Best ways to share photos with clients

6 Best ways to share photos with clients in 2021

Sharing images is the ultimate goal for any photography personnel. Whether you are a professional photographer or you have a photography studio, you need to send your work to your clients after completing it as early as you can. Sharing your photos with your clients gets tougher when you have big size files. Lack of ensuring seamless image sharing capabilities many photographers lose their clients. This is one big issue for every photographer. Not only photographers, this an issue that hurts both sides. It consumes a lot of time which results. So what is the best way to share photos with clients? How do professional photographers give photos to clients?

Sending small size photos or a few photos doesn’t create any issue. When you have large batches consisting of hundreds of images with high file size you will face difficulties. The most common issues of file sharing are

  1. File Size 
  2. File Security
  3. Transfer Speed 
  4. Lack of Tracking

With several companies, there has been a significant change in the scale and sophistication of the communication structures and the growing number of connections. Huge file sizes increase and intensify the need with speed. Aberdeen Group estimates that the “volume of file transfers is 8 to 11 percent annually, while file volume is 6 to 7 percent annually.” Vanson Bourne’s report revealed that “88% of managers say that they face challenges in moving large data.” 

In another report, Aberdeen Group estimates that the number of users who need to move files rises by 6 to 9 percent annually. With this increasing file size and number of users, sharing files more seamlessly is becoming a prior necessity day by day.

What do you need to consider for sharing photos with clients online?

What way you will use for your image sharing will depend on your goal. Do you like your clients to choose their favorite ones? Or do you want to create an impression for your commercial clients? Do your clients want their image at high resolution? And you want them to be able to download? Your needs will determine your image sharing solution. 

Most of the DSLR cameras produce high megapixel photos. The popular and favorite DSLR camera used by the most professional photographers for product and still life photography is Canon 5DX. It produces over 50-megapixel photos. With this camera, you will get images with fine detail but the file sizes will come along with it also.

You will consider the size and space of the file when you will go to select the delivery options. If you need to send several PSD files to an agency, the files will be huge and you will need a suitable solution. You need to consider the end-users and according to it the file-sharing options. If the photos are for social networking sites only, it’s best to create small files. The file sizes of Instagram and Facebook are sufficient. They compact too large images and delete unnecessary data. 

Depending on the different types of needs there are many different ways that you can use for your image sharing. Today I will be going through some best way to send photos to clients. Some of them might be familiar to you also.

WeTransfer well-known file-sharing systems

WeTransfer is one of the well-known file-sharing systems which is totally free but it also has a paid version. In the free version, you will get unlimited sharing but the catch is you will be able to share only 2GB limit for sharing in one go.

In 2009, Bas Beerens and Nalden created we transfer to give us a seamless file transferring experience for big files. The Fast Company selected WeTransfer as one of the world’s most innovative design companies.

The paid version allows you to share large files with a quick drag and drop. Unlike the free version here you can transfer up to 20 GB (no zipping required, just like “Home job” pants) of file or archive. You can also determine whether transfers can be accessed for the week, for a month, or forever.


  • Simple Drag and Drop for File sharing

  • No Zipping Required (Pro Version)

  • Track Your Download

  • Access Control ( Pro Version )

  • Email transfers to up to 3 people (Free Version) & 50 people (Pro Version)


  • Sharing Limit is Up To 2GB (Free Version) & 20 GB (Pro Version)

  • Transfers get deleted after 7 days (Free Version)

Dropbox cloud based file sharing system

Dropbox cloud based file sharing system

Dropbox is one of the most frequently used cloud based file sharing services. It has both a free and a business version. It is considered the world’s first smart workspace. In the free version, you will get 2GB of storage whereas in the business version you will get 2 to 3 TB. 

Dropbox is an obvious choice for many photography professionals, as they already have a high chance of using it for the online storage of other records. It is a resource that is already familiar to many of us whether you manage your tax documents or the Lightroom in Dropbox collection. This tool’s familiarity increases its popularity in sharing photos with clients online. 

You can upload your files and then share the link through email. The best thing is you can set what your recipient can do( Only view or Edit) with your files. You also can install Dropbox software to your pc and sync the file you want to share. After syncing just share your files whoever you want.


  • Limited Storage (2 GB in Free Version)

  • Easy to Use

  • Hassle-Free Sharing After Installation


  • Less Professional Due to Storage Limitation

  • Takes Up Your Hard Drive Storage in the Installed Version

Google Drive simple and fast file sharing solution from google

Google Drive simple and fast file sharing solution from google

Google Drive is an easy, simple and fast file sharing solution from google. It is protected by google itself. Because of that google drive is safe for both personal and business use. Google Drive provides hundreds of critical security features. These are designed specifically to protect, protect and manage your data. 

It is considered the best way to deliver photos to clients between all the free ones you will find in the market. There are a variety of options for file sharing in google drive. You can share individual files or entire folders. Like Dropbox, when sharing with them, you can assign different rights. This includes only viewing the files or editing.

It is not only suitable for photo sharing options but also for many applications. People often forget it can be a powerful sharing tool. You will get 15GB free storage in the free version.


  • Available Everywhere

  • Safe, Secure and Reliable

  • 15 GB (Free Version) No storage Limit (Pro Version)


  • Not so user-friendly for photo sharing

  • Lag in updates during peak hours

  • Uploading and Downloading Speed

Pixieset specially built only for photographers

Pixieset specially built only for photographers

Pixieset is specially built only for photographers. It has both a free and a pro version but according to me for photographers, the free version is enough. It is a better way than other image sharing applications in sharing, delivering and tracking proof for photographers.

It provides a safe way to provide high-quality dedicated image galleries with beautiful cover and layout right out of the box. You also have customer sharing options. Customers can access photos with a PIN number of up to 4 digits. 

It has social sharing built-in with a modern workflow for sharing photos with clients online. Clients can download their photos directly from a photo gallery. It allows fast and secure, full control on sizes, and a good quality tracking system.

  • Quick to Set Up

  • Fast upload and download speeds

  • Good security options


  • Only 10GB storage on Basic Plan

  • No right-click functionality within the admin interface

  • No video hosting options

Smash an alternative for WeTransfer

You can call it an alternative for WeTransfer. It is also one of the best ways to deliver photos to clients if you have large size files. It is simple, secure, fast, and image enhancing. The recipient can consult a preview of the files you have sent them before deciding to download them — even from their smartphone.

You can send them to your client by a shareable link and join an email with other relevant media formats. You drag and drop pictures onto the Smash logo in order to use Smash. You can select the availability length for your files once your files are uploaded. And if you want a password to cover them. You can send up to 2GB files at a time and it will stay on the cloud for a maximum of 14 days.


  • Send with no size limit

  • Files available up to 14 days

  • Password protection & File previews


  • Up to 2GB at a Time

  • Lack of Customization in Shareable URL Link (Free Version)

ShootProof an alternative to pixieset

ShootProof an alternative to pixieset

It is also dedicated to photographers and an alternative to pixieset. You can not only share your image with clients but also sell them by creating photo galleries in ShootProof. It is considered more of a sharing platform than transferring files. ShootProof has a team full of professional photographers to help you. You can upload pictures up to 50 MB in low or high resolution.

Most photographers are choosing Shootproof. It provides a photography firm with other useful tools. It includes the ability to sell prints and wall goods, to create and submit contracts, to create invoices for professionals and to make personalized discounts. It allows customers to download images, just like Pixieset. Via social media, they can share them for more brand exposure.


  • Only 100 Image Per Month(Free Version)

  • Simple Proofing

  • PIN protection and resizing options


  • Limited Storage

  • Creating Galleries

Final Thoughts

Sharing photos with your customers is an essential element for not only professional photographers but also for image Cutout service providers. it is often overlooked. These are some of the best applications for sharing photos with clients online. 

So if you ask me, “what is the best way to share photos with clients?” It depends on your needs, the needs of your clients, and even your budget. Research and compare before you make any decision. Based on your requirements, you can use the free version or paid version.

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