What Does Reserved Mean On Poshmark

What Does Reserved Mean On Poshmark?

As being new to Poshmark, the yellow flag on the product listing might bother you a lot. Perhaps, you might wonder what does reserved means on Poshmark? Are they put up by the buyers or something automatic? It turns out it has some key meaning.

The “Reserved” mark appears on the Poshmark when a buyer is currently on their way to buy the product. It helps the buyer and seller understand an item’s real-time update. 

As the yellow mark only lasts 10 minutes, you could wait a bit. Once the timer is up, check whether the product is sold or not.

Reserved AKA yellow mark on the product listing appears when a buyer clicks on the buy button. The reserved mark stays in place for 10 minutes while the specific buyer is busy filling out information. It allows the buyers to keep in the buying process while giving signals to other buyers.

Hence, as a buyer, when you see a glowing yellow mark saying “Reserved,” it indicates that a buyer is in the process of buying the unit. But as a seller, you may sometimes want to put the reserved sign on your products. It turns out you have the option as well. More in the next section.

Steps on Manually Reserve an Item

Well, Poshmark doesn’t offer you the option to reserve any item. But, you have an alternative way that would help you to prevent your listed product from getting sold. Hence, you could apply the “Note For Sell” label to your product listing.  To do so, you only have to click on the edit option from the listing detail page. Afterward, you only have to tap on the option “Mark as Not for Sale.” In the same way, when you want to make it available, go into the Edit > “Mark as Available” option in the Poshmark app.

Beneficials of Reserving Feature on Poshmark

The reserved label on Poshmark is beneficial for avoiding misunderstanding. In addition, it signals that someone is on their way to buying out the following listing. Hence, as a new buyer, you won’t go further wasting your time trying to buy out the product. 

You could try checking out the same product when the reserved sign is not showing. Then, while you click the “Buy Now” button and insert information, the listing will start showing the “Reserved” label. Perhaps a reserved sign helps buyers know someone is filling up the info to buy the product.

How Long Is An Item Reserved On Poshmark?

No more than 10 minutes. The label stays in its place while someone is completing the purchase. As a result, the label will disappear from the listing after 10 minutes. As it’s not anything controlled by the seller, the automated system will work on its way.

It’s one of the best options as it doesn’t stay in its place for a shorter period. So you only have to wait for the mentioned time frame to check out the current status of the product.


When you know what does reserved means on Poshmark, working will become easier because it lets you discover one of the helpful features on a buy-sell platform. 

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, learning the meaning of the Yellow flag is essential. The main idea is to make it clear to the buyers that the item is in the process of selling. 

Perhaps, don’t worry about anything next time you see a yellow reversed label on your listing. It’s fine and among the normal mechanisms of the platform. 

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