How to Photograph Furniture for Your Ecommerce Store

How to Photograph Furniture for Your Ecommerce Store

Are you looking for sky-rocketing sales on your online furniture store? Learn the proper way on how to photograph furniture for your eCommerce store. 

With better photographs, products get higher visitors, shares, and impressions at once. Moreover, tons of store owners have followed the below-mentioned tricks. Thus, they got great results.

Whether it’s a huge commercial or small business, a perfect product image is necessary. It makes sure you get a higher return on each investment. 

Thus, our tutorial is one of the easiest to follow. Check it out right now.

Let’s get into the process of photographing furniture for your eCommerce store. With proper photography, you could increase the sales of your eCommerce Store. Following these steps would provide quality photos to attract more visitors to your eCommerce store.

Clean Out Your Furniture

Clean Out Your Furniture for photoshoot

Cleaning out and shining up the furniture at the first photography stage would be your priority. Whether it’s brand new or it’s old, clean it up and polish it as you need. You have to sue the polisher, in any case, to use it in the right places.

Further, the set should not contain any spots on its body. Even if it has any spot right at the front part, make sure you fix it out. Finally, the photograph should not contain any visible imperfection. Checking out these aspects is crucial for your eCommerce furniture photography as well.

Select The Location With Correct Times

Location and times play an essential role in photographing your online store. For example, taking photos right beside the window is a great option. Because at such places you could utilize the daylighting as well.

Shooting photos at noontime, for example, noon, would be the best option. Because it’s the time when you would get the most out of the natural light, but in case the sun rays are too strong and create harder shadows, use a diffuser. Clothes would work great to diffuse the light coming out of the window.

Use The Correct Lighting & Backdrop

Use The Correct Lighting & Backdrop

In many cases, furniture can create shadows that are not pleasant, which is why, if you are looking for professional results, use the best softbox for product photography. Softboxes would create a quality composition. It would eliminate bad shadows and light up your products in the right way.

Selecting a furniture photography backdrop is an essential aspect as well. It’s better to select a background free of any discretion. On the other hand, white is the best one to choose if you want to use a solid background. Because white color will make the furniture look more appealing to customers.

Think About the Camera Lens

Camera lenses can provide you with a great boost in photographing furniture. You could use product photography lenses to get better results. The best lenses provide you with the aperture and focus for proper click. As a higher amount of light goes into the lens, the picture stays sharp and clean.

When choosing a lens for furniture photos, make sure you choose the lens which has at least an f/1.4 aperture count. Moreover, if the lens has a Tilt-Shift feature, it would be a plus for you. In addition, the lens should not be heavy as you might have to carry it. Either way, take time while choosing the perfect lens.

Keep White Balance In Mind

White balance can provide you with perfect settings to shoot furniture. Many times, the default DSLR white balance can be an issue. But, most of the time, setting the white balance to “Auto” would be fine to go. In such cases where the shot doesn’t come out perfect, alter the settings to manual.

It’s better to remember wrong white balance can create all sorts of trouble while taking photos—fine-tune the white balance before starting the photoshoot. You should finalize the camera settings before going into the photographing process. 

Check Different Angles

For furniture photos, angles play a great role. Because, it’s often a bad practice to shoot straight from the front. Instead, always place it at angles to make your product look attractive. For example, you could place the set to a 45-degree angle to show off the unique part of your product.

Taking multiple photos is the key to getting proper furniture photos. Taking multiple photos can provide you with the best choices a lot faster. Moreover, it allows you to explore and check which angle is the most attractive in the photo.

Stabilize Your Camera

While photographing furniture, you need to keep the camera as stable as possible. In such cases, a tripod does the job a lot better. Because you only have to set the camera on top of the tripod. Whether you are using an iPhone or a DSLR camera unit, making it stable is one of the most important priorities. 

You might feel a bit laggy with the tripod, but it is essential to get a clean image. It would avoid any vibration on your camera. As a result, your photoshoot would be consistent throughout the photoshoot, which is why you should use a tripod all the time.

Use Props Where Necessary

Use Props Where Necessary

Props can make your image look modern and trendy. For example, you could add a few trees around the furniture. If it’s a sofa, put some pillows to make the image look authentic. You could create a proper interior for shooting your furniture.

But avoid overstuffing things into your products’ photos. The main aim of the product images is to show the customer the products. Too many props would distract your customer from your furniture, which is why try to keep minimal while selecting props as an extra option.

Go For Editing

In the end, you must go for photo editing services for a better impression for your eCommerce store visitors. For example, in a few images, you may want to remove the background or improve the brightness and others. In these cases, go for a background removal service provider.

Nonetheless, retouching images would provide you with the greatest outcome from your photoshoot. Even if you have any errors, you could fix them later in the stage. Finally, retouched images get greater attention and clicks. Thus, try out editing photos yourself or go for a custom surface.

Should You Use Presets To Edit Your Furniture Photos

Presets can be a great option if you don’t want to detail Photoshop. But, you won’t get enough flexibility with presets. Most of the packages would provide you with more or less the same results. So, you need to select the correct photoshop photo-editing presets.

Plus, the presets can get inaccurate even in easier tasks as well. Further, it’s hard to find the perfect source of presets which are genuine. Of Course, Adobe Exchange can be a great option, but its pricing is a bit higher than usual. Either way, choose the presets with proper consideration.

Why Removing Background Of Furniture Is Important

Why Removing Background Of Furniture Is Important

Removing the background is essential to improve the focus of the image. Moreover, it helps to eliminate unnecessary objects in the background. For eCommerce businesses like Amazon stores, removing the background and adding white background is necessary. 

Many experiments show that a clean white background helps improve the product’s appearance. In fact, removing background can help you make the file a lot lighter. As a result, it would improve the loading speed of the product page a lot.

Few Things To Remember While Photographing Furniture

You should remember a few facts while photographing furniture. Keeping these options in mind would help you get better furniture photos for your eCommerce store. Moreover, these are standard practices to get better photos.

Keep Things Minimal

While creating a setup for furniture photographs, keep everything as minimal as possible. eCommerce store visitors don’t want to see many things around your product. Therefore, keep the photo focused on the product and avoid unnecessary props. Use backdrops for furniture staging for a cleaner output. 

Create A Perfect Setup

Lighting can be the difference between decent to great photos. Setting up the lighting in the perfect way can eliminate harsh light. Hence, make sure you use quality softboxes or utilize the daylight perfectly. As furniture has tricky surfaces, creating a perfect furniture photography studio environment is the key.

Angle Is The Key

Furniture doesn’t seem too attractive when photographing them from a straight angle. So instead, placing the products in angles like 45-degree is the key. Whether it’s a table, chair, or fancy sofa angle, always make them look more appealing. But, of course, you must follow the rule as well.

Let’s get to the additional questions on the topic of eCommerce furniture photography.

How Do You Create Furniture Photographs That Turn?

If you want to create a photo that turns around, go into 360-degree photography. It’s a complex set of techniques that lets you photograph from every angle possible. You could take these images on yourself and combine them in Photoshop to create one.

How To Stage Furniture For Photography?

Make sure to repair any scratch beforehand unless it’s used furniture. Then, clean up the place you are going to photograph. Which is why, make sure to use natural light. If the natural light falls short, use a softbox or other lighting equipment.

Which Camera Would Be The Best For Furniture Photography?

Cameras such as Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR would be best to photograph furniture. You could explore another set of Nikon lenses that would be suitable for eCommerce product photography. Either way, take some time and choose the best one.


Learning how to photograph furniture for your eCommerce store can help to increase your sales right away. Further, follow our mentioned process to get better results out of photographs.

Photos will be cleaner and more polished as you get into the best practices. Plus it would attract a higher amount of visitors as well. 

Thus, avoid being in a hurry, and photograph with care. It would improve the conversion, sell and brand value of your store. 

Let’s take all the steps which turn your blatant product photos into colorful and deserving ones. Everyone would love and share your photos, perhaps helping your business to grow.

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