Best Size for eBay Photos

Best Size for eBay Photos | eBay Photo Requirements

If you are an eBay retailer who is looking for the best ebay photo size to increase the sales then look no further.

Yes, you heard it right. Like the amazon product photo requirements, ebay also has image guidelines and retailers are bound to follow it strictly.

One of the most famous online platforms ebay has its own specific measurements for the ebay photo size that every retailer must follow to do any sorts of online product selling business with them.

As an online retailer you must know how crucial your product photos are and your eBay photo gallery is the only thing that decides the conversion of your consumers purchasing through your ebay product listing.

To bring your product at the top of the search results on ebay, following eBay photo requirements is the key. But why ebay? Well, to answer that let us see some of the numbers that represent the current state of eBay. 

Consumers from 200+ countries are using eBay to buy products online. If we see the numbers of sellers who sold their products on eBay then that would be over 10 millions. Ebay has almost 250+ active users all the time who are either buying or selling products on eBay.

Ebay offers great opportunity for not only current retailers but also for startups and because of that if you want to beat your competitors other than following eBay photo requirements you won’t have any shortcuts or tricks.

Let’s see what an ebay retailer must know about the eBay photo dimensions to take their eBay photo gallery at the top.

Ebay photo guide is for those retailers who want their products to be found before their competitors whenever a consumer searches for them on ebay. The cleaner, more crispier, and the better you can display your product pictures, your customers will be attracted to it and purchase it more.

Elements of capturing better product photos for listing on eBay are

  • Avoid capturing product photos by holding the camera by your hand or your image will get soft and blurry. So use a tripod to avoid blurriness and softness from your image.
  • Capture a high resolution image in Raw formats of your product as much as possible. Try to go for the highest resolution.
  • For product photos always go for close up shots by keeping the product in the middle of your frame.
  • Always keep the camera flash turned off and use a diffuser if needed to control the shadow and the reflection.
  • Don’t use any filters and instead provide a natural view of your product.

Know the exact ebay photo aspect ratio before uploading any product image for listing. This is important because if you don’t know the ideal ebay photo size then your ebay photo gallery won’t rank.

If we look deep into the ebay photo requirements then we will see several product photo guidelines that may confuse the retailers and photographers. So below i will simplify them by dividing into two categories for you.

General Photo Requirements

eBay General Photo Requirements
  • The first general photo requirement that ebay wants from the retailer is the product photo they are uploading must have copyrights free.
  • Minimum of one product image must use product listing and maximum of 12 free slots can be used for a product.
  •  Photos of the product must be in a natural look. Ebay discourages heavy image editing.
  • The frame must contain only the product.

NB: You can upload 24 images if you are selling automobile products such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

Technical Photo Requirements

eBay Technical Photo Requirements
  • In technical photo requirements the first thing that retailers must follow is the ebay photo aspect ratio. Which the minimum size is 500x500pixels and the maximum size is 9000×9000 pixels
  • After the ebay photo dimensions the next thing that is important is the file size of the photo. The maximum file size that ebay suggests is 12 MB.
  • Image formats that ebay allows are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF
  • While using JPEG format image retailers must keep the quality scale above 90%.

Ideal eBay Photo Size

Ideal eBay Photo Size

From the ebay photo requirements we know the maximum and the minimum ebay photo aspect ratio which as a retailer everyone should follow strictly. If you are looking for the ideal ebay photo size then keeping your product image dimension between the mentioned aspect ratio will be enough.

“The ideal ebay photo dimension I would suggest is 1600 pixels.”

eBay Cover Photo Size

Cover photos are the impression creator for your product. So your cover photo must showcase the integrity and premiumness of your product. To showcase this image size does matter and for ebay cover photo size should be 1200 pixels x 270 pixels.

eBay Cover Photo - How it Shouldn’t Look?

Bad example of Ebay Cover Photo

Take a close look into this image above. Without the cover photo ebay photo gallery of a seller lacks trustworthiness and professionalism. It will hurt your brand reputation and decrease the sales. Adding an impressive cover photo may be a small gesture but the effect will be noticeable.

eBay Cover Photo - How it Should Look?

Ebay cover photo size

Now see the above image and I am sure you the difference of having a cover photo than none should be clear to you now. Cover photos not only to create a positive impression but also a media to prove your brand premium.

eBay Profile Picture Size

According to ebay, profile pictures of a product need to exhibit all the major features so that consumers can get a good look at the product. So this is an opportunity for you to impress your targeted customers.

That’s why the ideal ebay profile picture size is 150 by 150 pixels and it is proven to be effective.

From the above image you can see which one is looking great and which is not. Only the size also doesn’t matter but also how well you present it does. 

In the first image the white backdrop complements the products and because of that it looks more impressive than the other one. From this i hope you get a clear idea of what your ebay profile photo size and backdrop should be and why it is so important.

Most frequent questions and answers
What is the maximum photo size for ebay?

The maximum photo size that is allowed to upload on ebay is 12 MB. but i would suggest to use less than that by keeping the image quality high as much as possible.

The minimum photo size for ebay is 500 pixels and the maximum is 9000 pixels but the recommended product photo dimensions for ebay is 1600 pixels.

What image format is best for images on eBay?

You can’t use any format you want on ebay. According to ebay image requirements product photo formats are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF.

Do I need to edit photos for eBay?

Ebay encourages its retailers to provide natural looking product photos. But photos direct from the camera can contain dust, spots, and can be over exposed because of the lighting. You can’t upload images with flaws so what you need to do is edit it and make it flawless but by keeping the natural look.

Bottom Line

If you can impress your targeted consumer with your ebay photo gallery then your sale will grow like a rocket. Who doesn’t like profit, right? But profit doesn’t come easy. For ebay store product photos are your major component to attract your consumers and make profit.

So following the ebay photo requirements will ease your hassle and help you to make your product photo look impressive.

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