internal diffusers in the unit for the perfect shadow on your product image. 

The front diffuser and inner baffle of the soft light kit are removable for better customization. The Eggcrate grid at the front diffuser softens the lights with sheer perfection. Overall it lets you get the best lighting for product photography faster. 

Are you planning on a lengthy photoshoot? The softbox has the strength to stand in place for long hours. As a result, you don’t have to think twice about the durability of the kit. 

The best part about softbox lighting is it’s far smoother to assemble. Even if you don’t have experience with a softbox, the setup would be a breeze. Users can assemble the kit within 3 minutes.

Working on other projects with the following softbox lighting kit is a huge advantage. For example, you could use it in the studio, indoors, and live to stream as well. It’s also known as the best softbox for videos

JS JULIUS STUDIO Photography Softbox

JS JULIUS STUDIO Photography Continuous Equipment Softbox

To spice up your product photography, the JS JULIUS STUDIO Softbox set would be the best. The set comes with three individual softboxes with fluorescent bulbs.

As a plus point, within the sets, you get a boom arm stand. It would be great to place lighting at the top of your image subject.

The following softbox is enough to get a pro effect on your product image photographs. The whole kit would work fine even if you are shooting in a big space studio. The lighting is intense; perhaps you could diffuse it using an additional diffuser.

However, the softbox kit doesn’t feature a one-tap height adjustment. Instead, you get a screw to lock the height. It’s a bit time-consuming and still does a decent job. You could adjust the height from 28.5 inches to 78 inches. 

There’s no doubt you would get a soft drop shadow beneath your product using the softbox lighting. Meanwhile, the kit would be great for eCommerce store product photography as well. It would be a huge success.

At last, you get a carrying bag to move with all of your softbox setups. It’s a complete portable kit. Let’s have a check. 

Andoer Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Andoer Softbox Photography Lighting Kit Professional Studio Equipment

If you are a fan of customizing softbox lighting on your images, the following kit is a masterpiece. It’s the Andoer softbox photography lighting kit with 3 Softbox with LED Beads lighting bulbs. The light adjustment capabilities of these bulbs range from 1% to 100%.

The softbox enclosure is rectangle in size and has 70 cm x 50 cm dimensions. The softbox has a shiner surface inside and a rough black surface on the outside. Similar to other softbox kits, the softbox lets you rotate the enclosure to up to 210 degrees. 

Apart from basic features, you get three separate remote control units to alter the lighting. It’s better to note, and you could add the additional cloth diffuser to get deeper lights. 

The stands of the softbox are robust and suitable for professional projects. Stands are adjustable between 26 inches to 78 inches. Meanwhile, the 3-leg tripod design at the bottom would ensure proper stability. 

The following softbox kit lets you get a pleasant lighter better than photography umbrella lighting kits. Because right on the package, you get three white cloth diffusers, a boom arm, and mount. It’s a complete package to have on your set.

The portability is still possible as you get a carrying bag as a plus. 

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

At last, comes the best kit to let you create a full-fledged product photography studio. The following kit is a Linco Lincostore photo video studio light kit. On the next pack, you get 2 squares and two umbrella-style softboxes.  

Thus, the following kit would help you create lighting like a product photography umbrella lighting Kit

Each softbox has a silver reflective layer inside and black nylon cloth outside. These softboxes are foldable and let you store them anywhere like a charm. Plus, the frame of both the softbox and umbrella reflector features metal linings which makes it durable.

Plus, you get three color backdrops within the pack. These are green, white, and black muslin backdrops. On the following pack, you would get a 6.7 ft background stand kit as well.

It’s a great soft light lighting kit to capture a product image with pleasant lighting. You could also create a product video as it’s the best softbox for video production. Your studios would be the same. 

At the same time, the whole softbox lighting and backdrop kit is compact and takes less space to set up. It’s portable as well and has a bag to let you store equipment with ease. 

How To Choose the Best Softbox for You?

We all have to accept that softboxes come in different sizes and shapes. Evaluating a few aspects would let you get the best softbox in no time. The following elements would let you get the best soft light for yourself. It would make your softbox lighting buying process a lot smoother. 

Softbox Shape & Sizings

While checking out the softbox lighting, consider its size first. It’s well popular among photographers, and larger softbox lights give you the sweetest shadows. The large size of the softbox lets you diffuse light in a suitable manner. Thus, consider taking larger ones while doing portrait photographs. 

In the meantime, if you are working with smaller-scale products like Jewelry items, smaller softboxes would be fine. 

On the other hand, the shape of the softbox modifies the lighting as well. Most of the time, the round shape lets you get more spread out illumination. The round lighting is hard to cap off with an additional diffuser cloth. 

Additional Diffuser

The additional duffers are a must while working with softbox lighting. The diffusing must have a white surface that spreads the light better. It would let you soften the shadow and create a smooth transition between light and shadow.

Most often, you won’t get a variation on the additional diffuser. The one exception would be the grid pattern diffuser. It’s a diffuser that has a black grid on top of a white sheet. Kits like the Neewer Parabolic Softbox have the fabric grid on the removable diffuser.

One-Tap Locks

Height adjustment can be a crucial aspect to create the best light for product photography. The one-tap lock makes the height adjustment fast and smooth. You only have to top it, and the stand will lock into position. 

Softbox lighting kits that have a one-tap lock let you get quick height adjustment. Aside from one-tap waves, screw locks are the most reliable. Though it takes time and energy to tighten the softbox stand screws.

Either way, make sure to check out the screw types of your softbox stand beforehand.

LED Light Bulbs

CFL light bulbs are popular within softbox lightings. Still, if you want the most reliable ones, LED lights are the answer. It takes 75% less energy and is environmentally friendly as well. Plus, you won’t have a fear of breaking the light up.

If you are into long hours of product photography, the light should be at a low temperature. Both CFL and LED light bulbs are great at low temperatures. So, choosing one of them would let you shoot for long hours without burning the subject. 

In addition, make sure your softbox has E26, E27 standard lightbulb sockets for better compatibility. 


If you want to get a softbox for outdoor photography, make sure the kit has portability. Having a carrying bag is even if you’re going to shoot inside. Not only does it make carrying equipment easier but storage as well. 

Most of the softbox framing should be foldable like an umbrella. It would let you get compact storage as it would take less space.

How Do Softboxes Work

In simple words, a softbox is an enclosure around a lightbulb or lamp, you call it. When you turn the lamp on, the light gets scattered around the shiny inner layer. In most cases, softbox kits feature glossy and rough coating to diffuse the lighting. 

As a result, you get even and softer lights on your product image photographs. The light diffusion depends on the types of softboxes and their shape. 

Thus, in most kits, you would get at least two softbox lighting units. It’s recommended to place a softbox on either side of the composition. In a few cases, you could also use an additional softbox at the top of your product.

Softboxes let you control and diffuse the light with a removable external diffuser. It would allow you to soften the light and get subtle shadows. 

New-age softboxes provide you with a customizable lightbulb as well. You could change the light color temperature brightness using remote control units. This softbox lightbulb might cost a bit, yet you get seamless light customization. 

Softboxes give you more control than a photography umbrella lighting kit. The best part, you get to create even lighting, which is customizable with an extra diffuser. 

Softbox vs. Umbrella: Which Is Best and Why?

Both softbox and umbrella are wide and popular among the product photography industry. Each one has its benefits while taking photos. Let’s have a look at a straight softbox vs. umbrella comparison. It would let you get a firm idea of both and consider which one is the best.

Best Use Case Scenario for Softbox

You have a few use case scenarios when softbox would perform better. Below are some examples.

  • While you are shooting product photos, a softbox would be great to go.
  • In case you want more directed lighting.
  • If you want to work in a professional photography studio,
  • To create more natural window-like lighting.

Best Use Case Scenario for Umbrella

On the other hand, photography umbrella lighting kits are light modifiers that are best in a few cases. Let’s get to know these points one after one.

  • Umbrella lighting lets you get finer outdoor composition.
  • Wedding photographers use umbrella lighting on their projects.
  • When you need more spread-out lighting, an umbrella lighting kit works best.

Which One Is The Best & Why?

In terms of product photography, softboxes would be the best option to go. Because, with softboxes, you could defuse and control lights to the perfect point. Meanwhile, you could light up your product in the proper manner. We have mentioned a comprehensive list that would let you get the best softbox of all time. On the other hand, umbrella lighting is best at big space studios or outdoor lighting.

Advantages Of Using a Softbox

The softboxes have a lot of advantages to talk about. This makes it the perfect equipment to create the best light for product photography with minimum effort. Below we are mentioning some of the advantages that make a softbox ideal equipment to use. Let’s get into it.

  1. Light Direction: You could direct and control lighting with softboxes. The additional diffuser is available to make the light a bit softer. 
  2. Indoor Setup: Softboxes are great for creating a studio lighting setup. To be specific, it would help you a lot with in-studio product photography.
  3. Natural Looking: If you are shooting indoors, softbox lets you create natural-looking lighting.
  4. Choices: Within softboxes, you get to choose different shapes. For example, you could find a rectangle, square, octagonal, and other shapes of softboxes. 
  5. Smooth Shadow: With a proper softbox, you get the smoothest and minimal shadow. It looks excellent in product photography close-up shots. 

Disadvantages Of Using a Softbox

Let’s get to know the disadvantages of softboxes real quick. Getting yourself used to the disadvantages of softbox would let you get workarounds as well. Below are some of the common drawbacks of a standard softbox lighting kit.

  1. Confined Lighting: The softbox lighting gives you specific direction lighting. It falls short of creating broad and spread-out lighting effects.
  2. Less effective outdoors: While softbox creates natural-looking light, it’s not best for outdoor lighting. If you shoot outdoors, umbrella lighting might help you out. 
  3. Bit hard to fold in: Unlike an umbrella, you need a little bit of preparation to fold in the softbox. It takes a little bit of time to fold and unfold the softbox housing.
  4. Additional diffuser: Sometimes, you might have to add additional diffuser clothes for softer lighting. It would help if you were a little bit cautious while adding the extra diffuser clothes. 

Beauty Dish Vs. Softbox

Both beatify dishes and softboxes have considerable differences in between. The beauty dish is a parabolic dish that reflects light. Plus, it’s widely popular among the beauty and fashion industry. You get a shiny enclosure surface in a softbox, and it’s famous for general pornography usages. 

The beauty dash is excellent at creating dramatic lighting. The softbox is great at even and diffused lighting. The beauty dash, as its name stands, only works in close-up beauty photographs. On the other hand, the softbox is famous for taking a wide range of photography projects.

In short, a beauty dish is best for face close-up photos with complete contrast. Softboxes create a softer light that is great at both close-up and portrait photography. Both light modifiers have their ups and downs, yet the softbox has a more generalist approach. 

Unless you are a beauty photographer, going for a softbox would be the optimal way.

Ring Light Vs. Softbox

The ring light and softbox have a lot of differences from start to end. At first, the right light consists of a circular ring light source. It’s most of the valuable time for smartphone cameras. Thus, it only works great on close-up images. Therefore, you won’t be able to control lighting like a softbox lighting unit. 

It’s obvious, and proper lights are only popular among small-scale photo and video productions. Unlike softboxes, the right lights are rarely used in professional setups. You won’t get to diffuse the lighting out of the right lights. On softboxes, you could use external diffusing clothes to tone down the light.

Plus, while taking close-up shots, your model eyes would catch up with an “O” shaped light. Thus, you won’t find such issues with softbox close-up images. You get to have both closer and broader photoshoots without getting any light on your mode’s eyeball. 

Want to know what size softbox for product photography tabletop studio works best? In general, square and smaller softboxes are best for tabletop product photography. Kits like EMART softbox lighting come with 20"x28," and it's close to a fair shape. It would let you create the best lighting for product photography on the tabletop.

Smaller softboxes let you control the lighting that would make your tabletop image great. Most of the time, square and smaller softboxes allow you to avoid over-exposure on the tabletop images. So, keep these in mind while choosing softboxes for tabletop photos.

Softbox lighting kits are popular among product photographers. Because softboxes let you customize and diffuse your lighting a lot. It’s beneficial to minimize the shadow and create a smoother transition.

Moreover, you get to create even lighting on your product images. Plus, the softbox lets you create a bright and vivid composition. Thus, the product looks clear and attractive. That’s why product photographers use softboxes all the time. 

The softbox lighting position depends on your product itself. You could use two softboxes on the upper left and right sides for product photography on the tabletop. However, If you shoot more oversized products, you could use 3 point lighting to get a lower shadow on images.

In 3-point lighting, you place your softboxes on two sides of your subject and one at the top. It would give you the most bright image possible. Nonetheless, in portrait photographs, you could place two bigger softboxes on both sides of your model.

Final Verdict

Finding the best softbox for product photography takes time. So, review each of the listed softboxes and find out the ones that suit your photoshoot the best. Thus, comparing the softbox vs. umbrella, the softboxes are a significant light modifier for perfect lighting. You could achieve smooth and minimal shadows fast.

Best softboxes can transform your product images into professional quality. Thus, having the fitting kit would smooth out the whole process. With the help of a buying guide, you could reach the best softbox for your product photography. So, don’t hesitate and jump yourself into the softbox kit and start having pro-level photos. 

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