Amazon product photo editing 5 easy methods

Amazon Product Photo Editing: 5 Easy Methods to Success

As an Amazon seller, your product photos often serve as the initial point of contact with your customers and have the power to make or destroy your business. Thus, after taking the product photograph, properly editing it is quite important.

Usually, there are 5 key things every Amazon photo editing should feature, such as removing distractions, bringing out more details, perfect sizing, bringing out true colors, and adding realistic touches to the photo.

We recommend checking out the article until the end to understand all these better. We will take you through all the necessities of product photos on Amazon. Let’s get started with it.

Requirements for Amazon Photos

Uploading your product photos on amazon comes with some requirements. You need to fulfill those requirements to get approval for the product photos. Below are some criteria to follow for uploading Amazon product photos –

  • The file formats for images can only be TIFF, JPG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Your product has to cover up to 85% space on the image.
  • The image size needs to be 1000px at least, or preferably even larger.
  • Keeping the background pure white is also required.
  • Try avoiding borders, texts, or logos in the product photos.
  • The color mode has to be either RGB or CMYK.

How To Get Copyright-Free Photos For Amazon Products Listing?

An essential thing to do with Amazon product photos is to ensure they are copyright free. Using copyrighted images can get you into trouble at times. So, you should always try to use product photos that are copyright free.

There are typically two ways to get copyright-free photos for your Amazon products. Here’s how you should get copyright-free pictures –

Click and edit the photos yourself

The best way to get copyright-free images is to create them yourself. Just click the product images with your camera and edit them yourself. 

You will need a camera and the skills to edit product photos to do that. It’s all up to you whether you know all that stuff.

With this option, you won’t have to spend extra money if you have the tools. Also, it’s the best way to get copyright-free images because everything will be original, and you will own all the rights.

Use an amazon product image editing service

Use an amazon product image editing service

Another good way to get copyright-free product images is through service. You can hire an amazon image editing service to capture your product photos and even edit them. You can get professional-quality images to upload to your product listing.

Finding the perfect service is the main challenge here. Fortunately, we will ease things out for you with our amazon product photo editing service. 

We provide professional quality product photo editing with our expert editors. To judge the quality, you can also get a free trial of our service.

Tools For Editing Amazon Product Photos

For starters, clicking product photos isn’t a big deal when you have a professional camera. Your primary focus with the images should be editing them with perfection. There are plenty of excellent tools that can be used as amazon image editor. Let’s check out some of them.

Adobe Photoshop

Every time you hear about photo editing, you will think about Adobe photoshop. It’s the most versatile photo editing tool you can find out there. You can do creative things like manipulation or making cool designs with your product photos.

Adobe Lightroom

While Lightroom is pretty much similar to photoshop, this software has some specialties. It’s better software than Photoshop for retouching photos and making them look better. It’s also great for color grading. 


Well, if you don’t have experience or knowledge regarding Adobe software, then Canva might be a great option for you. It’s a beginner-friendly photo editing software that lets you edit some amazing photos without too much skill required.

Affinity photo

If you are into creative designs of your product photos, then Affinity Photos might be the thing for you. It gives you options to edit photos in such a way that makes them look unique and appealing. It also has a pretty easy-to-use interface.


For people who don’t want to pay for editing software, Pixlr is the best option. It’s free-to-use software with some good editing features. You can make your photos look pretty good with the available functionalities of the software.

How To Edit Photos For Amazon Listing? [5 processes to Follow]

By now, you know how photo editing works for Amazon products. If you choose a service like ours, you won’t have to worry about this part. But if you plan to do everything by yourself for copyright-free images, we are here to help with that as well.

Below, we give you the 5 processes you need to get down to edit photos for amazon listings. Learning and doing those in photo editing should give you some good-quality product photos for your Amazon listings. Let’s get through them.

Background removal for amazon

The first thing you must do with every amazon product photo is to remove the background. It’s important to eliminate distractions in the picture and focus on the product only. The best way is to remove the background and make it all white.

Almost every photo editing software can help you remove the background easily.

#2- Photo Enhancements

Photo enhancements for amazon

Next, you can move on to photo enhancement. Enhancing the photo is all about bringing out the details in the image. Getting a detailed product photo is important so customers can see every little detail. It helps them make a buying decision.

While many applications are available for getting the job done, we feel Adobe lightroom works the best here.

#3- Resize And Cropping

Resize and cropping

Afterward, you can resize and crop the photo to meet the size requirements. 

As you saw earlier, the preferable resolution for an amazon product photo is 1000px or more. So, you have to resize your photos according to that.

Also, you need to crop the image properly so that the product can take up 85% space.

#4- Color Grading

Color grading for amazon

Once you have done the three steps, you can move on to making your product look more appealing. 

Color grading is a great way to make your product images pop more. Especially if it’s a clothing product, then color grading becomes almost a necessity.

You should try color grading for all products so they pop out more. But don’t overdo it because that might make the product mismatch from the original thing.

#5- Work With Shadows

Work with shadows

Finally, to make the products look more realistic in the images, fix the shadows on them. You can try adding shadows to the images using the most advanced editing software. Of course, you have to learn it, but it’s not that difficult to do either.

If you have taken product photos in a professional setup, then you might not need it. But for regular setups, you need to add some shadows after removing the background to make it look realistic.

Best Practices For Amazon Product Photo Editing

Well, you know the basic process, but it’s not the only thing to achieve success. To make it successful, we have some advanced tips you can follow for better amazon product photo editing. Here’s what you should do–

  • You must follow the technical photo editing requirements from Amazon at all costs. 
  • Try using images from different angles of the product for better engagement.
  • Adding features or specifications to the products can help out a lot.
  • Make sure to keep the products centered and focused on the images.
  • Avoid blurring out the images and keep good clarity on them.

We have reviewed almost every query you might have had for Amazon product photo editing. Still, we will answer some frequently asked questions that many people have regarding Amazon product photos.

Are Amazon Product Images Copyrighted?

Yes, if the seller uses their resources to produce the product photo, it is usually copyrighted by Amazon. You can’t use the same picture elsewhere on the internet, or you will have to go through copyright issues with the image.

Where Are Amazon Pictures Stored?

All the product photos of your Amazon business get stored on Amazon photos. You will need to have an Amazon prime subscription. With Amazon prime, you can get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage.

Does amazon offer product photography?

No, Amazon has no feature or option where you can get product photography for your business. To do that, you either do the image capturing and editing yourself or pay a service to do it for you.


To sum up, preparing for Amazon product photo editing is important if you want better business on Amazon. How you do that is completely up to you. You either do everything by yourself, or you can hire a professional.

One tip we can recommend is to click the images by yourself. Then get an amazon photo editor to edit the photos professionally. It’s a good way to have a copyright-free image while keeping the quality top-notch.

Whatever happens, emphasize the photo editing part of your amazon business. It’s a very crucial part to keep in mind.

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