How To Take Product Photos For Instagram

6 Pro Tips on How To Take Product Photos For Instagram

Believe it or not, Instagram has the most engaging and purchasing audience. Perhaps, you must optimize product photos for the platform. On the specific blog, we will get into how to take product photos for Instagram. 

With the better-optimized product, photos come with better engagement. It eventually leads you to more sales of your products. 

In a similar way, many business owners have harnessed the true potential of Instagram. Their products got all the attention and viewers that they might never have imagined.

Most of all, it improves your brand awareness among the targeted audience. It’s a solid win for your eCommerce brand.

Having product photos for Instagram has become one of the top social media marketing strategies. Because nowadays, Instagram has the most buyers. Keeping a presence on Instagram will make sure you appear to your targeted audience.

It’s, further, a good idea to promote your products on Instagram as well. In turn, you get to reach new customers and get newer queries on your product. All of these triples up, especially when you have fashion or beauty products. 

Regardless of what the category of your product is, you must optimize product photos for Instagram. 

Pro Tips on How To Take Product Photos For Instagram

When you need the best product photos on Instagram, check out the below-mentioned steps. As you follow better rules and procedures, your image will be best looking. In addition, optimized photos will get higher shares and engagement as well.

1. Go for Flat Lay

A Simple Flat Lay image

In simpler words, flat lay is way popular on Instagram. When you want to maximize the potential of your product image, go for Flat Lay. Most Instagram users are used to the style and vibe on the flat lay. You get to attract these viewers and get higher engagement.

Setting up flat lay photography is not much of a deal. For instance, create a plain setup, place the product on the surface and start taking photos from the top direction. We know it might seem a bit intimidating, but with time it will come to you. It would be better if you check out our Flat Photography guide for in-depth info.

2. Have a Lighter Background

Have a Lighter Background

Pastel colors are becoming trendy nowadays as a product background. Even when you scroll through Instagram feeds, most of them probably include a lighter background. For the exact reason, choose a light-coloured cloth or sheet as the background. 

Having a light color as a backdrop makes the whole composition warm and welcoming. Plus, it blends nicely into the Instagram interface. As we have seen, lighter coloured backgrounds such as off-white convert more than one eCommerce product page; you should follow it out.

3. Manage Proper Lighting

Manage Proper Lighting

The overall lighting setup can either make or break your product photography. First of all, try to utilize natural lighting. It will do other things if you do photography besides a window. But as we know, it’s not always sunny outside. In such instances, use artificial lights like softbox and umbrella lighting.

Don’t worry about having expensive lighting gears, as you could use any cheap LED lights as well. The key is to diffuse your lighting and make a softer shadow. Use a soft cloth in front of light if it’s cast a harder shadow. Do the same to the windows if the sun is brighter than usual.

4. Photography Grids

Photography Grids

Remember the old-age 3×3 vintage photography grid? We are mentioning it right now. In other words, it’s called the rule of thirds. You could turn on the grids on both your smartphone and DSLR camera. Once you turn it on, the lines will be visible on your camera lens.

The main idea is to align your product to the appearing grid lines. It helps your photo to have balance and appears attractive to viewers. Either you could place your product at the center or place it at any of the intersections of the grid lines. In both ways, image composition attracts more eyeballs to the Instagram post.

5. Check Out The Styles 

Before you stick to a specific product photography style on your Instagram page, check out the trend beforehand. When you find out the perfect style fit, make sure to stick to it for a while. In addition, don’t hop in between different styles. Maintaining a consistent style will help you create brand awareness for your page visitors.

Maintaining a certain style will help you get started with your setup. As you don’t need to adjust the setup, the process takes less time. Hence, it’s the best option to keep working on a specific photography style that suits your product.

6. Be Aware of Props

Be Aware of Props

When you are adding props to the image and experimenting with product photography ideas, be minimalistic. Most people often clutter their product image composition with unnecessary, which is why choose the perfect props which compliment your product. For example, you could use props to place your product onto.

In addition, the product should be in focus and main attraction. Don’t let the props distract the viewers from your product. Minimal props increase the diversity of your images yet provide full focus on your product. 

Post-Processing Tips on Images

Let alone the photography process; you need to do a little bit of photo editing as well. In some professional words, it’s called “Post-Processing” as well. In simpler words, it’s the step where we remove all the spots and errors from the image. 

Go for Photo Editing

Software such as Adobe Photoshop works wonders when you are going to edit your photos. Examples are photo editing tools like the quick selection tools, spot healing, pattern stamp tool, and others. These tools work great for all formats of basic photo editing as well. 

But, most of the time, editing photos is a tiresome step to go on. This is why some prefer going for someone to let them edit their photos. Hence, you could have product photo editing services work on your behalf. On the other hand, you could learn Photoshop via free resources such as Youtube.

Mobile Apps Might Help

A Simple Mobile Apps Image

Product photography apps might help as well. Apps like Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express, and Snapseed. These apps are great as you don’t have to go into advanced options. It lets you free out any of the errors that may bother your image.

In addition, you may need to try other apps to find out the perfect filter for your images. In the app store, you have an abundance of photo editing apps to choose from. Try and test out which one makes product images clearer and more vivid. 

Things To Avoid When Taking Product Photos For Instagram

You have several things to keep in mind when you are taking photos on Instagram. Keeping aligned with these rules will give you a headstart on your Instagram product photography journey.

  • Avoid Using Higher Lighting: Most beginners make the mistake of exposing the setup to more than necessary lighting. Hence, always use white sheets to diffuse the intense lights.
  • Don’t Go Barehand: Having a Tripod is essential for anyone wanting to get consistent still images. When you are going to capture images barehand, it will include blurriness, which is why you don’t ever go for product photography without a stable base.
  • Rushing The Photoshoot: Don’t ever rush the photoshoot as it might result in errors. Take proper time to set up your photography composition. If possible, do your photoshoot at the correct time frame. 

Let’s get into the questions which may interest you.

How To Make Sure I Get A Better Instagram Image On The Phone?

When you are taking product images over the phone, make sure the filter is the correct one. Along with that, the photography time should be perfect. Plus, the phone should be stable to take better images as well. 

Things You Need To Get Better Product Photos?

To have a better image on your phone or DSLR, you need a little equipment. Like, a tripod, remote shutter button and a nice-looking light-coloured backdrop. To be fair, you don’t need any expensive gear when you know how to take product photos with phones. Better work on your photography composition. 

What Are The Steps To Turn On Grids On A Phone?

For Android mobiles, go into the Camera > Settings > Grid Lines > 3×3 Grid. On the other hand, iOS device users should get into Settings > Camera > Grid. Once you turn on the grid lines, make sure to align the subjects along the intersection of the grid lines.


Learning how to take product photos for Instagram is the core of social media marketing. When your product photos frequently appear in front of potential buyers, it gives your business a huge boost. You should not leave the opportunity of having better marketing.

In addition, these photos will help you maintain and grow brand awareness. Beyond that, your Instagram can be used as a catalog to attract potential sales. It’s a win-win situation for anyone who has an online eCommerce store. 

With better sales comes the pace of the business. Get up and start taking product images for Instagram.

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