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Top 9 Tips on How To increase Depop Sales Super Fast

As you are selling on Depop, you might feel that your sales are going downhill. To improve the sales count, you must learn a few interesting tricks on how to increase Depop sales. Let’s learn the tricks which will provide you with the best possible chance of providing a staggering sales count.

Nonetheless, increasing Depop sales will let you gain more business on the go. It’s worth all your effort and time to optimize your Depop account and listing. 

Many have got great results with our hands-on tricks. Perhaps, don’t miss out on the chance to read out all the tricks to improve your sales on Depop.

Depeop first started its operation back in 2011. Later they moved its headquarters to London and the rest of the offices to other countries.  As of now, the platform is hugely popular in locations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. 

In the meantime, you need to follow some of the best tips to increase your sales. Overtime, the user base of the platform has gone to new heights. It now has native mobile apps available over Android and iOS platforms as well. 

Ultimate Guideline on How To Increase Depop Sales

Below are the Depop hacks you must be aware of when it comes to increasing Depop sales. These are tried and tested to improve sales no matter which category you are in. In addition, you should take the time and review the below-mentioned options. 

Improve The Listing

One of the best actions you could take is to improve and update your existing listing. Find out the listings which are not performing as you expected. Afterwards, update things like descriptions and titles to better suit the native Depop algorithm.

Adjusting the description and other information will lead to better performance. Hence, it will start providing you with better sales overall. This is why it’s worth time to take the time to improve the listing, which results in better sales. 

Remove Unwanted Hashtag

While hashtags can help you to reach more shoppers, unwanted hashtags can be counterproductive. Perhaps, check out the hashtags and remove the ones that are no more relevant. 

In the meantime, replace the old hashtag with new ones. For example, you could add hashtags with new ones like #kawaii #fast-fashion and similar ones. Keeping the hashtag relevant to the new trends can lead to some luck in sales numbers. 

Use Quality Images On The Listing

You might have heard, “Image says thousands of words”. Well, it’s true when it comes to product images. Weak product images will not convert viewers into customers. Hence, make sure you get a quality product image editing service if editing seems not a game of yours.

To be on the safe side, you could use better equipment and a studio to improve the image quality. But it’s often a bit costly and time taking. The best way is to try both parts: taking decent photos and editing them to perfection. 

Apply For The Right Pricing

The right price means the amount which is justifiable, yet it’s lucrative for you. One of the best options is to check other seller listings and their pricing. At the same time, you need to consider other fees as well. For example, it could be shipping cost, tax and so on.

With the right price, you could gain more sales. You could establish yourself as an authentic source as you hit the right price. Hence, you should not overprice any of the items at all. 

Improve Your Bio

The bio of your account can increase sales as well. In the bio, you can provide information about yourself. Make sure to make the bio a bit friendly. Perhaps, it would help you to make a more friendly appearance to your buyers. You must write it the way to convince your target customers.

Improving bio can lead to better engagement with your customers. They would be able to better connect with your emotions and vibe. Plus, you can answer some of the most asked questions to make the selling process a lot shorter. This makes the account bio a crucial aspect.

Be Transparent on the Shipping Cost

Mentioning the shipping cost can provide you with more sales because you can show that you are transparent about the costs. Plus, it would lead to lower misunderstandings as well as customers not getting surprised with hidden costs at all.

You could add it to the existing listing to be on the safe side. Even if the product is offering free shipping, be sure to mention it in the description. Being transparent can give you huge authority and help you build as an authentic seller. 

Have Models on Your Images

When you have a model wearing your clothes, the buyers will be more familiar with your products. They could imagine themself wearing the clothes. Plus, the attention span on the product image would be higher compared to bland, flat lay images. Even if model photography can cost a bit, it gives you a higher return.

In case you don’t have enough budget, ask your friends and family to be a model. However, when hiring models for product photography, always negotiate the rate. It would help you save up a big chunk of money, and you could capitalize it to get better images afterwards. 

Go for Free Shipping

Whether you realize it or not, listings with free shipping sell hot. But, you may need to slightly increase the price to offer free shipping. Hence, unlike other platforms, Depop lets you choose either shipping cost or free shipping on any products. 

Moreover, shipping your products free can let you get into the spotlight as well. People would love to buy from you more than ever. Because in future, you may have the chance to release products with free shipping labels. 

Add Videos To The Listing

Videos can be a huge booster for your existing listings. However, you may not need to create any professional-grade video. Just a simple video where your product is in focus would do the job. Hence, don’t get carried away when it comes to video. Keep it minimal and short. 

Hence, videos can help you to get more exposure to your listing. Videos do attract customers to get to know more about the products themselves. Plus, it offers additional info about the product, which may not be possible to show in images. So, when you have time, make videos and upload them.

Below are the frequently asked questions you should consider reading out

Is Selling On Depop Worth It?

Yes, selling on Depop is worth your time when the listings are optimized for better sales. Otherwise, it might seem a bit dull when it comes to sales frequency. You must create a proper listing which values your time and effort. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned points for it.

How Do You Get Paid On Depop?

Getting paid on Depop is far easier than on other platforms. On the following platform, you get direct payment via your added payment methods. For example, you could add Paypal to your account, and you will get payments right into the Paypal account. 

Depop is more popular among the new generation. Those who love to explore new trends are more likely to buy on Depop, which is why you should consider trendy clothes when creating your clothing collection. That’s how you could get more sales within a shorter period of time. 


These are the hand-picked tips on how to increase Depop sales within a short timeframe. Hence, when you follow these tips, it’s not guaranteed to provide you with higher sales. But, doing so will increase the odds of selling your products. Hence, you should apply these to your Depop account.

Hence, when you get higher sales, make sure to invest in some good photography. You could improve the equipment or product image editing. Hence, making sure you have a quality image will be the easiest way to gain more sales.  

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