Best Size For ecommerce Product Images

What Is The Best Size For E-commerce Product Images?

A high-quality, optimized e-commerce image with the appropriate size will enhance the customer experience of any Estore. Nowadays, e-commerce websites are seeing a slight increase in traffic, and to grab the buyer’s attention, knowing the best size for an e-commerce product image is essential. The best size for e-commerce product images is 640 x 640 or 800 x 800.

So, as an eCommerce businessman, balancing product quality and size is a seller’s duty to keep any eCommerce business on track. According to research, over 45 percent of visitors say they are less likely to buy if an e-commerce website takes a long time to load, and the cause of this is an unprofessional image of the products.

eCommerce Product Images Why It Is Important

A product image is a basic element for running an e-commerce company online because it influences buyers to get into the product. A properly sized image complements the product description, making it more valuable to the visitors. 

But one question that may arise is what is the image size? Image size mainly indicates the image pixel dimension. An image size mainly reflects the height, width, and other information of a particular picture. A digital image pixel should be classified in two ways: one is the total number of pixels and the other is the dimension of the pixel. That means the same image can contain different megapixels, such as the 4368 x 2912 pixels needed for a 12.7-megapixel file.

In an e-store, the customer cannot touch the product; they can only see the product, so it is the sellers’ duty to make them buy the following products. In today’s visual world, an image is an important component in shaping your customer’s perception.

An e-commerce store may contain a variety of product images that vary in many cases, such as resolution, angle, quality, and size. But a virtual shopper, at first glance, only sees the product image. The image that will look eye-catching will make them buy that particular product. In the case of picture optimization, the eCommerce product image sizes are the most important factor to consider. The use of perfectly set product images for eCommerce sites is a key component that helps enhance sales.

Of course, if someone goes to any e-commerce store and sees a blurry, low-quality image of any product, of course, they will not buy it. This used to happen because shoppers needed to view beautiful, high-quality images to get convinced. So, at any point, adding a well-sized digital picture to an eCommerce website cannot be ignored. before uploading, please prepare your images for the eCommerce store.

Identifying A Digital Image

A digital image is a type of photography that creates a picture using electronic photodetectors. Those images are saved as computer files and are ready to be processed digitally. The use of electronics rather than film to record and store the image is the most fundamental distinction between digital and traditional photography. And nowadays, running an eCommerce business using digital images has no alternative.

Product Image Types In Ecommerce Business

There is no specific classification for the eCommerce product image type. But according to buyer demand, sellers can classify the size of the product image. This classification may be based on the number of the product, the size of the product, different angles of the product, images with props, the purpose of the image, and different shots of the image may create this classification. 

Product pictures could be group or individual, they could be large or tiny or medium, sizes should be different, angles should be varied, props could be used, such as mannequins and hangings, the image could be infographic or promo, and last but not least, the style of the image will depend on the size of the images. 

Appropriate Size For The Ecommerce Product Image

Appropriate Size For The Ecommerce Product Image

The product image that suits your website perfectly is the best size for you. But still, to push the sale on the e-commerce site, before putting an image, a seller should concentrate on the image dimension. An eCommerce website’s product image should be set in such a way that it can grab the attention of the shopper in the best possible way. 

Usually, for an eCommerce site, a slideshow, thumbnail, and blog are the three suitable sizes.

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Thumbnail As Small Size

A small-sized image mainly refers to 100×200 or 200×200. These sizes of images are appropriate for highlighting the basic features of products’ shape, color, and design. Moreover, shoppers can see the full view of the thumbnail pictures by clicking on them.

Medium Size For Product Page

Every product requires high-quality, optimized images for the eCommerce product page. These photographs should show the object from several angles, such as the front, side, underneath, and so on. The image is commonly 640 x 640 or 800 x 800 pixels in size.

Large Size For Zoom Photo

Large-size photos are mainly demanded by specific cameras and lighting frameworks. In a zoom-sized photo, a specific portion of an object can capture only one element of the entire captured product.

A detailed capture is important for unique patterns, fabrics, textures, and colors. 

The best size for zooming is 800 x 800 or 1000 x 1000, which is ideal. Moreover, large-sized photography is frequently utilized for eCommerce product sites as well as advertising pictures for social media. Zoomed eCommerce images can also be used by a store owner to set realistic expectations about the level of quality.

Unchanging Size For All Product Images

Using consistent images to keep the look elegant on an eCommerce website is a good idea. Using various sized images on a website can make the look of your website disorganized. A disorganized website is a drawback for a rising business.

Other Recommendations For The E-Commerce Photo Size

Image size is, of course, an important factor, but even including this, there are a few more requirements for eCommerce product images. Such as: 

  • Quality – Professional lighting and realistic color should be used to create high-quality product photos. The seller can use filters to improve the image and make it look like it appears in person, but just to match real-life hues.
  • File Format – TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JPG, and BMP are all common formats, although JPG is the most prevalent.
  • Color – Avoid using any harsh color images on the website and the background color of the product is also considerable. 
  • File size – 640 x 640 or 800 x 800 is the appropriate size for the e-commerce photo. 
  • Ratio– Although 1:1 square is the most frequent aspect ratio for an e-commerce product image, many sites or departments have a different ratio for their products according to their needs.
  • Resolution– Ecommerce websites mainly require a resolution of 72 to 300 dpi.

Ecommerce Image Size Restriction

Many e-commerce sites have their own image size limitations, which take precedence over what you’ve just read. Some e-commerce sites, for example, determine the maximum image size to be 512 x 512 pixels. When you load 1000 x 1000 images, they are manually scaled down to 512 x 512 pixels.

Furthermore, knowing more about e-Commerce products’ image restrictions, do some research about e-Commerce product photography.

What is the most appropriate image size for digital photos?

Ans: Many photographers take photos at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which would be a nice size for displaying on a computer screen. Moreover, 400 x300 pixels is also good. The usual rule for printing is that the print size should be between 150 and 200 pixels per inch.

What size should product images on Shopify be?

Ans: The suggested size of the Shopify picture is 2048 x 2048 pixels. This, they claim, is the perfect Shopify image size, providing merchants with a better mix of image quality and site loading speed.

What is the best zoom size for an image used in an e-commerce store?

Ans: 800 x 800 and 1000 x 1000 are enough sizes for a zoomed photo. 

What is Amazon’s product image size?

Ans: Images must be at least 1000 pixels in width or height on Amazon. Moreover, 1600 pixels is on the longest side of an Amazon image. A photo for Amazon can’t be larger than 10,000 pixels, and the picture frame should cover at least 85% of the frame.


To conclude, the best size for e-commerce product images depends on the dimension of the image. As an online businessman, it is important to maintain the appropriate dimension of an image, such as 640 x 640, 800 x 800 for a basic image, and for zoom pictures, 800 x 800, or 1000 x 1000, is the ideal one.

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