Navaho Mizsey

Navaho Mizsey

How to Smooth Edges in Photoshop

For photoshop experts, learning how to smooth edges in photoshop might not be a big deal, but it…

How To Create Realistic Drop Shadow

Photoshop shadow effect can enhance the visual experience of a photo just by adding shadow to it. Among…

How To Sell Clothes On Depop

Selling clothing items on depop requires some out of the box strategy that most of the retailers miss….

6 Easy Guide on How to Remove Backgrounds in Gimp

Looking for a complete guide on how to remove backgrounds in Gimp? You are on the right page….

Best Size for eBay Photos | eBay Photo Requirements

If you are an eBay retailer who is looking for the best ebay photo size to increase the…

White Background Product Photography Full Guideline

Every business whose key operations are the selling of products today knows that e-commerce is important for success….

How To Fix An Overexposed Photo

  You are shooting on a bright sunny day and you are feeling like getting every shot perfect….

When Did Color Photography Became Common?

The photography we see today is a result of research, tried, and refused processes for centuries. Can you…

How To Remove Double Chin in Photoshop

In portrait photography or any model shoot, perfection is the key to achieve the client’s satisfaction. Perfecting a…

How to Edit Animated GIFs in Photoshop

If I ask you, between an image and a video which one gives you more information? The answer…

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