How to Increase Online Sales by Optimizing Product Photo

How To Increase Online Sales By Optimizing Product Photo

In this new year, we will all have some new resolutions and opportunities. As an online business owner, this new year brings more opportunities than the previous one. People are leaning towards online stores more and more. This results in 4% of the possible increase in online retail sales in 2020. So, if you are an online retailer, you must know how to increase online sales in 2020.

Presentation is the number one key to impress your consumer. As a seller, you have to present your product in such a way that your consumer grabs your product in first attempts. So, there are no other options but to use a perfect and flawless product photo for presentation. Not every photo of your product is perfect nor you can use a product photo straight from the camera to your online store. You need to optimize it and make it look desirable and catchy. I am not only talking about image optimization in tinypng site. There is a lot in product photo optimization than these image compressor software does. All the image resizer is good for optimizing the image file size. The optimization I am talking about is not only the file size.

Types of Image Optimization

There are several types of image optimizations that increase online sales. One is the product image requirements of eCommerce websites which all the sellers need to fulfill strictly to do business with them. Another one is the image size optimization which will make product web page lightweight and help in SEO.

You can resize image in Photoshop or gimp. Resizing an image in gimp or Photoshop requires a manual process. You can resize image free online using image optimization software like tinypng, resizeimage, picresize, lunapic, photoresizer etc…​

Other than these two types there is another one which is not a requirement but recommended for your own good. All the product image guidelines of ecommerce websites are the minimum criteria to work on their website.

To attract today’s consumers, you have to give them extra of everything. Which means you have to give some extra also with your product image. Let’s learn a few ways to optimize your product image which will help you to increase your online sales.

1. Choose the best angle

Choose the best angle

Your consumer will see your product on the screen. It can be small or big but the perspective will be the same. So, try to achieve an angle that suits your product perfectly and enhances the viewing experience. Choosing the best angle for product photo is very effective. In amazon image policy, they recommended keeping the product ratio in a frame is least of 85% (According to Amazon Image policy). It helps to showcase every detail of your product and also helps to avoid any destruction.

You cannot have all the information from one angle so try to capture from different angles. You can adapt to the new age technique for your product photo which is 360-degree. 360-degree image is still a new thing in the marketing world for retailers. So those who adopt it will be benefited and recognized as a unique brand.

2. Highlight important details

Highlight important details

Never miss any details of your product while you showcase them in your online store. Specially highlight the important ones first. The specific descriptions of each product are essential for potential buyers. As an example, when selling handbags, you need to show pictures of the inside, since there are some key features–the inside purses, keyrings, the holder of the credit card, etc… And if your product has many parts or components, make sure that you identify them.

You need to ensure that these details are realistic. Be fair to your customers. If they’re pink, don’t show pictures of magenta heels. Inaccurate product representation can lead to a disappointing result, a large number of returns and poor customer reviews. Images of 360-degree can also show information. 360 view presents your customers with a new level of interaction. You will communicate with your client and understand your product more. Which, in turn, will help the business to cut costs and also raise the convertible prices.

3. Keep photos simple and focused

simplicity is the key to brilliance and keeping your product image simple will increase the standard of your brand. Millions of online traders are around the world. Online shoppers have a choice of a certain product from any retailer so it’s your responsibility to ensure that your photos give them a clear view of their purchases from every point of view.

According to research, 95% of product images have plain backdrops in online sites and 85% of them are white. So white background image is highly recommended by most of the eCommerce sites as product image requirements.

4. Right number of product photos

Right number of product photos

To improve the viewing experience of your consumer, it is important to put every detail of your product. Product images from different angles can give a lot of details. Which is why the number of product photos matters a lot. Over 95% of people want 3+ product images for each product, according to consumer research.


Fig: Percentage Of Product Photo View by Consumers 

Take the Amazon search engine results page also known as SERP, compare two products and you will see the product with more photos has a better result in converting customers. The Adidas Sports Clothing brand has about 10-15 product pictures on an average per product. This is so wide because several images are shown for each color variation, as are some video content with close-ups. Adidas uses more angles than many other brands in general, and in some cases even integrates video.

Fig: Adidas Page Layout

On every product page Victoria’s Secret, the well-known brand of women’s fashion and underwear, has about 5-8 photos. This is because a large number of items are sold in several colors, and the company has a photo collection for each color. We take sometimes specific shots to show each version, sometimes on different models.

Fig: Victoria’s Secret Page Layout

Using the right number of product photos for your product will create a good impression and reduce the bounce rate. For apparel products, 8 is considered to be the perfect number for the product showcasing.

5. White background or contextual product photography

White background or contextual product photography

A white background for images is helpful for focusing on the right object. According to our survey on product image requirements for the online stores, the maximum online sites prefer a plain white background design for all the product photos. Beside plain background product photos, they also inspire for contextual photos. Plain background product photo helps to get a good look and contextual product photo helps to know the usability of the product.

contextual product photography

The consumers have to view themselves with the product and assist with this visualization process by using other images. Whilst the use of white background as key e-commerce images is important, you need to include contextual images also.

6. Consider your page layout

The visual does not only mean product images, but also the entire product page layout. The most common error I see in the optimization of product photography is the scale and distortion of images. If the image requirements of your e-commerce platform are limited, follow them. If you do not follow them, the pictures look distorted and stretched.

Most product pages have the same format, with common elements such as price information, cart buttons, color variation, and product details. If you see amazon product photo page layout you will see an overview with a featured product image. The product page layout should contain highlighted features of your products, short catchy description, the main image, and price.

While creative people may be tempted to think outside the box and do something else, product pages aren’t the best place. online retailers are qualified to replicate a growing e-commerce environment with product pages based on a similar design.

7. High-quality image and video editing

High-quality image and video editing

When we are talking about image optimization, mentioning Photoshop is a must. No matter what optimization we think about, without photoshop it is not going to be true. Whether you use your image editing online or offline with the best photo editing software, we have to do it manually, today with the help of AI there is various kind of automated photo editing tools like removebg, which is for background removal.

Like removebg there are a lot of image editing tools online for free, but with these free tools, you cannot do complex works and for the complex image, you have to use manual image editing techniques. From image post-processing like hand drawn clipping path service to image masking, retouching, ghost mannequin or image optimization like image resizing to meet product photo requirements all can be done by Photoshop.

Why do you need to invest in post-processing for the product photo? In the last decade eCommerce business took a straight upward growth curve. So, in 2020, it is predicted to be the 1st choice of shopping for everyone. The low-quality image will let down your brand which is why you need to invest in high-quality image editing services to produce premium and optimized product photos

8. Product photo SEO

Product photo SEO

In product photo optimization, SEO is also an important part. SEO is for making your product stand out from your competitors. In product photo SEO, we need to optimize the file name to the targeted keywords, use descriptive alt text and compressing the file size keeping the quality.

9. Adopt new age marketing trend

Adopt new age marketing trend

Lastly, adopt a new-age marketing trend like producing 3D product image, 360-degree photo, Live focus product image, etc.… These new types of product photos increase the viewing experience of your consumer more. The most used image editing software is adobe Photoshop cc. To follow the 360 trend Photoshop software implemented the feature needed to edit 360-degree image from 2018 version.

The promotion of products and services offers a highly persuasive level of immersion, and 360 degrees of promotion is essential.

Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates,

Now this popular photo editor (Photoshop CC) can get 360 pictures open and edit — and not muck them all. Previous versions could certainly open the files, but the process turned an image into an ordinary aspect ratio by removing features such as scrolling when viewing the image on Facebook, and by using a VR headset, by turning to see different perspectives of the image.

We’re developing capacity that enables marketers to say deep and immersive history with the latest 360 degree videos and images through sight, sound and movement.

–Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s global marketing vice president.

Following this product photo optimization, you will be able to boost online sales and increase your revenue. As an online retailer or product photography studio/agency, you might find it difficult to do all the optimization on your own. These image optimizations are generally done by a post-production house. If you have an in-house set up it will be pretty costly. In that case, you can outsource your product images for post production work to an image editing agency which will save half of your time. Then you can do the rest of the optimization.

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