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What Is The Perfect Shopify Product Image Sizes

Getting your product image ready for the Shopify store can be a mess if you don’t know the correct Shopify image sizes for product photos. Yes, Shopify also has product image guidelines just like amazon and all the online stores have. 

Product photo nowadays is becoming a huge differential factor to increase the sale of your online stores. The factor doesn’t stop with only uploading eye-catchy product images. It has some technical side as well. 

So why do product photo sizes matter so much? Today in this article we will learn why image sizes are so important for Shopify store owners. We will also know about the Shopify product image size for different photos. We also have a dedicated article about the best size for eCommerce product images, if you have an online business you can check this out.


Did you ever explore an e-commerce store and buy something online? I bet you did, but If you didn’t, then you should. Now as a consumer think about your exploration and the product you purchase. 

What makes you buy that product? Let me tell you, the first thing that made you purchase that product is the product photo itself. In the Shopify world, product image size matters a lot. Listing your product with perfect Shopify image dimensions allows your products to perform better both visually and also technically in the Shopify store.

Image sizes for Shopify products aren’t always noticeable as they remain in the background and push the photo up to perform better. 

Now that we got an idea that image sizes are important to make your product photos visually appealing, let’s know the technical side of Shopify product image requirements. 

There are different aspects of the image size that we need to follow before our Shopify product object listing. If your Shopify store takes a long time to load, then the consumer will lose interest in buying the product from your store. Or if your Shopify store looks crowded, it will be difficult to find the product the consumer wants. 

Everyone wants to get visitors continuously in their store, but keeping them at the site and making them buy products is a challenge. To achieve that result, the product photos need to be well optimized like products need to fill 85% of the frame, no unwanted object, etc.

In a Shopify store, there are three types of image requirements that retailers need to follow to make their store eye-catchy and provide an unprecedented smooth experience to their customers. 

With premium image retouching product photos can take up your storage, but a large size image will slow down your store then. So you have to produce high-quality product photos keeping the image size in control.

What Role Shopify Theme Play On The Shopify Image Dimension?

Shopify product Image Size for eCommerce Business

Before we go into the different product image dimensions for the Shopify store, remember the Shopify theme you will use to build your store will also have some criteria for image sizes to be uploaded. 

Making a Shopify store is not just like uploading product photos you have to create an impressive appearance along with eye-catchy product images. According to Shopify’s image requirements, all the Shopify product image sizes need to be in 4472*4472 pixels (20 Megapixels) and file sizes of up to 20 MB.

You may think 20 MB for an image should decrease your store’s loading speed, yes you are right. Shopify gives you a boundary that you can’t exceed no matter what.

To integrate your product photos with the Shopify theme, follow the required image dimension of the theme. 

Whatever Shopify theme you used to build your store, you will find three types of image dimensions:

  • Shopify Slideshow Image Sizes
  • Shopify Collection Image Sizes
  • Shopify Product Image Sizes

Now that we know the limit for Shopify product image dimensions and also the image that we need for the Shopify store, let’s break them down one by one.

Shopify Slideshow Image Sizes

Shopify Slideshow Image Sizes

Shopify slideshow image is the most viewed image for any Shopify store. It is the first thing that your visitor will see, and we know that first impressions are the deciding factor most of the time.

Above we have talked about large Shopify image sizes and how it can affect your Shopify store negatively. But for slideshow images, we will suggest you upload high-quality product images because it will be the deciding factor for your store if the visitor will buy something.

The ideal Shopify slideshow image size is 1200px to 2000px width, and 400px to 600px height. Use a higher resolution image for slideshow as much as possible. It will help you create a positive impact on your visitor from the first glance.

If anywhere you need to sacrifice on Shopify product image size, then you should do it here. To create a long-lasting experience at a first glance use your best product image in the Shopify slideshow image section.

Shopify Collection Image Sizes

Shopify Collection Image Sizes

Shopify collection images and product images require almost the same size and dimensions. In Shopify, a group of product images is known as the Shopify collection image. Except for shopify slideshow image sizes, collection image and product images both have almost the same image size requirements.

One thing you need to maintain is consistency among the image sizes and dimensions. It will give you a Shopify store with a clean and focused look.

Shopify Product Image Sizes

Shopify Product Image Sizes

Shopify product images are the center of attraction of your store. Slideshow image and collection image can impress and create curiosity to stay in your store and drive your visitors to explore your products.

It’s the product photos that make your visitors purchase that product even if they need it or not. Presenting your product photos perfectly can even generate traffic and increase recommendations.

If you ask me, I would suggest you use 800 by 800 pixels for shopify product photos. Generally speaking, it’s best to take more square shop pictures when the items are involved. They place themselves more effectively for mobile use, and you should give this a priority if much of your traffic comes from mobile users.

Optimizing Shopify Image File Sizes

Let’s say you have solved all the issues regarding shopify product image dimensions, but there is one last important work that you must do and that is optimizing your product image. Why image optimization for web is important?

Well, the answer is simple. If you use product images without proper optimization, your store will get slower and slower. Large shopify image sizes will take up your store’s space and will load the images slower, eventually. 

To avoid this and fix the photo, optimize your product images in such a way that you get a high-resolution image but in small file sizes. To achieve this combination, it requires experience and an expert hand with right instructions.

You can reduce image file sizes using photo optimization apps online for free. But doing so your image will lose quality and texture. Optimize your image during its post processing session. It’s the best time to optimize your product image because here you will know how your image optimization is affecting the quality of your product photo. 

Select your image editing expert wisely to avoid any quality issues and get a top-notch optimized product image.

What are the Ideal Shopify Image Sizes?

Shopify gave a boundary for the product image size that may upload to the stores. According to Shopify’s product image requirements, the image size should be between 4472 x 4472 pixels with a file size of up to 20 MB. 

But we can’t say this is the ideal size for Shopify product images because these are very high-resolution images and using images with large sizes can slow down your store. Forget about Shopify, the theme you will use to create your Shopify store also has its own product image requirements.

The ideal Shopify image sizes are actually the images that will look impressive and also the size of the file won’t affect the loading time. That means according to your taste and need you to have to optimize your Shopify product image size, keeping them between the boundaries.

How to Get Your Shopify Image Sizes Picture Perfect?

If you want to get your Shopify images size picture perfect, then you have to follow the requirements and be consistent with the image size you use in your store. 

Whether you create a product image for slideshow, collection, or product listing, be consistent with every type of photo you use in your store. Optimize your image size according to the policy and maintain the same quality for different screen sizes like smartphones or tablets. Doing this the visitors will feel like the continuity across the platform and screens.

How Shopify handles images?

After uploading a product image to Shopify, it does some minor image compression by itself in its server. Shopify compresses the image into a 72dpi version. You can upload your product images in the 72dpi version, which will allow your product image to avoid Shopify’s compression process.

What is the best size for eCommerce product images?

For different e-commerce platforms, product image requirements are slightly different also, but requirements for the image file size are not so different after all. The reason is file sizes increase the loading time of your online store and this can have a large impact on your business.

To increase the client conversion rate your store needs to load faster, but to do so if you upload a low-quality image can affect your business in the same way. The ideal image file size for eCommerce stores are 72 Kb.

Yes, I know it is significantly less than compared to the high resolution of product photo retailers shoot and produce. To meet the sweet spot where your image won’t exceed the ideal size and also look perfect, but with specialized image resizing by the hand of professional experts, you can achieve the target.

Final Verdict

Doing online business is becoming a huge thing day by day. Retailers are making a profit, and people are getting their desirable product without going through any hassle. Shopify stores are trending among famous online stores like amazon, eBay and more.

Before you create your store you have to have the knowledge about what to do and what not to do. As you will sell products on Shopify, knowing the requirements of shopify image sizes is a must. 

Image size for shopify products are not only for the visitor, they also help your store to rank up based on the results. Finding the right combination of shopify product dimensions and image sizes can save and grow your business and let you beat your competitors.

You may get confused with Shopify image requirements because shopify allows you to upload product images with 20 MB size but in eCommerce stores there will be hundreds of images and if you use 20 MB image files your store will run like a turtle.

In this article, I tried to clear this confusion and give you an obvious idea about shopify product image requirements. You not only have to follow the rules of shopify but also have to follow shopify theme rules. 

At The CPS, we have ecommerce product photo editing specialists who keep all the latest updates of online platforms image requirements and work according to that. They work using their years of experience and always try to achieve better results in every photo.

After reading this article you can edit your product photos on your own, but if you edit photos then who will run the business? Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

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