Poshmark Photo Tips

Poshmark Photo Tips That Help To Increase Sales

For online stores presenting product photos are the deciding factor of whether the product will sell or not. Consumers decide only in the first 8 seconds of their product viewing experience so as a retailer you have only 8 seconds to impress your customer to make them buy.

Today I will be discussing some Poshmark photo tips that help to increase sales of retailers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced Poshmark retailer or a beginner, selling products is what you need and knowing the right secrets to sell on Poshmark like this article will be beneficial.

Doing business online you will realize that only product listings on your store won’t help you to sell them. There are so many examples where great Poshmark stores lack quality product photos.

Only professional DSLR can capture high quality images is a wrong perception of many retailers because the smartphones of recent days are made with the latest camera technologies that can shoot photos like DSLR. 

So it doesn’t matter if you have a DSLR or not.

Read the photo tips given below to increase Poshmark sales for 2022.

Taking pictures and editing them for Poshmark is slightly different than other product photography for eCommerce stores. 

The difference is not like you don’t need professional photography equipment or any professional photography studio setup. 

You need them all but for Poshmark stores you can shoot them using your smartphone also. Let’s see how you can take pictures of jeans and shoes for Poshmark.

How to Take Photos of Shoes for Poshmark

How to Take Photos of Shoes for Poshmark

Flat lay photography is what Poshmark mostly prefers as keeping everything real is their vision. 

To photograph shoes for Poshmark try using a solid white background that doesn’t take away the limelight from the product. If you don’t know how to change background color then this might help to do it by yourself

If you use a different background that might distract your customer and steal the show.

Show the measurement of the shoes so that consumers don’t have to ask you again and again.

How to Photograph Jeans for Poshmark

How to Photograph Jeans for Poshmark

You can photograph clothes for eCommerce stores couple of ways but when you start thinking about how to photograph jeans for Poshmark the best way is flat lay clothing photography.

Below I have listed couple of Poshmark photo tips that help to increase sales for your clothing product like jeans.

Style your jeans like below:

  • Stuff the leg for a 3-dimensional effect
  • Create a worn look by scrunching the fabric
  • Open the zipper and raise the pockets
  • Slim and taper the legs

Best lighting for poshmark photos

Best lighting for poshmark photos

Bad lighting gives you bad photos and bad photos perform badly. It’s a simple equation that most retailers don’t think of. 

For Poshmark you don’t need professionally captured photos with a DSLR camera or even highly retouched product photos. You can capture your product using your smartphone, do some minor editing and upload it on Poshmark.

Professional cameras or smartphones, whatever you use, only the best lighting can make your product photos amazing.

To get balanced photography lighting you should use three major lights around your product. 

You will need to concentrate on the lighting when taking the pictures to capture the best possible shots to improve Poshmark’s revenue. Natural light or window light is one of the cheapest strategies for enhancements in your images. 

Putting your subject close to a natural light window enhances your image’s overall look.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmark

To sell a product on Poshmark you don’t have to do crazy marketing or apply any complex equation. The basic thing to sell something is offering premium and genuine products to your consumer.

Please check Do I need a business license to sell on Poshmark? before starting selling, Let’s Follow these three major but basic tips to sell clothes on Poshmark.

Product Photos: To sell clothes on not only Poshmark but on any online platform, product photos are the ultimate weapon for the retailers. 

So if you want to sell your product on Poshmark be sure your product photos are clean and balanced.

Try to use a model or mannequin to style your product photos especially for cover shots.

Why cover photos?

Cover photos are the first photo that your consumer will look at and decide to move forward or return from it.

To create a great product listing there is no other alternative than uploading great photos.

Product Description: After uploading stunning photos your work is not done yet because with great photos there must be an intriguing product description attached. 

Product photos are to attract consumers visually but that consumer wants to know about the product and that’s why as a retailer you don’t want to skip a bit of detail about your product and you shouldn’t.

Write each item’s precise and in-depth summary. List the related information on colour, content, brand, scale of the list.

Product Security: We can divide this part into two ways. One is physical and one is virtual. You should be transparent with your consumer about your product.

Never hide the flaws of your product from your customer.

If your product has even a minor fault let your customer know about it and never deliver a broken or faulty product. These things will ruin your and your product’s reputation in the market.

Disclose everything in the product description and be honest!!!

Poshmark for Beginners

Poshmark for Beginners

If you are a beginner in poshmark then generating sales will be challenging for you. That’s why you should do something extra to get the attention of your targeted consumer.

This doesn’t mean you will skip the major steps to sell on poshmark. You must photograph your products professionally and upload flawless product images on poshmark. 

You must use good lighting conditions while capturing product photos, write thorough and honest product description.

There is no alternative to these things but for beginners you can offer a couple of extra beans from your bucket. 

Let’s figure out what extra beans you can offer!!!

Flexible Pricing: Pricing is a big deciding factor in generating sales. As a beginner,  you can keep your pricing flexible. This doesn’t mean you lower your price so much that consumers doubt your product’s authentication.

Compare your product’s price with the top sellers and if you can keep your price slightly less than theirs go for it.

Careful With The Packaging: Sometimes keeping your product package in one piece and delivering it to the consumer becomes challenging. 

There are several reasons behind the story.

Maybe the delivery agency you chose didn’t handle it with care or they had so many products to deliver that your product got into the mess and got muzzled badly.

So what should you do then?

You can deliver your products to your inspections.

Give yourself time to pack the things beautifully. A reasonable rule is to put the object in a plastic bag in gallon size in the shipping case or envelope before you place it.

Surprise Gift: It’s not a tip, by the way, it’s a way of expressing your gratitude towards your customers. 

Most of the famous brands do that and I think it’s a good thing to do.

You can practice this as a Poshmark beginner too. Send some surprise gifts on special occasions like their birthdays or on Christmas or new years days.

This will make your customer feel special and they will feel your gratitude as well. It will help them to remember your brand name more often.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for today.

In this editorial, I tried to bring the major points for the retailers of Poshmark. I hope these Poshmark photo tips help to increase sales. We still aim to enhance this guide if you still have concerns. 

Emma Rivett

Emma Rivett


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