How To Display Clothes For Sale Online

How To Display Clothes For Sale Online (4 Effective Ways)

Learning out how to display clothes for sale online might feel complicated. But in reality, you have quite a few options. Don’t know which one those are? In the following guideline, we will reveal it right into it. 

Moreover, displaying clothes in the proper manner plays a huge role in getting better sales online. Because most viewers determine their buying diction, you must make a great impression to attract more buyers to your clothing products. 

First, we will discuss each of the photography methods and the relevant tips as well. Let’s start.

We will start by reviewing all the methods to display clothes for sale online. The below methods are the most used to display clothes for sale online. You should learn these great clothing photography ideas at home right now.

1. Using Flat Lay

Cloth Flat lay-photography

Styles such as flat lay are among the most common among e-commerce owners. Clothing products work great on the flat lay style. In the following format, you simply lay the fabric product on the ground or on a flat surface. Afterward, you take pictures of the clothing product right away. 

In flat lay products, photography white background is the most popular one. This is why it’s better to use a white sheet as a background. In addition, try to utilize natural lighting, which gives the best result possible. 

2. Using Hangers

Hanger Photography

Hangers are one of the oldest yet most effective displaying options for clothes. You only have to gather a decent hanger to work with. Put the clothes on the hanger and start doing photography. Before hanging the clothes, make sure the clothes are clear and look good.

One of the best parts of the following method is it’s cheap and easy to go. The hangers must be stable to photograph. Otherwise, the photos might have motion blur on the clothing. To avoid any airflow, hang the cloth in an indoor studio.

3. Using Model

Jeans Image Capture Example

It’s one of the costliest methods to display clothes. However, because you need to hire models and schedule a time to display your clothes online, models can attract more viewers to your page. Perhaps, customers would get to imagine themselves with the clothing.

Hence, when hiring models, don’t forget to negotiate the pricing and rates. If you are aware of this fact, the model won’t be able to charge you a higher price. Hence, starting out is better not to go for model photography.

4. Using Ghost Mannequins

Always Use Mannequin

Among all displaying methods, ghost mannequin is one of the most cost-effective ways. You don’t need any high-paying model to create the effect, only a mannequin and a little editing will do the work. If you are not skilled in Photoshop, you could go for the ghost mannequin effect service.

In ghost mannequin effects, we hide the mannequin out of the image. It creates an illusion as if the cloth is worn by a ghost. The effects are interesting and match with current trends as well.

Flat Lay Photography Tips

When it comes to flat laid photography, make sure to take inspiration. Have a close look at their compositions and layout. It helps in all perspectives as you do creative photography. Then, bookmark some popular flat-laid photographers, and you will feel the change.

Plus, using props is the key to creating flat lay photography. With the efficient arrangement of the props, you could unleash the true potential of flat lay photography. In the same way, don’t populate the image with props. Keep minimal while using props.

Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips

When you are doing mannequin photographs, lighting is the key. Use lighting equipment like softboxes to get consistent lighting. In addition, use a diffuser-like white sheet to make softer lighting on the mannequin.

Plus, the post-production must be of good quality as well. Otherwise, the mannequin effects might not be in perfect shape. Hence, applying the effects via professional software such as Photoshop is recommended. Or you might go for professionals who provide you with similar services.

Hangers Clothing Photography Tips

When taking photos on a hanger, ensure your clothes have no wrinkles. Because if the wrinkle is not removed, it might distract the viewers. On the other hand, if you don’t want to iron out your clothes, you could learn the process of removing the wrinkles in Photoshop.

If possible, remove the shutter button for your camera. It would eliminate the blurriness when you click the shutter button. Hence it’s an optional process that could let you create better photos without any issues.  

Platforms To Sell Clothes Online

When it comes to selling clothes online, you have few popular platforms. In the following section, we are going to mention these platforms and provide you with a brief description of them. Let’s start right into it.

  • GOAT: Even though it’s popular for sneakers, it has options for clothing products like T-shirts as well.
  • Poshmark: Selling clothes on Poshmark lets you explore some of the easiest selling options.
  • Instagram: Whether you believe it or not, people are selling clothes on Instagram and making hefty amounts.

Below are the questions which might help you the most.

Is Selling Clothes Online A Lucrative Business?

Yes, selling clothes online is a profitable task. Moreover, because you get to sell clothes without any extra costs at all, these platforms let you appear to thousands of sellers hence increasing the chance of selling. All in all, it’s a great luxury to have for any cloth seller. 

How To Sell Clothes Online?

When selling clothes online, you could use buy-sell and social media platforms. On both of the platforms, you can list and sell clothes almost free of cost. Afterward, you get to deliver the cloth to the location of your customer. It’s all simple and easy to go through. 

Which Software Is Best to Create Ghost Mannequin Effects?

Software such as Photoshop works great for creating ghost mannequin effects. Because we have all the necessary options, such as selection and eraser tools, these tools let us create effects that look and feel natural and attract the viewers.


While thinking about how to display clothes for sale online, make sure you evaluate the above-mentioned options. It would give you a fair chance to consider the choices. Hence, you must choose the option which would look good for your projects. 

Either way, follow the tips mentioned to improve the product photo. With better photos, you could get higher engagement leading into more sales. This is why it’s recommended to invest in making the clothes images. It results in constant sales over online platforms, and you could expand your clothing business.

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