How To Sell Clothes On Depop

How To Sell Clothes On Depop

Selling clothing items on depop requires some out of the box strategy that most of the retailers miss. Because depop is not like all the typical ecommerce platforms that we are used to.

Despite that, generating sales on depop is not rocket science because the basics of selling products online are always the same.

It’s the small but unique strategies and decisions based on the platform you are using to sell your products that make the difference.

So are you one of those retailers who is selling clothes on depop but lately your business curve is going down? 

Do you want to know how to sell clothes on depop effectively? 

Then this article can answer your questions and fill your requirements perfectly. I will cover an in-depth solution for your depop shop setup so that if you are a beginner you can set up your shop and start selling products.

So without further delay let’s get started…

What is Depop

Before we dive into the strategies, we have to learn about depop first. Because if we don’t know anything about it or how it works, then we won’t be able to make an effective strategy.

Depop is a reselling market that works on a peer to paper (P2P) product selling method. The makers have invested over $62m by knowing the growing potential of this business which is becoming true for them.

Reselling products is not a new thing but because depop is easy to use and offers premium authentic vintage products it has made its own place in the reselling market very quickly.

The features and working process of depop are more like a hybrid combination of eBay and Instagram. The classy experience of instagram and easy walk through product purchasing proves to be a successful formula for a depop app.

What do You need to Know Before Selling on Depop?

Before doing business with any online platform we must have to learn about their fees, terms and conditions, policies first. So like that there are a couple of important things that you need to know before selling on depop. But you don’t have to worry because selling on depop is very easy.

Depop Fees

Depop Fees

As you are using their platform and their services like payment getaways, depop charges a tiny share from your revenu. Depop only charges on a product after it is sold, not before then. They keep 10% fees on the sale price where the shipping cost is included. Apart from that they also take 2.9% + $0.30 for USA and 2.9% + £0.30 for UK as a Paypal transaction fees.

Listing Fees

Listing Fees

The good news is depop don’t charge any product listing fees like other platforms do. You can list as many products you want without worrying about any fees and they also charge the 10% fees after the product is sold.

How do I Find People to Sell to?

How do I Find People to Sell on depop

When you are selling a product online the toughest challenge you face is finding people to sell to. It’s near impossible to crack the first sell for your shop and it’s all because of people not knowing about your shop at all.

So to let more and more people know about your shop you have to follow others, like their posts and comment on them with a positive attitude. Being active round the clock will help you to reach people and make your shop visible.

Best Strategies on How To Sell Clothes On Depop

Now we will go through some simple yet effective strategies on how to sell clothes on depop. Not only clothes, by following the below ideas you can sell any product you want on depop.

Set up your shop

Everything will start with setting up a shop that looks premium and reflects authenticity to the consumers. Pick a name that reflects premiumness and suits your shop’s product selling vision. But don’t make it too complex because people won’t remember your shop’s name if it feels complicated. Try to give an easy to remember name and also make it feel premium.

Be Nice

If you nurture your customer nicely they will also pay you back as well. A successful shop owner named Adorian gave a statement about being nice for a depop seller. The statement goes like this, “growing your shop massively depends on how nice you are. You have to be positive, responsive, patient, understanding and send nice messages 24/7.” If you value your customer then your customer will value your products as well.

Get Consistent

You have to be consistent with your style. Product photos are the first thing that a consumer will see and judge you on that. For clothing, products try to produce premium on body, flat lay with bright colours and keep things minimal. Get consistent with your style for the shop window and your profile page because only then it will look neat and professional to your consumer.

Optimize Your Caption

Photos sell but caption helps to reach it at the targeted audiences. Insert information that you would want to know if you were buying it. Don’t oversell! Use some keywords to your caption that people will use while searching about the product such as Vintage, pre loved and many more. Include product dimensions and sizes.

Upload In Bulk

According to a depop top seller Joe Buck Vintage, shop owners must refresh items frequently as much as they can and if they can then they must go for bulk listing. Offer different variants of the same product because different consumers will like different colors and more or less features. Offer in a bundle package to get some extra sale and let your consumer think that they are saving money by purchasing more than one.

Be Clever With Timings

It’s a proven strategy for most of the top sellers on depop. According to their research they all agree that in the evening people scroll more than any other time. And to get your product noticed by your consumer, uploading them in the evening is considered to be the perfect timing. Some of the depop sellers also upload before a payday because then people have money in their hand and they will buy a product if they need it. Be clever with the pricing as well.

Be flexible

Consumers browse on an online reseller market because they are looking for products with less price. So as a seller you also keep this in mind and be flexible with the price you offer. Keep it realistic and simple. Offer money saving offers like discounts, bundle packages etc.

Package Things Well

There is no alternative to create a good impression on your customer if you want to get them back to you again. Package your product well and try to give a premium look into it. You can also send some positive messages with the package for the customer to make them feel special. This will make you a great seller and your customer will come back to you over and over again.

Quality Materials

It’s not a strategy, it’s a business ethics that all the sellers must follow. No matter what you are selling ensure the materials are high standards and qualityful. If you are selling clothing products make sure it doesn’t have any germs or any dangerous materials in it. Make sure the fabric has enough temperament left to it. Provide quality products to your customer they will recommend your shop to their friends and family.

How do I Photograph the Items?

A picture can speak thousand words and if you can portray your product well it can give you thousand dollars. For most of the product photos online platforms recommend a solid white background and there is nothing different for clothing products as well. Follow some trendy look for your clothing product photo and shoot flat lay product photography style to create stunning looking images. Not only go for professional product photographers to shoot them but also use professional help for the post processing.

How Should I Price My Items?

Speaking of pricing, always remember overpricing not only reduces your sale but also can destroy your shop by building a bad reputation among consumers. As you are selling a used product then the pricing should be in limit no matter how less it is used. If you have an almost new product try to start pricing them by 70 percent of their original price.

Does a Description Matter?

Your product photos work to impress the consumer so that they dig into the product detail. On the other hand, your description will provide information to the consumer and let them know what they are looking at. A well written description must contain each and every detail and also highlight the features of that product by knowing which a consumer will feel to purchase it. Include dimensions to get a clear idea about the product as well.

What Are the Shipping Options?

The shipping option or cost on depop depends on your packaging size and weights. Depop has multiple category for their shipping costing that goes like

  • Small ($4.50), 
  • Medium (8.00), 
  • Large ($10), 
  • Extra large ($15) package.
If your product price is under 10 dollar then you can let your customer pay for the shipping and if your product price is higher than 100 dollar then you can carry the shipping charges for yourself.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect combination of strategies on how to sell clothes on depop is tough to tell. But you can try the above ones and see what combination works best for you. The strategies I have mentioned are tried and tested by the top depop sellers.  So if you are searching your first sell but couldn’t manage yet, follow these strategies and your business will grow if you keep following them consistently.

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