Product Photo Editing Tips

Product Photo Editing Tips | Most Affordable Ways Of Photo Editing

There are many affordable ways of product photo editing to make white background product image. But why white background product photography is important? What are the necessary product photo editing tips you need to know this year? According to GLADYS D, one of the authors of SHIBUSA STUDIO, “top 3 reasons why using white background is a PLUS in product photography”

  • Highlights the product
  • Encourages Consistency
  • Saves you money

Product photo on a white background is also one of the major product image guidelines for online stores. We already talked about eCommerce product photo guidelines in our earlier article.

To give your consumer the best view and increase your sell, product image with a pure white backdrop is the best solution. So do you need to crop your product image? Yes, you certainly do to achieve the best result. Because only image cropping can give you the luxury of putting your product image to a white background. 

You can crop and remove the background of your product in many ways. Not all of them are perfect for you. Some are cheap but time-consuming, whereas some are very expensive. Finding the right spot will determine your success. Below, we will discuss all the choices and each of the advantages and disadvantages. For your budget and quality standards, you will make the best decision.

Use Automatic Online Image Editing Tools

Today you can find so many options for image background removal online that sometimes you feel no use of professional image editing software like adobe photoshop or GIMP. These automation tools are very easy to use and works moderately well and they also can save your time. All you have to do is upload the image click some buttons and the algorithm will do the rest automatically without any cost. Some of the most used online image editing tools are remove bg, pixlr, fotor, lunapic, etc…

Automatic Online Image Editing Tools

The algorithms and automation work well with simple product images. When you will have a bit more complex or dynamic product image you will get a half edited image most of the time. You might also find some of your products part is also removed. 

Many of these automation programs provide ways to change the image after you remove the background of it. But whatever you choose to do, the algorithm will do that according to its own instructions. So even if you try to make the finest product image by manual editing after the background removal is done, you won’t get all the tools you need. So instead of saving your time and money, you might end up giving more.


  • Save Money

  • Very Easy To Use

  • Saves Time


  • Low-Quality Image

  • Lack Of Advanced Editing with the tools

Learn How To Remove Backgrounds Using Photo Editing Software

If you have a lot of time, then you can learn photo editing by yourself. There are tons of image editing software free for use. You will find thousands of photo editing tutorials on the internet or you can do a course on it. Below you will find types of software you can learn and use to do image editing.

1. Remove backdrop of any image using adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC is the ruler of image post-production genre for over a decade. This is the most professional and advanced photo editing software that you can find. It’s not free but the money you spend will be worth it

Photoshop is a powerful business tool. Learning Photoshop you’ll get a chance to learn new skills and can handle all the post-processing work on your projects, or adding some fun to images you share on social media.

–By Jennifer Smith, Photoshop expert


Photoshop allows you to delete a backdrop in various ways using different tools according to the kind of product with which you are operating. You will have a great deal of flexibility to adjust your picture to the smallest details pixel by pixel. You will get the ability to work in a professional way with clipping path, image masking, selection, separation, etc.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing software with all the professional editing tools in it. Sometimes you will get overwhelmed by all the tools as a beginner and this is the major drawback of learning Photoshop. Because of this, learning photo editing in Photoshop can take years to master. If apart from editing your product images, you have other things to worry about, it might be the last thing to your work schedule. And even for trained Photoshop experts, removing photos from their backdrop can still be very time-consuming.

2. Background remove in GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the best adobe Photoshop alternatives. GIMP is an image editor that can be accessed from GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and other operating systems also. It is very convenient as it is free for everyone.

Background remove in GIMP

GIMP gives you sophisticated photo editing tools to accomplish your image post-processing. Thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins, you can further increase your productivity with GIMP. You can learn GIMP by seeing image editing tutorials for GIMP.

GIMP is the most common open source image editing software on the planet, a free photo editing app emerging as the photoshop alternative. Gimpshop has an offshoot that imitates Photoshop’s look and terminologies, and is also free of charge.

–By Bogdan Rancea

There are a couple of ways to remove background from image using GIMP. You will find several tools to do the background removal process. We have an in-depth tutorial on how to remove background in GIMP. I will suggest you follow that and you will get the results you want.

3. Remove background in PowerPoint

This is the most unconventional way to learn background removal. We know PowerPoint as a presentation making software. It is the most used software for presentation making but many of us don’t know it can remove the image background also. Powerpoint has a dedicated option for it. You won’t have to do or go somewhere to learn how to remove the background from an image in powerpoint. Just insert your image then go to “Format” and you will find the “Remove Background” option. Click on that and you will be able to select the area you want to keep or remove. You can find many tutorials for this technique on the internet.

Learning is always good but for an online retailer or professional photographer, learning and implementing a new thing is a hassle. Learning image editing has its own pros and cons.


  • Can edit any image you want

  • Save money

  • Produce high-quality image


  • Need untraceable time for learning

  • Then need lots of time for editing on your own

  • Cannot focus on the real job

Set up Your Own In-house Image Editing Team

If learning photoshop isn’t a thing for you then you can set up an in-house post-processing team or hire an employee for your product photo editing. Hiring an employee or setting up your own in-house post processing will give you freedom of working on your job however you like. Let’s say you have a person interested in learning Photoshop then it may be a good chance of learning new skills for him/her also.

If you hire an experienced graphic designer then they must know how to remove image backgrounds. But if you have a large quantity of product images to be edited and you consider that one or two graphic designers to take on that photo editing responsibilities, it will be almost an impossible task to pull out for them. On the other hand, spending the whole day on image cutout for background removal could sound like a lot of fun but it is not. It’s dull, repetitive, and frustrating at times. However, here the role of the in-house production team will come into play. 

The costing of in-house production team is very high. Let’s say you have built a post production team with 4 highly experienced graphic designers and Photoshop experts. In a survey ZipRecruiter finds that the average salary of a Photoshop expert is $567/week across the US.

While monthly salaries of ZipRecruiter are up to $26,000 and as low as $1,708, the majority of Photoshop Expert jobs currently run between $2,45% in the United States and $3,792 (75%). The average salaries for a Photoshop Expert job vary a little (around $1.333), which means that even with several years of experience, there are few chances to raise compensation or advance regardless of location.


  • Getting high-quality product image

  • Freedom of uncountable revisions

  • Team dedicated only for your job

  • Chance of learning new skills


  • Time invested in creating the perfect team

  • Costing for creating the perfect team

  • Pressure for maintaining the combination of keeping the quality high and delivery time short.

  • Hassle of hiring the right person

Choose a Freelancer For Background Removal Service

Let’s say you have no scope of learning photoshop what will you do then? Hiring a freelancer will also do the job for you. A lot of skilled photoshop experts are hungry for work and they will happily edit your pictures for you. You can pay them per picture or per hour. You do not need to pay salaries or benefits, and you only pay for what you need.

Freelancers charge a little more sometimes to compensate for the lack of insurance than an in-house employee. The latest 2019 design salary survey from AIGA indicates that the annual earnings of a freelancer are 30% higher than in-house junior or intermediate level designer earnings. Even at higher rates, it could work for you to pay a freelancer because only if the work is done you will pay and you don’t need to keep anybody full time.

Freelancer will work exactly according to your requirements but it is hard to get revisions from them after a couple of times. So frequent changes to your requirements aren’t very appreciated. Other than that freelancers are an individual person and they have a limitation on capacity.  If you have an industry level of work then it will be very difficult for an individual freelancer to give you the support you need. As they are an individual person they might have issues like sickness or go on vacations etc… So you cannot fully rely on them.

Another thing is you’re not the only client of the freelancer you hired. So You will be going to end up queuing with other customers when you request work. So he/she will edit your photos when you get your turn. It could take weeks before the edited shots are provided. You might end up offering a rush fee for faster turnarounds, but it will cost you more.


  • Pay as much as you need

  • Choose the best for background removal

  • Need not to worry about giving any extra facilities


  • Have to spend more than an in-house setup

  • Lack of resources

  • Lack of free revisions

  • Unprofessionalism

  • Short longevity

  • Data safety

Background Removal To a Photo Editing Company for Outsourcing

If you feel taking the hassle of setting up an in-house image post processing team, outsourcing product photo background removal to a clipping path company will be the best choice for you. The clipping path service specializes in hand drawn clipping path and background removal service. Here you will get high quality product photo retouching services at a competitive price. You can pay when you need image editing just like freelancers. On top of that, you don’t need to carry any pressure of managing a team or hiring anyone.


Companies can process more images than any freelancer and also has the fastest turnaround time than an individual graphic designer. The CPS can deliver any project less than 6 hours in case of an emergency. The normal turnaround time for product photo editing is at most 12 hours. Companies often usually have more longevity than a person, so you know you can use them as long as you need when you find the one you like. You don’t have to think about your file safety as well because the high standard companies such as CPS will guarantee 100% data safety.


  • Pay for what you need

  • Get premium quality image

  • Get fastest turnaround time

  • No need to think about resources

  • Unlimited revisions

  • No matter how big your quantity gets the job done within the deadline

  • Get multiple image editing services at one place

  • Will provide service for a long time

  • Data safety


  • Hard to find the perfect one

You will find tons of photo editing tips on online but not all of them are affordable. In this article I tried to narrow down the list of product photo editing tips that are affordable for photographer from beginner to pro level. You can choose any of the above according to your taste but for the best result that releases some pressure from your head and pocket, i would suggest you to go for the professional image editing company.

Bordie Capron

Bordie Capron


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