How Long Does It Take To Learn Photoshop

How Long Does It Take To Learn Photoshop?

Learning Photoshop can take some time. Therefore, it’s a must to know how long it takes to learn Photoshop. Furthermore, because it would let you better prepare for the required training, different professionals would find different learning curves and timelines for Photoshop. So let’s dig deep into it. 

To be specific, learning Photoshop could take you around a few weeks to 4 months. But, of course, it depends a lot on your current projects. Right in the following article, you will get the entire guideline on how long it might take you to learn Photoshop. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Right now, we will review the times it would take you to learn Photoshop. The following guideline you would find out in a detailed timeline as well. As Photoshop is used in various tasks, different persons would take other time to learn it. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Learning Time The Photoshop Whole Interface - 1 Week

Photoshop Whole Interface

It would take at least one week to learn Adobe Photoshop interfaces. When it comes to learning the Photoshop Interface, it has several sections. The first comes the toolbar panel at the left side of the interface. It would help you to get different sorts of tools.

At the top, Photoshop has the top bar with tons of options. These are some of the crucial options which are mandatory to learn about. Plus, Photoshop has different panels on the right side to help you out. Thus, you would need some time to learn all of these at once.

Photoshop Learning Time for UI UX Designer - 2 Months

For UI and UX designers, learning Photoshop would take up to 2 months. To be specific, creating a user interface is a bit tricky task to accomplish. Moreover, you may need to work with built-in grids and other features to create a user designer. 

You may need to work with the dimensions and other properties of the built-in options. It would take a while to learn for any UI UX designer. Besides tools and features, designers may also need to know the shortcuts, which is why it’s a must for you to take a timeline of a couple of months to complete the learning process. 

Photoshop Learning Time for Photo Editor - 3 Month

Photoshop Learning Time for Photo Editor

Learning time for any Photo editor would take at least three months. As Photoshop is best for photo editing tasks, an editor must know a lot of features for editing a photo. In addition, an editor needs to master making the balance of different effects. 

To give an overview, a photo editor must spend a lot of time practicing each technique and tool. Some tools are crop, selections, brush tool, and others. Apart from the essential tools, the photo editor may also need to learn several effects and adjustment features.  

Photoshop Learning Time for Creative Design - 1 Month or less

In short, the learning curve for creative design takes one month or so. Learning Photoshop for creative purposes like creating image manipulation can take time. But, once you know how long it takes to learn the basics of Photoshop, you could start learning the advanced options.

On the flip side, you could learn other features for better creative design. But, it could make the process a lot longer. Once you cover the rest of the tools and effects, getting professional-level output would be a lot easier.

Photoshop Learning Time for Printing Tasks - Less Than 1 Month

In less than a month, you could learn the basics of printing tasks in Photoshop. First, you need to practice the basic features of Photoshop to start doing printing tasks. Then, with regular usage, you could master the built-in features suitable for creating printing material and completing printing tasks. 

Moreover, you have several advanced options to learn for printing tasks, like converting files into CMYK, fixing color tone, and others. Whether you realize it or not, Photoshop offers a great set of printing features to work on. Depending on the situation, you may need to learn these extra features.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have researched how long it takes you to learn Photoshop. Below are the questions which might appear in your mind.

Where Can I Learn Photoshop?

You could learn photoshop from online resources. Like articles, YouTube videos, paid courses, and so on. On the other hand, you could go for offline sessions to learn more about Photoshop and related terms. Either of the ways needs total concentration towards the learning process as well.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Advanced Photoshop?

Advanced Photoshop can take you up to 4 months of contentious learning. It is because the advanced features are a bit tough to grasp. So, you need to start getting into these advanced options with enough time at hand. But, the total learning curve might get a bit longer depending on your understanding.

What Method Is The Best To Learn Photoshop?

Among all the methods mentioned above, online learning is the best way to approach the issue. Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare are popular platforms to learn Photoshop on the go. It’s the best way because you can know and pause anytime.


In the end, getting informed on how long it takes to learn Photoshop would be beneficial for you because the learning curve could be different based upon the purpose. For instance, as a photo editor, it might take a little bit longer to learn than for printing tasks. 

That’s why you must take time and don’t rush off right away. It would help anyone better learn the features and effects of Photoshop for specific projects. You only need to prioritize the options which will be needed on particular projects. As a result, you would get a shorter learning curve to go on.

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