Difference Between eCommerce and eBusiness

The term eCommerce and eBusiness seem to be quite similar to each other but let me tell you that they are not anything like that. Though people will argue about that because most of us don’t actually know the exact definition of these two. Today in this article, I will discuss, what is the difference between eCommerce and eBusiness? 

I will try to cover both of these two topics as much as I can. From the actual definition of these two to various examples of them in the real world market, all will be covered today. So without further delay let’s start today’s discussion…

Definitions of eCommerce and eBusiness


So what is eCommerce and how does it work? For this part let’s know the answer to what it is and in the latter part, I will talk about some examples of eCommerce thoroughly. The full form of eCommerce is electronic commerce. It is a process by which people can buy or sell products via the web or the internet.


E-business is also known as the electronic business and it is a process that helps to conduct businesses using the internet, extranet, web, and intranet. It allows the transaction of e-commerce as well as the execution of internal business processes, such as production management, inventory, risk, financial management, etc.

Now let’s talk about the differences between eCommerce and e-Business…

What is the difference between eCommerce and eBusiness

Though both of them are similar to hear, they are totally different things. We already know what they are but now we will see the difference in detail. E-commerce and E-business are closely related to each other but not because they are similar but because to do eCommerce we need an online transaction process which is an eBsuiness process. 

E-commerce: Definition And Categories Of Selling Product Online


According to the definition of eCommerce, we already know that sellers sell their product and consumers buy those products via the online platform. So Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress is an example of eCommerce. The summary of eCommerce is, It’s a location on the internet where someone uploads a product and then someone from somewhere discovers it and purchases it.

This selling and buying can be divided into two sectors. One is where people sell and buy physical goods and another where they sell online services. Let’s get a little more into these two sectors. 

Physical goods on the online platform

An online platform where you can buy and sell products that you can touch is called eCommerce store. Today everything can be found on these eCommerce stores and from any corner of the world, you can purchase it in a couple of minutes. Yes, eCommerce makes shopping that much easier. 


Here sellers can register and then upload their product pictures to start selling them. So it is also easy for the retailers to reach the consumers. Let’s talk a little bit about a few of the largest eCommerce stores in the world.


It is one of the frontline eCommerce stores in the world. At their early starting point, they started selling books but later they expanded it and started selling all sorts of physical goods from grocery to electronic products. 

Online retailers can sell their products on the Amazon platform by following their terms and conditions. Retailers need to register first and then upload photos on the product listing of amazon by following their image guidelines properly. 

Read our in-depth article about amazon image requirements and also other online stores product photo guidelines.


It was established on an idea of selling goods that are not being used by their owners anymore but the product still works or it may work after doing a little bit of tuning. Today eBay is not the same and sellers can now sell their own produced brand new products and make a profit also. 

Sellers can open a store by registering on it just like amazon. There is no limit for legal products that you can sell on eBay but you can’t sell any illegal products because it is strictly prohibited. 

Apart from these, you will find tons of international and also domestic online platforms or eCommerce stores that allow you to buy or sell products. 

Now it’s time to talk about the online services in eCommerce.

Online services in eCommerce

Above we talked about online stores that sell physical goods but there are also some sites that sell online services. You cannot touch these services. The perfect example of this kind of online service provider site is freelance sites. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. You usually pay for the hourly rate of the worker. But there are also several cases in which you pay, not per hour, but per project.

You can purchase anything online for any service that does not require a physical presence. But you can also purchase services that are physical in e-commerce sites. An example is Craigslist, which helps you to purchase plumber services. This plumber will go home and you’ll pay him the job he’s done.

E-business: Definition And Categories Of Providing Online Services

E-business Definition And Categories Of Providing Online Services

As we know from the definition of it that it is a process by which you can make money online. Now you may think that you can also make money online through eCommerce also but let clear things to you. In eCommerce, you can make money by selling something that can be physical products or nonphysical, and it’s more of like a direct give and take process. 

But in eBusiness, there is nothing like that. Let’s go a little bit deeper into it with examples…


We all know youtube, right? It is an eBusiness platform because here people do not sell or buy anything but they can earn money online from youtube. It is a free video streaming platform where people upload their videos and others watch them. You can open a channel on youtube anytime and start uploading your videos right away. 

Youtube is a unique platform for video content creators. You upload any unique content on youtube but remember you cannot upload videos that are created and presented by others. 

Blog sites

It is also a way to earn money online and unlike youtube, here you can present written content for readers. Just like youtube you cannot copy other’s content and publish it. There are tons of blog sites where you can publish your content or you can make your own blog site and then write and publish your content there. Bloggers make money in many ways, including payment for product updates, sales of their own e-books, ads, or consulting.

Final Thoughts

So to get the answer to, “What is the difference between eCommerce and eBusiness?” let’s summarize all the things above. eCommerce is a product buying and selling process and it is part of eBusiness. On the other hand, eBusiness is a money-making process online and it does not need any buying and selling at all. That’s all for today, hope you like it. 

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