How To Take Photos With Sun Behind Subject

How To Take Photos With Sun Behind Subject

Learning how to take photos with sun behind subject is an essential task for every outdoor photographer because you get to capture amazing compositions in this way.

But, as we know, shooting under the sun can cause several issues with the image. But, when you correctly shoot your images, it will provide you with better results.

Hence, try out our tips to get amazing looking photos. It would be worthwhile for you as you avoid all the possible errors at once.

Many photographers have got compelling photos with these items, and you should follow them as well.

Pro Tips on How To Take Photos With Sun Behind Subject

Taking photos with the sun behind the subject needs a lot of skill and practice. Yet, you could achieve perfection on your photoshoot with the below-mentioned points. So, try to follow these tips, and in the end, you will get amazing photography results free of any errors. 

1. Utilize Spot Metering

You could create camera settings and utilize the spot metering technique to create enough lighting. In spot metering, you manually select the subject on the camera. Afterward, the camera starts creating balance regardless of the lighting around the subject. It’s helpful to avoid any sort of overexposure. 

2. Darker Background

Darker Background

When photographing under the sun, you try to use a darker background. For example, you could find a greenery scene when shooting outdoors. As a result, it would help you highlight the subject with the sun’s rays. The contrast between your subject and background creates an amazing composition.

3. Customize The Exposure

Customize the exposure of your camera when shooting under the sun. Whether using a DSLR or smartphone, you will find out the exposure settings. You should point out your subject and adjust the exposure accordingly. Or you could use modes like Automatic or others to achieve it faster.

4. Photo Merging Technique

Another easiest option to get great outdoor photos is to blend several images into one. Like, you could capture two different photos with different lighting exposure. Afterward, blend them into one with image editing software like Photoshop. It would give you great results.

5. Create Silhouette

Create Silhouette

A trendy effect you get under the sun is a silhouette. Hence, you could create a silhouette which looks good. Another thing to notice is that in silhouette, your subject remains darker. Therefore, only the shape of your subject would be visible on the image. 

6. Fix Out White Balance

Don’t forget to tweak your camera’s white balance to get perfect exposure. Plus, fixing up the default white balance helps you to capture the true color of the scene. You could either go for automatic settings or customize it in real-time to get the best possible results. 

7. Go for Lens Hood

Go for Lens Hood

Lens hoods are a must when you are shooting under the sun. Why? Because your lens gets total protection from the direct sunlight. As a result, your image comes out as composed and balanced. In addition, you get to avoid high exposure and capture the photo while your subject is the focus. 

8. Use Reflector

Use Reflector

Another cool way to make your model shine even in sunlight is to use a reflector. A reflector can be a whiteboard or cloth which reflects the sunlight. For example, you could direct the light to your model to improve the lighting. As a result, your subject stays in focus and well lit even under a bright sky.

9. Try To Utilize Backlighting

Use backlighting when you want to create a unique lighting composition with the sunlighting. Backlighting is the ones you set up right behind your subject. It creates an ambient that creates amazing results when combined with sunset times. Golden hours could be a great time to use it.

10. Capture The Glow All Around The Subject

When capturing photos, you could try to create a glow around the subject. The golden lines around your subject appear when you angle the sun rays at certain angles. The best part of the glow around your subject is it creates beautiful contrast from the background. 

11. Don’t Shoot At Direct Sun.

One of the things you should avoid is not shooting at the direct sun. Because it creates unnecessary exposure, which burns out your photos, it’s not good for your photo as your subject would be a lot less visible. As a result, you need to spend more time editing the photo.

12. Post-Production

After you shoot all of the photos outside, it’s time to edit your portrait images. Again, use Photoshop or any other software to edit photos. But, if you want a premium look, try hiring a freelancer or agency instead. It would help you to save time and hassle at the same time. 

Why Should You Learn to Take Photos With Sun Behind

Taking photos with the sun behind has quite a few perks you should explore. Below we have listed some prominent benefits of taking photos with the sun behind your subject. It would convince you to take a photograph under the sun.

  • Creates unique effects: You get amazing effects that are not easy to create without sunlight. For example, it creates hairline effects which look great as it creates shine around your subject.
  • Golden Hours: You get to utilize the golden hours, which provide amazing effects. Plus, many professional photographers use these golden hours to capture great photos. 
  • Great for silhouette photos: You can create silhouette photos using sunlight. With time and practice, you get to capture the beauty of silhouette images. 

Drawbacks Of Taking Photos Under the Sun

Let’s be real; taking photos outside with the sun behind the subject can have drawbacks. You must keep these aspects of issues in mind when you go on a photoshoot outside. These would help you better prepare for your photo shoot. 


Sunlight creates unnecessary exposure, which ultimately burns out your images. Therefore, you must be aware of the exposure issues when taking photos outside. As mentioned before, use protective equipment like lens hoods to avoid overexposure.

You could edit the photo in the post-production when it comes to mild exposure. But it’s better to remember that fixing your exposure can be tricky. Hence, a qualified photo editor can help you fix the overexposure issue faster and smoother.


Another artifact you get when taking photos outside is flared. Flare can distort your images and make unnecessary effects. To avoid flare on your photos, use anti-flare coated camera lenses. In addition, it would help you to avoid lighting noises like glare and flare on the images.

Flares are hard to remove in post-production, so you need to try to avoid any sort of flare as possible. Meanwhile, you may fix minor flares with photo editing. However, while taking photos, try to minimize the flare.

When taking photos outdoors, you might have questions. Let’s take a look at these questions altogether.

Aperture count such as f/16 is best for taking photos in sunlight. You should set the ISO to low points along with the aperture count. These options would help you to get great photos all the time. Plus, make sure to customize similar settings of your camera.

Golden hours are the best time to take pictures outside. Hence, golden hours are before one hour of sunset and one hour after sunset. It gives you the best effects on the image right away.

You could go for golden hour filters on your mobile app. Or you could replace the sky with a golden hour sky. It would provide you with the effects when seen during these hours. But, in case you don't feel comfortable with it, try hiring someone to apply the effects. 


Getting into how to take photos with the sun behind a subject is a must because you master the art of taking photos outside. 

Plus, you can overcome visual errors such as glare, flare, and overexposure. Therefore, it would tremendously help you to achieve finer results.

Hence, take time while you create photo composition under the sun. Don’t rush off, as it might create problems within your images.

Better images would lead you to better results. So try our tips right now, and you will get the best result possible.

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