How To Photograph Jeans For eBay

How To Photograph Jeans For eBay

Want to sell tons of jeans online? Learning how to photograph jeans for eBay is the key to all. It lets you achieve a high amount of sales with minimum effort.

Jeans products may look dull when you don’t correctly photograph them. Doing photographs in the correct way is a must for better outcomes.

The better-looking image will lead you to better sales, reach, and attention on the jeans online store.

Today we are going to explore all the steps to photograph jeans online. The following process provides you with the best solution for photographing jeans.

Full-length Guide on How To Photograph Jeans For eBay

Photographing jeans is a lot easier with the below-mentioned steps. When you prepare better jeans for photography, they will come out splendid and fantastic. Hence, let’s get into the process right now. 

Cleanup And Arrange Jeans

The first phase of the photography for eBay is to arrange all of the jeans. If the jeans contain any dirt on them, make sure to clean them up. It’s crucial to present the products in the best possible condition. 

Meanwhile, you must be transparent if the jeans product has wear and tear. Editing the damaged parts on the image may create confusion with the buyers. Hence, showing the products in original conditions would improve the satisfaction among eBay buyers. 

Put The Jeans On The Composition

Jeans Image Capture Example

When your jeans are ready for the Photoshoot, place them on the composition. But you have several options for presenting jeans on the eBay product listing image. These are the options you could go for:

  • Mannequin: One of the most popular pension formats for jeans is to use a dummy. Implementing the ghost mannequin effects on the image gives you the impression that someone is wearing it.
  • Model: The second option is you could hire someone as a model to photoshoot jeans. You have two options: take a picture of the model from top to button. Another one is only shooting the lower part of the model.
  • Flat Lay (best for beginners): When you spread jeans on a flat surface and put a camera on top, it’s called flat lay photography. It’s one cost-effective yet efficient photography technique for eCommerce jeans product photos.

Check Out Camera Settings

Camera settings are a crucial part of getting perfect jeans photos. In the case of a DSLR, set the ISO anywhere below the 500 mark. Set the white balance to automatic or adjust it when you need. The aperture should be above f/12 to get a better-looking jeans image.

When you are shooting images with a smartphone, use the following settings. Turn on the “Rule-of-Third” composition grid. Set a timer like 3 or 6 seconds to avoid getting a camera shake. Plus, donations turn on Flash at all. These would make your jeans photos professional-looking even on smartphones.

Setup Background

For most jeans eCommerce photos, white background is the most effective one. No matter which type of photography style you are on, a simple white background always wins. A white sweep or board would be helpful in mannequin or model photography.

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For flat Lay, photography uses any clean white surface which doesn’t distract viewers. At the same time, remove the background and replace it with other colors you like. When inserting custom colors to the jeans background, make sure it compliments the color of the jeans.

Think About The Lightings

Natural lighting is one of the best options for anyone just starting up. Arrange to shoot at noontime to get the most out of the daylight. It would provide most of the light you could utilize for a jeans photoshoot.

Like with any photography project, you won’t find the perfect natural light all the time. When you have enough budget, buy some professional lighting in these cases. These lighting could be simple LED lights or softbox and umbrella lighting. Again, it’s not mandatory as natural light works great as well. 

Double-Check Your Images

At the following stage, you need to check out each image after Photoshoot. As you are taking one jeans product from different angles, select the best one possible. Further, if any images have errors, you need to edit the photos.

Talking about photo editing, you could do it in Photoshop. In case you find it hard, find a professional editing service provider. No matter how small or large scale your project is, editing images is the most beneficial step. 

eBay Image Requirements

eBay Image Requirements

Before you take on the jeans photography task, let\s have a check on eBay image requirements. These requirements would be a strong guideline on how you should format images. Here’sHere’s they are:

  • You must at least have 500px on the longer side of the image of the jeans.
  • Don’t use any border on your product listing images.
  • The jeans image must be clean and free of text overlay.
  • Listing jeans Images should be below 7MB in size.

You should keep these image requirements in mind while taking jeans photos. When you follow these requirements, uploading images will be like a breeze.

Importance Of Editing Jeans Images For eBay

Many of us might wonder, why is it important to edit images for eBay? Because editing images would provide you with the polished appearance of a jeans product. At the same time, the color of the jeans would be a lot more vibrant and appealing. 

Along with the editing, polishing images would provide the neatest appearance. For the following reason, many professional jeans photographers turn in for editing their images. It’sIt’s one of the crucial steps which provide you with the final product of an hour-long photoshoot. 

Trick To Create Ghost Mannequin Effects On Jeans

Adding ghost mannequin effects to jeans can create an illusion that someone is wearing them. It’s a lot helpful for any online store owner. Below, we provide you with the steps to create a ghost mannequin effect with an eCommerce friendly image maker software such as Photoshop. 

Step 1: Photograph Jeans on a mannequin. 

Step 2: Import the photos into photoshop.

Step 3: Follow the ghost mannequin technique to create a perfect effect.

Note: You could go for a custom ghost mannequin effect as an alternative option.

Step 4: Adjust the image parameters and export them from Photoshop.

Steps On Uploading Jeans Images On eBay (Final)

Once you take photos and edit them, it’s time to upload them. To add listing images on eBay, use the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: At first, you need to go into the listing form of eBay.

Step 2: Click on the Add Photos option on the listing form.

Step 3: Select all the jeans images you have captured and polished. In cases, you want to select multiple files, hold down the Ctrl key to select the multiple images at once. 

Step 4: Afterward, you would get editing options on the screen. Use these icons to make adjustments to the images.

Step 5: Finally, select the Save option to complete the upload.

Let’s get into the questions you may get while photographing jeans for eBay.

How To Present Jeans On Photo To Sell On eBay?

When you are presenting jeans, make them face the lighting. Everything should be visual and clear enough for viewers to watch. Be sure that jeans show the real color and texture it has in real life. Even when taking photographs from angles, make sure it looks great at the same time.

What Are The Steps To Make My Jeans Photo Look More Appealing?

You must create a natural look and feel to make the image of the jeans more appealing. Before taking images, remove all the wrinkles and spots it has. It makes sure you get a better-looking product for your jeans. Use inner fills, padding, or a dummy to add volume to the clothing.

How To Place Jeans On A Mannequin For Photography?

First, you take the mannequin, and clean it up a bit before inserting the jeans. You could only take the lower part of the dummy, which consists of the wrist to feet. Either way, beforehand, you should fit the jeans on the mannequin. 


These are all you need to know about how to photograph jeans for eBay. Taking better images would provide the best possible conversion rate.

As customers get a better view of jeans, they would be more likely to buy from your eBay store. 

It’s worth every penny to make your jeans look amazing in the image. You must try to capture a better looking jeans image.

Hence, get yourself into jeans photography and create better photos that look amazing. It’s beneficial for you as an apparel photographer. 

Make sure you put proper effort on it to create a better-looking photo.

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